Bree Tanner Is Finally Here!

BreeTannerSo what did you think of the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner? Head over to our forums to discuss it, or leave a comment below. Obviously these links will contain spoilers, so click/visit at your own risk!

We’re also going to do a little article on the new book and fan feeling from what they first thought/felt when they heard about it and what they thought/felt after reading it. If you would like us to potentially use your feelings, put your commentary below. Please cover the following in addition to whatever else you may want to say:

Approximately when you first read Twilight
What is your favorite book in the saga
What is it about Twilight that captivates you
What is it that drives you to an online fansite
Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella


  1. lioninlovewiththelamb says:

    this book was very good

  2. I read the first Twilight novel in March of ’08. I knew Breaking Dawn was going to be released that summer,so I thought I’d better get going on the series. I was blown away by the firt book and especially chapter 13,because I’d never seen a couple or potential couple,fall in love in the first book. If it’s a series,then it usually happens in later novels. I think that’s what captivated me the most when I started reading it. I love that the theme of the books is about having a love for family and friends,against almost unbeatable odds. My favorite book in the saga is Breaking Dawn,because you see Bella grow up pretty quickly,but she handles the challenges given to her,in a mature manner. Like Stephenie said,she starts out the weakest and becomes the strongest by the end,with all of the other strong personalities around her. Her mental strength is what saves her family and friends from the Volturi. I like reading stories like this that show the hero or heroine in this case,show their courage. I’m glad there are online communities like this that have so many dedicated fans and we have something new to discuss every day,whether it’s the novels or the film adaptations. I’m proud to say I’m a Twilight fan and will always look forward to a new book in the series.

  3. I first read Twilight July 2009 and was “increduously” swept away by the Saga. I was driven to read them nonstop once I began, this surprised me as I never thought that genre would interest me. What I found,for me, it wasn’t a vampire story,only a beautiful love story. It’s hard for me to pick a fav book, love them equally, like you would your own children, but Eclipse and BD are rich in the Bella/Edward love story so I’d have to pick those, that’s the story really, their story.It’s what captives me, makes me remember my true love, youth,adventerous time. Who doesn’t want an Edward in their lives? Someone who loves you so throughly, passionately, and pure.What drives me on line is finding people like myself,so invested, and enjoying every delicious twi-tidbit we can find.I’m pretty confused as to why I feel like this, but it’s nice knowing I’m not alone. Bree’s story however, was a vampire story, and as I said not my genre, until now. It was great to see the dark side of them so we now can appreciate how hard it must be for the Cullens to be so “good” I hope we see a lot that in Eclipse.Thanks Stephanie!

  4. Approximately when you first read Twilight
    What is your favorite book in the saga
    What is it about Twilight that captivates you
    What is it that drives you to an online fansite
    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella
    I first read Twilight back in ’05. And was a follower ever since then! My friends call me the Twilight Veteran! lol. My morning routine is to check my emails and then check all the Twilight sites before I can even get the day started! If anyone has a Twilight related question they call me! My favorite book in the whole series has to be Eclipse. Twilight is 2nd. There is just something about Bella and Edward’s relationship in Eclipse that just gets me! When I first read Twilight I had gone through some really bad times and my hubby felt like my Edward. He saved me, brought me back to life. I felt like Edward did the same for Bella. What drives me to be on the sites.. I just love to be updated on the info about the movies, new things Steph is up to, and just Twilight things in general!
    So far I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Can’t put it down but of course I always they are too short!!

  5. I read Twilight more than one year ago, after seeing the movie Twilight. I thought it was a wonderfully creative story and movie (loved what Hardwicke did with the story), so I decided -against the advice of everyone I knew – to read the book. I was hooked. As quickly as I finished one, I bought the other. Great stuff!!

    Eclipse does it for me each time I read it. I am hoping the movie does right by the book.

    It is difficult to put into words how I feel about Twilight. Might be the romance, the danger. Perhaps it’s the new spin put on a very old story. Maybe the way vampires have been portrayed in a new way. It’s probably all of the above.

    I peruse the fansites to keep up with latest on Twilight. It’s good to know I am not alone in my obsession!!

    While I’m glad Stephanie has written this, I’m not sure I will be reading it. To be completely honest, Bree is not a character I am particularly interested in, so I am still on the fence about reading her backstory. I guess I’m just holding out hope she writes more about the Cullens. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Midnight Sun. Selfish, I know.

