Volvo Launches Lost In Forks

This just in from Volvo:

Choose your path and win Edward’s Volvo.

Volvo has launched a brand new online contest to tie-in with the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie. And this time it takes you to Forks!

The objective of the game is to reach the Cullen House in the shortest number of forks in the road. Everyone who achieves this will be invited to enter a final round, where they’ll play for the chance to win a Volvo XC60 just like Edward’s in Eclipse.

The contest opens today at 10:00am pacific time.


  1. 🙁 i dont have any clues either! :S

  2. As previously stated, the shortest route is 11 forks. I made a flow chart and it doesn’t lie. There aren’t any clues that I saw, just a lot of easter eggs for fans.

  3. I can’t seem to get less than 14 forks.

  4. 11 is the least amount i could get. ive been trying since it started and even made a flowchart map thing… lol. good luck!

  5. ok so I’ve been working on this for like 2+ hours and I cant even find the cullen house. Where the hell is it?

  6. Christine says:

    I’ve got it down to 18 and I’ve started making charts because this is going to kill me.

  7. First time I FINALLY found the Cullens house I did it in 13, then I tried it again and got there is 11.

    I got everywhere else, La Push, the campfire, the Swans, the meadow the fight scene… God there were alot of things. I loved when I got to Bella’s house clicking on her bedroom window that scene!!!!

    Has anyone done it in less than 11?

  8. Angela Jude says:

    A hint… am I anywhere close if I’ve gotten to the meadow? I’ve been at it for hours.. Ugh

    • Sorry, you’re nowhere near the Cullens’.

      • Angela Jude says:

        Ah! Nevermind! Finally got it.. then re-did it in 11! 🙂

        • ok can you please give me a hint. been going at it for like 3 hours. i dont even care if i get it in like 15 forks i just need to know where it is now

          • Make a chart, seriously. I tried for 2 hours, made a chart and BAM 10 mins I had it in 11 forks. Everything leads you back to something else. Once you get the hang you’ll know where to go and how to get there in 11 tries. 🙂

          • Kayleig says:

            Brittany: It’s 5 forks away from the with the two wolves. I think thats really the cloest I can tell you while still being fair 🙂 Good Luck!

  9. FINALLY!!! 11 Fprks!! whew, took me forever to do it!! 😀

  10. Kayleig says:

    I did it in 11 also! I mapped out the whole route to do it! I couldn’t see any clues at all but I kept reading about them anyone got any advice on that?

    If anyone wants the route map let me know and I’ll send it once the competition has finished, (just to be fair).

  11. Where are the clues?

    • Chelsea says:

      I am trying not to throw my laptop across the room!! I have been trying for hours and can’t get anywhere! I got to the wolves ONCE!! and I haven’t been able to get back since! I don’t know what I am doing wrong!! I am trying to make a chart but I just want to cry!!

    • Chelsea says:

      Okay, so I finally made it in 14 forks but I can’t seem to do any less than that!! I don’t know HOW Jacklyn made it in 7!!! WOW!! I must really suck! I guess I will just have to keep at it!!

  12. Ok, so I did it in 11 forks~so that’s got to be the lowest right? Let me know if anyone got any less!!That was actually kind of fun after being really nerve-racking!

  13. Jacklyn says:

    i got 7

  14. rebecca says:

    so i did it in 11. Is that the lowest?

  15. For people who have clues, what browser are you using? I’ve tried Safari and Firefox both with pop-ups allowed but there are no clues at the bottom of the screen.

  16. Amber Acula says:

    Made it in 10 Forks!

  17. I too have only gotten 11.. do you think they’ll change it within the time it closes? like making the number lower..?

  18. omg finally finished. took 30 min after i decided to make a map. Did it in 11 forks!! which i am almost 100% positive that that is the lowest number of forks possible. Made a map with EVERY possible turn

  19. i dont see clues i need clues!! i keep getting lost!! where are the clues??

  20. Allison says:

    The clues are “hidden” in the scene. You need to move your cursor around until you can zoom in. They are very subtle and half of them have left me clueless.

