Bree Tanner in Favorite YA Novel Poll

BreeTannerMTV’s Hollywood Crush has a poll going for favorite YA novel of 2010. Bree Tanner (yes we know it is technically a novella) is among the choices. There is a lot of tough competition, notably from Mockingjay, Beautiful Darkness, and Clockwork Angel. Given the choices we are thinking there is going to be a huge split vote situation. Anything could win!

Head over to MTV to vote.


  1. Terry Martin says

    Considering the great books on that list IMO it would be sad if the Bree Tanner novella were to win simply because a lot of Twilight fans voted for it. It is a very big stretch to say that it is better than Clockwork Angel, Linger, and although I did not read Mockingjay I know how many readers love it. They are major works by really good authors and indeed they do split the vote somewhat because the choice is difficult when books are that good. Just a thought.

  2. Well there was a lot of great books on that list. Yes it was hard to decide but in the end I backed up Stephenie Meyer.

  3. As much as I loved Bree, i voted Shiver, its a great book.

  4. While I really enjoyed Bree Tanner, I couldn’t justify a vote for it, as it wasn’t a true novel, but a novella. It was good, but not better than Mockingjay…

  5. Wow so three of my favorite books were on that list. Bree Tanner, Linger, and Mocking Jay. I’m ashamed to say i couldn’t choose which one is the best… so i just voted for all three.


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