  6. The first time I read Twilight was in Dec of 09. MY children’s babysitter brought the book over and told me I had to read it. I remember seeing the movie advertised “in theaters now” and thought that it was just another vampire movie. I started reading the book at 6:00pm and the next thing I knew it was 2AM. I was hooked

    My favorite book is by far Eclipse. I like how Edward tries so hard to protect her, but she keeps playing by her own rules. I love how Jacob and Edward fight over her. I also LOVE The Volturi. They are the bad guys you love to hate.

    I cannot explain why Twilight capivates me. I think it is the way Edward will do anything for his love; that their love will last for ever.

    I started to go to this fansite when I read the back of Eclipse. Stephanie mentioned Twilight Lexicon and I got curious. Now when I wake up, I check this website first thing.

    I have not read Bree Tanner yet. I wasn’t too sure about the new book until I started to read all these comments. Now I cannot wait to go to the bookstore to see if they have this book.

  7. Twilight dreamer says:

    I first read Twilight in April of last year. All my friends were really getting into it and you could not go two seconds without seeing a teenage girl with one of the books in her hand. Our english teacher gave an assignment for a book report and since my friends were on my case I decided on Twilight. I fell in love that week. I also ended up getting an A on the project! During that summer I re-read Twilight and all the other books, seeing as I had nothing elnse to do. I read and read and finished the series in what I look back on as ‘the Twilight summer’. My favorite book in the series is the first Twilight because in the beginning the love was so innocent but the danger was always there hiding underneath. What drives me to the twilight saga is that it is not like any other romance book especially vampire romance. There are no fangs, the characters are complex and care more about than just blood blood and blood. There is action but its nice just to slow down and explore Edward and Bellas love. Thats what the story is about their love. The book also explores Love friendship family and cooperation many key factors to make a good story. What drives me to an online fansite? It keeps me up to date with twilight news about books movies stars whatever. Its also nice to know Im definatly not the only insane Twi-hard out there! So yay im not crazy after all! I loved Bree tanner so much it was a wonderful (what an understatement) book! I cant wait for Eclipse and cant wait to see what stephenie meyer comes up with next! Twilight forever!!

  8. Michelle says:

    Approximately when you first read Twilight

    I bought the books 28th December 2009 and read them all in nine days, I just could not put them down. I am now totally hooked and love anything Twilight. My poor hubby has to put up with this LOL

    What is your favorite book in the saga

    Eclipse is my favorite by a mile I love Bellas and Edwards relationship in Eclipse and Jacob in this book is hilarious I love the tent scene, I was laughing out loud at this part.

    What is it about Twilight that captivates you

    It’s a love story with a twist and I think most girls/woment who read it can see a little of themselves in Bella. The way she is “avarage” looking and manages to get her dream man. Every girls ideal. I can totally associate with the accident prone part. I think everyone should have an Edward even me and I am a 30+ married woman with two kiddies.

    What is it that drives you to an online fansite
    To be honest I just stumbled across it LOL But do love it for all the up to the minute information. Thanks for the hard work xx

    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella

    I rushed down and bought it after my work on the 5th (had pre ordered it so ensure my copy) and I had plans to read it then but had a bust day ended up having to read it today Sunday 6th. I thought the book was fantastic, i felt so much for Bree. Knowing fine well how it would end I found myself willing her to follow Fred and not go with Riley. The last line of the book was very touching made me cry. I loved the book. Thanks Stephenie.

  9. Approximately when you first read Twilight- Right around Thanksgiving last year. After I read the first one, I couldn’t put them down!
    What is your favorite book in the saga- Probably Eclipse, although they are all great!
    What is it about Twilight that captivates you- the love that Edward has for Bella. It reminds you of your first love.
    What is it that drives you to an online fansite- From the first time reading the series, you instantly get capitvated and fall in love with the story. Visiting a fansite gives you more insight and the “story” can continue.
    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella Oh, I loved it! It’s nice to hear the story from another perspective!

  10. MiVidaLoca says:

    Approximately when you first read Twilight- I first read Twilight in June of 09 and have read the series about 9 times since than. I really had out refusing to become on of those twilight people, through peer pressure I eventually caved and became on of them!

    What is your favorite book in the saga- Eclipse

    What is it about Twilight that captivates you- I am a huge book person and I have never read a series of books that captivated me the way these books have, they are extremely well written unlike anything I have ever seen. They really draw you in and make you feel the emotions.

    What is it that drives you to an online fansite- Find out more information and talk about the series with people that “get it” since a lot of my friends are still not caving yet.

