“My Soul” is The Host Inspired Original Song and Music Video

The official The Host Movie facebook page just featured this video.

The artist is from Australia. Her name is Czarina. According to her official website:

My Soul is the first single release from her new album with the same name. Written by Czarina, produced at Tender Trap Studios (Northcote, Melbourne) featuring Anita Quayle on cello, this beautiful ballad was inspired by Czarina’s favourite novel, The Host, by Stephenie Meyer. To celebrate the completion of the album and official video clip, there will be a launch party on Sunday March 25, 7.30pm at The Chandelier Room, Moorabbin, Melbourne where Czarina will showcase a set of original songs she has penned from all her albums. Her new album My Soul, is especially suited for background lounge music and has soundtrack potential.


  1. Lovely.

    I admit that I was worrying, though, if / how long it would take Summit to sue her over the inspiration claim… and then I remembered — Summit’s crazy legal team isn’t involved! She’s in the clear!

    Hoping that, in all the layoffs going on right now in their Lions Gate takeover, Summit’s legal team is included.

    And for Summit’s legal team: That’s a joke, just kidding, I don’t really mean it, please don’t sue me, you all deserve raises for, uh, suing your fans so often, keep up the good work, etc.

  2. Her voice is so beautiful, she sounds like Lisbeth Scott? Love the song

  3. Dayi Martinez says:

    it was ok