  21. Phew! Finally did it in 11 forks!

  22. Nastassia says:

    Where is Jacob’s house? im soo lost..

  23. FYI – There are no clues but the Volvo videos are indicators that you’re on the right track.

    Takes notes! That’s the key to figuring it out.

  24. Nastassia says:

    Ok cool, thanks Lori. Ima try this again for the 1 millionth time..

    • LOL, I spent a VERY LONG time trying before I just wrote down the forks and mapped it out. Totally worth the time it takes. 🙂

  25. where are the easter eggs..?

  26. Nastassia says:

    Ok about those eggs what do they do and where are they exactly? im moving my mouse all over the screen and nothing is happening…

  27. Stephanie says:

    I wrote all my moves down on scraps of paper, and I too believe that 11 is the magic number.

    The clues are VISUAL – pay attention to the surroundings on the roads.

    Don’t give up! 😀

  28. i cannot get the site to work…after it says put in birthday, then enter lost in forks it doesnt do anything…ugh so damn frustrating!!!

  29. Well i got 11 which seems like many are also getting 11 woooo!! 😀

  30. now that everyone has like gotten to 11, do you think Volvo [or whoever chooses] will let everyone into phase 2?

  31. Nastassia says:

    Okkk, i so feel like giving up.. Nothing is working for me. Im really lost in forks… ahhhhhh

  32. so it still wont work for me…can someone please post how they got it to work if it wasnt working for you at first and then it did, what did you have to do to get it to work.Im mad I cant play, its not a fair contest if everyone that wants to play cannot because of some stupid technical difficulty!! UGH! so frustrating!!!

  33. Nastassia says:

    Yay, just when i want to give up TaDa the Cullens house!! Oh Yea

  34. Nastassia says:

    From 66 forks down to 14, Gettin Better still going to keep on trying..

  35. i don’t know, I got it earlier, but for those of you focusing on the clues, DONT. I don’t really think they help, just make the scenes more interesting. If you see the lamb, for instance go that way as opposed to the lion but that’s about it.

  36. Nastassia says:

    so i keep getting 14 forks.. help

  37. I could not get it lower than 11 either. And I checked pretty much every way just in case.

  38. 11 is the least you can get. Took me forever the first time but the map really does help (thanks!). And for the others who can’t get past after putting in your birthday, you have to be 13+ to enter.

  39. Nastassia says:

    Ok how to i get less than 14 forks, im confused.

  40. jeanette says:

    I got there in 16 forks first try but then went down to 13 and finally 11 and I have not found a shorter route than 11!!! I am hoping that is the lowest otherwise there are going to be a lot of disappointed people including myself!!!!

  41. im so lost what forks

  42. ok look if anyon helps me is i win will split it ill put on paper in blood lol all i want at this point is to finish the puzzle lol

  43. Nastassia says:

    I need help getting down to 11, please help…

  44. I agree. Throw the “hints” out of the window..I actually focused on the music, that was helpful to me. The only time I found it helpful was in choosing the path between the lamb and mountain lion. It’s mostly a memory type game. The easter eggs are fun to look at the first time, but don’t focus on them your just trying to make a choice between left/right. You will be only one choice away when you get to a fork in the road that is snowing. Hope that helps! 🙂

  45. Michelle says:

    anyone know how to get to jacob’s house. there’s supposed to be an easter egg there but i can’t find the house!

  46. Nastassia says:

    I dnt even think i found jacobs house, unless its the one near the police car.

  47. omg this is giving me a headache

  48. Mr. Team Reality drew the map and he’s good at that stuff…I learned from him. But damn, I compared it to the Lord Of The Rings!

    So, it was 11. I will take another good look at the map and see if there are any shortcuts, but I doubt it; I see a bunch of us are getting the same results. Good luck fellas! 😀 Even though I want the Volvo, since that’s the brand where Mr. Reality and I met…sigh…

  49. ok give me the first four ways to go like right or left come on

    • 1st. right, 2nd left…if you need more help send me a msg on twitter _lori2150_ cuz people will start stuff if i give away more. 🙂

  50. Nastassia says:

    Tammy you and I both got a headache.. Arghhh

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