    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella- I really enjoyed it. I had the whole thing read in just about 3 hours, I couldn’t put it down. It was really cool to see another perspective of things. I wish SM would do this with more characters. I don’t like feeling like anything twilight related as far as books are concerned is over.

  11. Approximately when you first read Twilight-
    It was in June 2008 and the funny thing is I picked it up at a Borders a couple of months before to look at it and when I read vampire and love story I was turned off. And when I moved back home my sisters were in love with them that I was like ok I better try it AND I HAVE BEEN IN LOVE EVER SINCE !
    What is your favorite book in the saga-
    Breaking Dawn
    What is it about Twilight that captivates you-
    For the first time in my life reading has been captivating and fun. I’m not a vampire fan and the way Stephenie intertwines love, family, friends and mythical creatures is amazing.
    Bella’s journey made me feel loved, sad, happy, excited, giddy and every emotion you can imagine. Yes there simple but that’s whats so beautiful about these books it doesn’t matter what your reading level is you can feel part of this world just like everyone else. I could go on and on about these books because I love them so much. I’m thankful Stephenie shared this with us.
    What is it that drives you to an online fansite-
    My love for Twilight makes me want to know more about the actors, books and Stephenie.
    And I love talking to fans and reading other fans comments on something I adore so much.
    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella-
    I love this book. It gave me a look into the newborn lifestyle. I’m sorry to those who didn’t like it but Stephenie did a beautiful job. And I think she kept Bree generalized at times because we would of had millions of crying comments haha ..
    The new characters were awesome and you don’t get that in a lot of books so it’s so nice that when you read any Stephenie book you’ll always find a character you love and connect with.
    Thank you Stephenie !

  12. 1. Approximately when you first read Twilight- In the summer of 2008 before the 1st movie came out. I read the first book and then waited for the movie before I read New Moon. The day after I saw Twilight I read New Moon and couldn’t stop. I read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in that same week. I then read through them all over again, and again, and again!
    2. What is your favorite book in the saga- Eclipse
    3. What is it about Twilight that captivates you- The love that holds them together no matter what they are going through. I have never been a fan of vampires, but this book has (excuse the pun) really sucked me in. Some friends of mine and I traveled to Forks, WA last year and it was amazing! Twilight is my life.
    4. What is it that drives you to an online fansite- Anything having to do with the Twilight saga, and the fandom is amazing. We all have so much love and respect for one another!
    5. Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella- So happy to have this book since Eclipse was my favorite. It was a great insight into what Victoria and Riley were up to, and it was great to see “vampirism” through another perspective. I would love to also read Riley’s story. And possibly Victora, James and Laurent’s as well!!!
    Thank you Stephenie!!!


    I guess that my previous comment got caught in the spam filter (too long). I just wanted to observe that if my counting is right (which is hard when Bree was confused, too), but Diego was there all along.


    Right up until Jasper put his hands over Bree’s ears — as if he is about to, uh, dispatch her. And then Diego leapt out and was spotted by Leah, and/or Leah found him.

    And Jacob noticed, and…

    Ah. So sad.

  14. Switzerland says:

    JUST FINISHED IT! such a good read. when it came time for the battle i had my copy of eclipse open too! (:

  15. So i just finished reading Bree’s book and I have a question: I understand that Diego died… Victoria ripped him up and burned the pieces one by one getting him to tell all… but what i want to know is how did all that go down? Did Diego find Riley and tell him what he knows about the sun??? Or did Diego ask about the people in dark-cloaks? Did Riley feel betrayed? Did Victoria sneak up on them while they were talking??? What do you think??? I would love to hear your thoughts

    • Nevermind. I reread the battlefield part. Diego was there the whole time. I can’t believed I missed that!

  16. I first read Twilight last February- right at a month before the DVD came out. I remember thinking that all those “silly Twilight people” were CRAZY! No series could be THAT good. Never have I been so wrong. I read the entire series in 4 days (including sleeping, working full time & taking care of my daughter. Luckily the hubby was out of town or I woulda been outta luck)

    My favorite book in the series is Eclipse, actually. I think it has a lot to do with Bella finding herself. I was actually able to identify with Bella most in this book and that’s actually what makes the series so special to me- I think we can all identify with Bella or Jake or some other character in the books in SOME way. For me, it was Bella. I’ve had to choose between two good things before… I’ve been torn between a love that would have been BETTER for me and the love I had to have or I felt like I’d die without.

