Volvo Launches Lost In Forks

This just in from Volvo:

Choose your path and win Edward’s Volvo.

Volvo has launched a brand new online contest to tie-in with the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie. And this time it takes you to Forks!

The objective of the game is to reach the Cullen House in the shortest number of forks in the road. Everyone who achieves this will be invited to enter a final round, where they’ll play for the chance to win a Volvo XC60 just like Edward’s in Eclipse.

The contest opens today at 10:00am pacific time.


  1. come on if i have a 11 and you have a 11 what do we have to lose come on someone help me get to at least 11

  2. Nastassia says:

    im trying to map it out now, i want to atleast be a finalist, GOSH!! If i find it ill help you Tammy. 🙂

  3. I made it in 11 forks. I think thats the shortest from what I can tell. The hints did not help. It took forever!

    • 11 is all i think everyone is getting ive been at this for like um five hours and i cant seem to get less then 14

  4. Nastassia says:

    So oes anyonme want to help, im at 14, i need help getting lower. Tammy if i find it, ill help you ok?

  5. woohoo i finished it! and i even redid it to get a better time and i did it! the clues are on the right and left hand sides you have to move your mouse for right and for left and also look at the lighting and different things around

  6. i cant even find the house

  7. OK so with over 200 forks I think I have been through every turn! And I can say that the shortest you can complete this in is 11 forks. I wrote down what was at each fork and where turning right would lead then when I got back I would write down where left would lead I ended up with a huge list with 26 forks! Needless to say knowing where each turn will go I know 11 is the lowest!

  8. ok so after a long time of trying I got it but the lowest number I got is 11, for some reason I dont think thats the lowest because there are too many of us getting it. I have a feeling its lower I just cant figure it out!!! It seems impossible to be less than 11..right??

  9. Yeah don’t worry~even if we all get 11 we still have to get paast phase 2 which I know will be much harder & it says u only get one try @ that.

  10. It tool me quite a bit o time too

  11. Bram Johnson says:

    Down to 10!
    Go left at the lake.

    • um, I don’t think so.

    • there isn’t even a lake on the way is there?

    • left at the lake puts you back at the beginning but I’m dying to know what that is hanging in the bushes to the far left when you move the branch its like a bag and has a gem or something that glitters or something but nothing happens when i click on it.

  12. Stephanie says:

    just an update.. yesterday when i did it it was soooo slow.. probably because everyone was on it at once..when i went home, i re tried it.. First time i got 14, second time i got 11.. Its actually very easy once you remember which turn takes u where..

  13. Christine says:


    Make a chart. That’s the only way to do it without losing your mind. GOOD LUCK.

  14. i gave up! tried over 2 hours.. i think i’ve been down every fork, but still can’t find the cullens house 🙁 to bad…

  15. I FINALLY did it!! 11 forks…geez that was hard.

  16. I did it last night in about 3 hours. After 1 wasted hour I opened up Excel and mapped it out. (Description of the scene then what happens when you go right or left.) Doing that, I found the shortest path – 11 forks as others have said – in about 2 hours. As you map it out, the game goes faster and faster (and you can figure out how to find all of the hidden “Easter eggs” faster that way too.) Hope this helps and good luck! By the way I never got the ticker-tape clues to work, either. Also, the clues that appear on screen are often misleading.

  17. I noticed that if you don’t go the correct way the first time, that when you go left at the house with the mason truck, you either get a road with a sign (which is the correct one), or if you go by it a second time, it turns into the gravel road. This happens a few times on the real route.

    • No it doesn’t. I have mapped and rechecked my map and nothing changes on you. If you go left at the Masen truck you come to a shed, if you go right at the masen truck you come to the lumber yard. It happens every single time, so the game is not tricking you.

  18. I did Lost in Forks last night and it took me forever. 11 Forks total.

  19. I finally did it in 1hr 50min. I mapped it out on a piece of paper on each turn and what it leads to. I got 11 forks, and there isn’t a shorter route. Yay! I’m worried about Phase 2, though :/

  20. Has anyone gotten lower than 11?

  21. hell i dont understand? what to do with these questions in the bottom of the picture? hm? what does it mean 11 forks?

  22. I got there in 10, and every random person goes to the next level. Its alot harder than I thought it’d be.. To get there, you wait till they send you confirmation and then you click the link and you go!

  23. Wait, oopsie,not every random person. If you’re a finalist, I meant. I’ve heard someone got there in 4 forks…. LOL HOW did they? I got 11, so its been the number I’ve been hearing all day, so I bet that the 4 was a lie…

  24. Crap my brain is gone today!! I meant I got there in 10

    • if you got there in 10 awesome job I guess I’m missing it, because i’ve mapped it and taken all the ways I can think and still no lower than 11.

  25. Essence says:

    how do u get there in ten

  26. 11 for me too

  27. Are the volvo clips clues to going the right direction…. ????

  28. Shelley says:

    Success! I made it to the Cullen’s house.

