BBC Switch: How to Become a Werewolf Featuring Alex Meraz and Booboo Stewart

BBC Switch is a teen and tween oriented variety program in the UK. They got Alex Meraz and Booboo Stewart to do a werewolf skit with one of their program hosts.


  1. That was… really BAD!

  2. hahahaha
    ohhh the good old bbc, they do try!

  3. lol sweet haha

  4. wajajjaja!!… muy chistoso! xD

  5. Wow… That’s all I have to say…

  6. what if ur a girl?

  7. im sorry, i love twilight, but that was really stupid. i didnt laugh at alll!

  8. Ok, that was pathetic. REALLY pathetic. I’m ashamed of you BBC! I know you could have done better!!

  9. o god wish they wud make one on how to be a vamp for ppl on team edward

  10. Ahahahaha!! That was just plain amazing, laughed at some parts… and it was just cute!

  11. it’s so funny!!!

  12. Haha :DD

    BooBoo is so hot :3

  13. Blue_wolf says

    tht…was just really sad. Booboo’s kinda hot, i guess. but tht doesn’t make this any less sadder.

  14. I just love them!!!

  15. Twilight saga online game. Which side are yiu on?? (Go team JACOB)!!

  16. that was hella bad! lol

  17. Omg jacob is cute why are u on team jacob bitch

  18. Omg jacob is cute why are u on team jacob bitch im sorry get very carried away i had sex with jacob


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