    I love the online fansites because they’re the best at having all the up to the minute news on the movies. Without sites like the Lexicon, I wouldn’t have known that I could “pre-listen” to the Eclipse Soundtrack or that the Bree Novella was even going to be available! You guys are awesome!

    I wasn’t so sure about Bree’s story. I think I felt like most people: “Bree? What the heck? What does SHE have to do with anything?” But I’m OH SO GLAD I bought and read the book. I am SURE the next time I read Eclipse it will be in a different light. I am SURE that when I see the movie I will have a greater understanding (and sympathy, especially) for that poor girl who never got much of a shot at a life she could have been good at! I hope the movie brings some of the characters from the novella to the big screen. I’d love to see the dynamics of Bree & Diego played out. More than anything, this book made me want to write Stephenie and BEG on bended knee for her to finish Midnight Sun. Clearly I cannot get enough of her take on the different viewpoints of the Twilight Saga. She’s amazing and we’re all the better for being blessed to be able to read her work. Thank you, Stephenie!!! 🙂

  17. Awesomeness says:

    Jus finished and this book iz freakin awesome
    I was so sad when the end came and I couldn’t belive that Bree died
    Oh my freak I luv this book

  18. MiVidaLoca says:

    I am a little confused where people say Diego was there at the fight. I got the sense Jasper covered her ears to try and keep her from hearing about the wolves. I didn’t get the impression that Diego was the lone vamp that came out from hiding and I don’t recall that being confirmed.They also made many hints he was dead and like she knew although she didn’t realize she knew yet. SM does that a lot in her books. Guess I will have to read again.

  19. I really enjoyed it, i feel bad about some of the things that happened but i should have realised them becasue of reading eclipse lol Its my third fav book now behind bd and eclipse

  20. Approximately when you first read Twilight – i first read twilight around two years ago when i was home sick and i wanted something to read and it was the closest book to me.

    What is your favorite book in the saga- my favorite book in the saga is breaking dawn.
    What is it about Twilight that captivates you – the love story is what captivates me, the idea of soul mates and the inevitability of it. like you know whats going to happen but you also have no clue
    What is it that drives you to an online fansite – spoilers or trailers from the movies, or info on new books
    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella – amazing book, another hit

  21. Bree Tanner is much different then i thought when i read the chapter in Eclipse. Her book was wonderful and tragic. She would have made a great Cullen. Her and Bella would have been very good friends i think.

    -I fist read twilight in 2006 a few days after newmoon came to the shelves.
    -Its a close call between Twilight and Breaking Dawn. The beginning and the End of everything.
    -This story captivates me because it demands no less of my attention. Its the only story iv ever read where my whole being was lost in every character and every sentence, its truly settles in you.
    -I like to know info about the movies and books, Its nice to know that there are others who feel the way i do about the story.

  22. Ariel Davies says:

    I first read the Twilight Saga toward the end of my senior year in High School, so a little over 2 years ago. From the first page I was hooked like everyone else.

    My Favorites are Twlight and Breaking Dawn.

    I think what Captivates me has something to do with how it’s such a precarious read. I project myself onto Bella and my husband onto Edward and it just brings back memories of when we first fell in love. Especially when I was first reading, I WAS first falling in love with him, so it was even more intensified, and I found it very relatable.

    I’m a regular visitor to and because they keep me updated on not just everything Twilight, but also Stephenie Meyer realted. She is definitely my favorite author, and so I always know whats up and coming.

    I got “Bree Tanner” yesterday. I began reading a little after midnight and I was done a little after 4am. I just read it straight through, and I think that’s kinda how it was meant because I never felt like I could put it down. For me it was just as inticing as all of Stepehenie Meyer’s work. By the end, I completely agreed with the Intro that Stephenie wrote where she said it made her wish that she had ended Eclipse just slightly differently. I SO wanted Bree to live, and I really would like to hear more about Fred, and how his life went after that. Anyways, I loved it!

  23. I started reading the twilight saga in early 2009. My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. Being a mom, I can relate to Bella more in this book than in the others… plus I love that about half the book is from Jacob’s pov. I’ve loved reading twilight. The love story is wonerful, and Meyer does an excelent job with making love story, not just between a girl and a boy, but between a girl and boyfriend and then the same girl and her best friend. both love stories are beautiful. I like to keep up with twilight related news and that’s what draws me to a twilight fansite. I loved the short second life of bree tanner. A lot of surprises. I cried most of the way though, because I fell in love with Bree, Diego and Fred and knew what was coming for them. I was pleasently surprised when Fred ended up surviving. I really enjoyed seeing what it was like being a “normal vampire”. I also loved how Bree gave Edward all the info she could before she died. I made me love her even more. It was a sad story, but a wonderful one and I’m very happy Stephenie chose to share it with us!

