Cyber Defender Warns About Twilight Scams

This in from CyberDefender:

CyberDefender, a security software company, offers the latest tips about avoiding malicious scams, and corrupted Web sites

· If you download Twilight movies or videos clips, make sure they’re from well-known and trusted sources
Remember, “The Twilight Sage: Eclipse” will not be available for legitimate download for months. In addition to being illegal, pre-release downloads often carry viruses or spyware. Be especially cautious if you’re being asked for your credit card information. Close the offer!

· Don’t click on search engine results for images of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or other cast members unless you can verify where the image is coming from
An increasing amount of rogue spyware directs consumers away from search results. Most common is a links that warns you of a “threat” and offers free anti-virus or anti-spyware. Actually, if you click on it, you will actually download malware – viruses, antispyware and other malicious software.

· Whether you’re on Team Edward or Team Jacob, know how to spell it correctly
Slightly mistyped names can present search results with bad Web sites. Typo “squatters,” as they’re called, will often buy URL’s with slightly different spelling to capture unsuspecting visitors. They might drop malware on your computer just from visiting the site (drive-by download), or request personal information for financial gain.

· Purchase your Twilight gear from well-respected online retailers
Reputable online retailers such as EBay and Amazon monitor phishing and impersonations of their Web sites. They look for typo squatters and other cybercriminals that are responsible for fraud and take them down.

· Be wary of clicking on links in Twitter — shortened links make it difficult to confirm legitimate and recognized Web sites
Twitter allows users to post shortened URLs, making it easier for users to keep the messages within the prescribed character limit. URL shortening is similar to URL re-direction and can be abused by malware authors.

· Entering a Twilight contest online? Here’s what to look for to make sure it’s legit
Make sure the Web site encrypts your data when sending it over the Internet. In this case the URL starts with “https” instead of “http.” Additionally, some Web sites have the trust seal issued by VeriSign to Web sites that meet its standards. You should be able to click on the VeriSign Trust Seal that opens up a window displaying information about the company you are about to do business with.

Always check the URL to verify that you are on the Web site you think you are visiting. You can also copy the domain name and verify the ownership using tools that can be found online. These tools will give you information about the domain you are visiting.


  1. What about that link to moviefone contest? The other night we went there and signed up and then went to bed….the next mornin we had a big time virus…any link? Just be wary guys, Cyber defender is right, I still haven’t got my lap top up again and may have to take it in. I really have no idea if thats what did it only that I had not been anywhere else.

  2. What about THIS site? I’ve seen where you guys have done contests and pre-sold things here. Can you give us peace of mind?

  3. alexandra says

    yeah..what about these fan sites.

  4. Joan Bryant says

    What about the contest that Peace Love Twilight and Twilight Novice had with the Tote bag and t-shirt? The reason I asked is it said I won and I sent my shipping info to them.

  5. Noah Brighten says

    I think a good rule of thumb is, any site that promises something too good it can’t be true, it probably isn’t. Most legitiment contests and such have very strict rules and terms and conditions. The reality is, even legit sites can get malware or spyware attachments, so it is always important to keep your antivirus software up to date. Never leave your computer while you doing a download, as there are a few virus scams, such as the one that pops up and starts “analyzing” your PC for viruses, and all the while implanting one on your PC, of which locks it, until you purchase their high useless software, that can really mess your PC. In short folks, use common sense. If you have to go through a lot of red tape to get to some “exclusive” content, it won’t be worth it.

  6. Everytime I read about Bella’s computer with her popups, I freak out. Nails on the chalk board for me.

    Run “Spybot Search and Destroy” to clear off popups and other malware, and run some antivirus software all the time, like Avira Antivir. CCleaner will help speed things up generally. All are available free from, a very reputable source. If you take your PC into a company to fix the spyware/malware probs, chances are they will run those same programs themselves, first and foremost. Trust me on that.

    Never use bittorrent services to download movies (Summit is suing the heck out of thousands and thousands of ppl who downloaded Hurt Locker.)(Yep, Hurt Locker). And if you think you can “watch eclipse free online now!! Just complete a few of these generous offers!!!” take a deep breath, and don’t fall into the trap.

    So I generally agree with their recommendations…

    But not following shortened URLs in Twitter? Are they joking?!?