    FYI- may want to read all the official rules about this contest. They are intense and some of you may not know what they entail.

    Good luck to you all… make a flow chart… it helps :]

  29. there is no way you got it in 10 and there is no 3 way fork. ive looked through everything over and over

  30. I believe there are 11 forks to the Cullen house and have been there…but has anyone found Jacobs house?

  31. what’s the deal with the red ribbon?

  32. rebecca says:

    whoo!!! i just replayed the game and took tons of notes for an hour or two, and i found the 11 forks path!!! YES!

  33. Geez… it’s about time. I’ve only been playing it for about 5 hours. lol! Got there in 11 forks. Anyone get there in less.?

  34. I think the shortest it can be done is in 11 forks!! But there are A LOT of clues and hints on which way to go, you just REALLY have to read into them to get there meaning!!! I think the commercial kinda gives some hints too! 🙂 GOOD LUCK ALL!!!! It is crazy fun!!

  35. i got there in 11 the first time i did it i got 86. I actually mapped out all of the forks on like 3 pieces of paper taped together, it looks like spaghetti but i can read it and it really helped me remember where i have been before. also i can look at it instead of sitting at the computer and hitting “Try Again” over and over. i heard there was a way to get there in 8 forks but i dunno going over my map the shortest i can find is 11. still looking though not submitting till im sure of the right number. And it is to the Cullens house Bellas is just a dead end, which i mapped those out too. lol iot took me probably 3 hours to get my map right and go through every fork and everypossible road and its right but i doubt anyone else will be able to read it. i suggest you do what i did.

  36. shurluk says:

    I found a site that has all of the clues:

    I have 11 forks, but I’m worried about the backpack clues and the 3 forks clue. Haven’t found either, and I’m wondering if one leads to the other. Or they are just fake clues like the deer blinking or the treaty clue

  37. I can get to the cullen house in 11 forks but can’t find alot of other stuff:
    .Jacobs house and hidden item
    .Bellas backpack
    .anything on the beach at La Push
    .the ring in the meadow
    I have listed all 32 screens. Is there something extra hidden in everyone?

  38. vampgirl29 says:

    Did anyone find Jacob’s house? in the FAQ it says there is an easter egg at his house, but i never saw it? unless they consider the fire at his house???

  39. vampgirl29 says:

    if u look at the comments up top someone tells u what it is…they said it was posted on yahoo

  40. vampgirl29 says:

    i think the red thing on the left side of the road is victoria’s hair not a ribbon…and the neclace thing at the lake looks like a women or something it’s hard to see maybe also victorias

  41. Shannon says:

    so this is the way to the 11 forks…1) Go right to shops. 2) Go left to the dog sign. 3) Go right to the dirt road and paved road with the campsite sign. 4) Go left to the rocked fork with tire tracks. 5) Go right to where the cop car is. 6) Go left to the yellow arrow sign with the wolf. 7) Go left to the tree filled fork with the mountain lion. 8) Go right to where there is a lake. 9) Go right to where there is another lake with a stop sign and house. 10) Go right to where there is snow and a fallen tree. 11) You make another right to reach the Cullen house!

  42. Geeze, way to just hand out the answert instead of letting people figure it out for themselves…

  43. desiadams says:


  44. I made it in 11 forks. I think there might be less than 11 forks to win. It just seems to “simple” to let so many people as finalists.

  45. How do you get into Bella’s house?

  46. waiting to see if i qualified but getting irritated by those few saying they got it in 10 or even 3. thats TOTAL b.s. I spent 40 min making a map of every fork and where they went. 11 is the lowest possible. phase 1 is over now so how about you people prove that you got it in less then 11

  47. bran diesel says:

    @Brittany Gazerro: haha Anyone who says they made in in 3 is telling an outright lie. 10, maybe… but not 3.
    I wonder what the next phase will be like for those who qualify. I’m worried that it won’t be something that will provide you with limitless tries, as the first phase did. eep!

  48. Still haven’t gotten an e-mail saying i qualified…. guess that means i dont. But i just really want to know what the “official” shortest route was cause i still think that anone who says less then 11 is full of it. i went to the u.k. website and played theres just to see the routes and made the maps like 3 times just to see if anything changes and the forks always take you to the same place. and there were no secret forks. and all the directions that the people who got less than 11 posted (after the game was over assuming that we wouldnt be able to check) were bogus and didnt bring you to the cullens house. Oh well, good luck to all of you who qualified for phase 2

  49. When do we know about the second round, bc I finished in 11 forks as well.

  50. bran diesel says:

    The official contest rules state that finalists will be notified “on or about July 8th”. I also finished in 11, but I haven’t received an email either.

    • The emails went out late afternoon on July 8th. Eleven was the lowest number of forks that it took. On to Phase II!

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