  24. I first read Twilight right after the first movie came out. My sister recommended the books to me and I actually had Twilight sitting on my bookshelf for months before reading it. After I saw the movie I was interested, and then of course I was hooked.

    My favorite book in the saga is a split between Twilight and Eclipse. I love Twilight because it is just Edward and Bella and really no Jacob to worry about (can you tell which team I am:) but Eclipse is just so intense both emotionally and with the action.

    I have never been drawn to books as much as Twilight. I love the meaning behind the whole story. You can choose your fate. Even if life deals you a bad hand you don’t have to give in. I also love the intensity of Edward and Bella’s love and how they grow together through so much. I also love that it all seems so real but yet is all make-believe. It allows you explore an entirely different world, but yet one you can see yourself in.

    Something about this story drives me to want more. That is why I visit the Lexicon. The story isn’t really over because I can read about news and other events. I also find out I’m not alone:) Although I love the movies, it is not so much the movies or the actors that drive me to look at fansites, it is more the need for a continuation of a story I love so much.

    I loved Bree Tanner’s story. Just like in Twilight, she is so relatable and real. It was so interesting to see the vampire world from different, unclear eyes. I found it so interesting that they all thought they would burn in the sun and little details like that. It was like experiencing Twilight all over, you get to watch her discover all these things about an unknown world. And though the ending was tragic, it actually felt right I thought. I love that she was feeding Edward information. The Volturi visiting Victoria actually really surprised me, but now I realize it shouldn’t have. I just loved getting new details about a story I already know so well. But one problem, it just makes me want more!

  25. Emmma Jason says:

    amazing. i love it. i want to read it again and again.

  26. Airayana says:

    i remember when i got my pre ordered special edition eclipse; (with a sneak preview of breaking dawn), a day in advance. My guy friends were playing outside and I was inside watching tv. When i got the package and opened it, I ran outside then house screaming at the top of my lungs and dancing (horribly) about how excited i was… my guy friends stared at me like a was a freak because they didn’t understand what was so great about the book i was holding.
    that day was one of the greatest days of my life….

  27. Harshi Abeysuriya says:

    1)Approximately when you first read Twilight

    Last year around April.

    2)What is your favorite book in the saga

    Hard to choose one as I find each book great and interesting in its own way!

    3)What is it about Twilight that captivates you

    i) The beauuutiful love story of Edward and Bella.How this fascination toward one another became too deep tht they fell unconditionally irrevocably in love with each other without even realizing and when it was time to make a decision, the choice of not seeing each other didn’t even exist in them as tht idea was so hard for them to tolerate. I just truly loved this story line! As the story progress the feeling you get how much Edward and Bella meant for each other was so powerful tht when SM said they were ” Halves of The Whole” I was crying so badly with the happiness tht overwhelmed me!!!

    ii)The Cullen! They are truly amazing! To tell you sometimes i forgot tht they were vamps. cuz they are soo good so pure tht sometimes i felt they were more human than the rest of ppl with beating hearts.

    4) What is it that drives you to an online fansite
    2 share my passion for Twilight and 2 make myself sure tht i’m not the only Twi-fixated fan out there. hehe..

    5)Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella
    Today i’m going to get my copy! can’t wait 2 read it!!

  28. I first read Twilight by accident. I was on holiday two summers ago in Spain and was bored out of my mind reading crappy YA books. My mum picked up Twilight and was like ‘read this’
    I looked at the cover like it would be anotyher of those weird and awfully written gothic stories about a load of bloodlusting vampires
    However I took it back and literally couldn’t put it down. When we got back i wrote New Moon eclipse and Breaking Dawn at the top of my Christmas/birthday list and luckily enough I got them all. now I read the whole saga on a loop interjected by the occasional book and am proud to say that I am reading the twilight Saga in spanish so hopefully twilight will make me fluent in Spanish

    My favourite book has to be Breaking Dawn because I have always been one for the conclusive book to a series. I love the fact that they get married at the start of the book. When I read it I couldn’t fathom a reason for the book to continue after that so it kept me completely gripped. It has the most beautiful story ever written

