Movies.Com Discussion on Twilight Sequels and Reboot The Lexicon’s Laura Weighs In had Laura on as a Twilight expert to discuss the reboot and sequels buzz.

We cover:

  • Does a reboot make sense
  • What were the quotes about reboots and sequels
  • What a studio wants vs. what is likely
  • Material left not yet in the movies
  • Is The Host taking the forefront of new Stephenie Meyer project
  • But how can she resist the call of sequels
  • Is this really a money thing for both the studio and Stephenie
  • Will fan interest force a sequel
  • What about a DVD ultimate collectors edition
  • What are the stories left to tell that fans want filmed
  • Is it practical to film Midnight Sun
  • Would Taylor Lautner be more inclined to stay around

Get the audio here.

Laura’s regular columns will be restarting as the Breaking Dawn part 2 hype now kicks into full swing.




  1. thephantomcat says:

    Great chat! You’re very articulate and a natural speaker. You should do a Twilight Chat every 1 or 2 weeks.

  2. Is there a transcript of the chat? Some of us are Hard of Hearing/Deaf and would still enjoy seeing what Laura had to say! 🙂

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