Birthday Giveaway #2: An Italian Collection of Gifts and Autographs

This month we celebrate FIVE years on line with the Twilight fandom!  We posted a podcast a few days ago answering the questions you asked us about various Twilight moments and trivia.  Every Thursday this month we will be holding a giveaway using questions from that podcast as your way to enter the contest and win amazing prizes!  This is our way of saying thank you for all the support you’ve given the Lexicon for the last five years.

This week we have  items that Laura  (Pel) collected last year in Italy.  We have the Italian version of the New Moon movie companion signed by Peter Facinelli, a tote bag signed by Dan Cudmore, Charlie Bewlie, and Chris Hyerdahl, and a t-shirt and mug from Multipulciano.  If you would like a chance to win this prize, leave a comment below with the answer to this week’s trivia question.  This contest is open to everyone who has a mailing address!  We will leave the contest open for 48 hours and will choose a winner on Saturday March 12.

This week’s question is: What year did we name as the most intense, crazy year of being in the Twilight fandom?

This week’s prize: A collection of autographed gifts from Italy

Remember, all of our birthday giveaways are open to anyone, anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where!


  1. Helen Pauline says:


  2. Melanie B says:


  3. Chiara Avallone says:

    It was the year 2008 :):Filming Twilight, Breaking Dawn book, and the release of Twilight movie..

  4. I say 2008. So much debuted that year and the fan base just exploded because of the twilight movie.

  5. Is obviously 2008, because the scenes that we had imagined reading Twilight,came on the screen and ’cause is Breaking Dawn and the Host have also been published!!!!!!<3<3<3

  6. 2008 🙂

  7. 2008

  8. smitten_by_twilight says:

    2008! (I can’t believe all these people saying 2006, this one was easy.)

  9. Cheryl Lynn says:

    2009. In 2008 no one really knew how big the first movie would be, but with New Moon everything just exploded!

  10. I think 2008! 🙂

  11. 2008!!!

  12. 2006 🙂

  13. dazzled eyes says:


  14. 2008!

  15. Tara Modisette says:


  16. 2008

  17. Amanda Browning says:


  18. Bridgette W. says:

    2008! Great year!

  19. janjewel says:


  20. I’m gonna go with 2008!! 🙂

  21. tammy ramey says:

    2008. they started filming,the Host was released,Breaking Dawn was released and then the movie. BIG YEAR!

  22. Angle grothem says:


  23. …2008…

  24. It was 2008. A lot of stuff happened that year. BD, The Host & Twilight the movie were all released.

  25. Susan C. says:


  26. Happy Birthday!!

  27. 2008

  28. Jill Lecher says:

    No doubt it was 2008!!!

  29. 2008 !!!

  30. 2008

  31. 2008!!! <3

  32. It was 2008 because Twilight was released on November 21. Also because Breaking Dawn was released on August 2nd of 2008 (Which is also my Birthday!!) 🙂 & Stephenie Meyer released the Host in May of 2008. It was the beginning of the Twilight phenomenon. (: Happy Birthday Twilight Lexicon ! 😀

  33. 2008

  34. 2008

  35. 2008. A lot happened that year.

  36. 2008

  37. 2008!!! I <3 Twilight!

  38. It would have been 2008.

  39. jennifer says:


  40. Charlotte says:

    2008, the twilight film was shot, the host was released, comic con, breaking dawn and Twilight film, even typing that makes it sound crazy!!!

  41. EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight says:

    2008 because the film was cast and the Host and Breaking Dawn both came out too. WHOA!!

  42. Brandy Coomes says:


  43. Maria Belen says:

    According to Lori and Laura the most intense, crazy year of being in the Twilight fandom was 2008 because so many things start like in the same time; the movie cast was done, twilight started filming, breaking dawn’s release, the host came out, there were a lot of information about Twilight a day, as Laura said, it was like being in a rollercoaster, that the site turned from being a very form discussion fandom to one of the most important blog. Laura also jokes saying that the information was coming so fast that she sometimes said things like “I can’t talk to you over the phone, I need the two hands to blog!” or “oh, I forgot to eat today… did I ate dinner? I think I did”.

  44. Hailey Craig says:


  45. Jessica Stone says:


  46. James pumphrey says:

    2008 :)I hope I win this for my daughter

  47. yvette stone says:

    I would say 2008

  48. missjuju says:

    Definitely 2008.

  49. mrs. c cullen says:

    there is no doubt in my mind that it is 2008 . Twilight the movie was released into theaters and Breaking Dawn , the book was also released that glorious year . I really hope to win this contest as I live in the Caribbean and I would love to win a contest just once . I am a huge twilight saga fan . In fact I am the biggest fan in my entire class no , the biggest fan in my entire year group . I have all the books , all the movies and my room is a twilight haven. 🙂

  50. Twilight Nymph says:

    It was 2008 due to “The Host” being released and “Breaking Dawn” as well and Twilight coming out in theaters.

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