    Twilight is perfectly encapsulating. The story is so rich the characters are so believable and the words draw you in. Any book that makes you drift off in maths, look up mitosis in science, have debates with your friends over vampire biology and make you reference it in every conversation is legendary

    I go to the online fansites for different reasons
    Twilight Lexicon if my go to for book news and getting the backstories

    Just reading it before any of my friends
    Like it so far

  29. akshita says:

    Just finished reading it. . . Feel really sorry for Bree, saddest end to a life which could’ve been so good..Punished for no mistake, really it hurts somewhere..Goodness of the Cullens shows in this and I so wish there was no goddamn Victoria… Bree gains all the respect now and theres no hate which was developed once while reading Eclipse. Lovely work by Meyer, wins love for Bree Tanner.

  30. So, wouldn’t it be nice if Fred shows up in the NEXT Twilight book, and takes out Jane (who would deserve to suffer from Fred’s disgusting powers) – and then Fred can meet Tanya (he is beautiful and blond), and perhaps the Denali folks all “even up.”

    I really need to see that vampire world destroy the Volturi – they’re just big bullies.

  31. I first read Twilight a few months after Eclipse came out. I kept hearing about this series that had knocked Harry Potter off the number one spot, and I was curious.

    My favorite book changes every time I read through the series, but I really love New Moon. I know it’s the saddest one, but the reunion scene is so swoonily romantic, and I just love Jacob!

    I’m not sure what it is about Twilight that captivates me. I was never a vampire fan, so I never expected to be this obsessed about a vampire book! I think it’s the characters — Stephenie Meyer’s writing is very character-driven, and the people she writes about come to life and stay with you long after you’ve closed the book. I would love to move into one of her worlds.

    I seek out online fansites because I don’t have a lot of Twilight-obsessed friends in real life, so it gives me a chance to connect with like-minded people. And also it’s nice to have somewhere to go to keep up with all the Twilight news.

    Now about Bree Tanner…well, I loved it. So much that as soon as I finished it the first time I went back and read it again, and if I hadn’t been too busy I probably would have read it a third time. It was lovely to be back in the Twilight world, to see the Cullens and Bella from a new perspective, and just to have something new from Stephenie.

  32. 1 – rented Twilight, read MS, bought T and NM, read them, bought E and BD, read them, re-read everything, went into mourning, found fanfic, no other life!
    2 – fave book – Eclipse
    3 – i am fascinated by how accurately SM portrays young love; characters; relationships
    4 – i’m online because i don’t know anyone else my age (41) as addicted; and i can’t talk to my students about how much i miss BB, Tattward, and Domward.
    5 – comments on Bree – i have to go back and re-read, but
    – found the volturi interactions with V and R fascinating;
    – am confused about Riley’s age – V wouldn’t have changed him until march 2005, and Bree T takes place in may/june 2006, which makes riley 10 mos old. isn’t he supposed to be older than that to control himself and i thought the book say he was about one year old?
    – love seeing victoria’s manipulations
    – now i want to hear riley’s voice!

  33. CravinCullen81 says:

    Approximately when you first read Twilight- I first read Twilight right after it came out on DVD. My stepdaughter always gets to pick the movie for Movie night. So when we got to Walmart and she picked up Twilight I thought, “ummmm okay, sure why not” Somehow the books and the original release completely slipped under my radar. I had no idea what it was about. So we watched it as a family eating pizza on a Friday night and not to sound overly dramatic but my world was changed. My guy and my stepdaughter liked it enough but to them it was just another movie. I kind of sat there stunned like that was amazing. They went to sleep and I stayed up until 2 watching it again. And pausing and rewinding it on the parts that I loved the most. That morning I woke up early to get to Target to buy the book knowing that any movie based on a book had to be missing some details. For the next 4 days I was in a Twilight Saga coma devourting the rest of the series. My family felt neglected and invisible, and to be honest they were. I think now I am so greatful for my little darling picking up that DVD. This series just came to me at the right time. I know that sounds corny but it’s true!
    What is your favorite book in the saga
    Hard to pick between Twilight and Eclipse. But I think Twilight wins out because its the beg of it all.
    What is it about Twilight that captivates you
    What is it that drives you to an online fansite
    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella

  34. Eleanor Johnson says:

    I sooo wish we could acctualy find out what happens to diago and fred! I wish it was longer to!! It took me 4 days to read but got realy into it!! It wad fantastic!! The twilight saga is 1 of my favorite book collections and hope stephine will publish midnight sun! I love the werewolves and hope to read more of her books!

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