Earth’s Mightiest: David Slade Interview

Earth’s Mightiest, who recently interviewed producer Wyck Godfrey, talked to David Slade about his work on Eclipse.


“30 Days of Night director David Slade has turned his directorial eye towards The Twilight Saga with this month’s Eclipse. In this exclusive interview he discloses his reasons for joining the franchise and reveals what he is intending to bring to it.”

Check out the full  media interview on Earth’s Mightiest.


  1. There’s nothing there? Nada…

  2. You have to click on the Edward picture for it to play.

    Don’t waste your time listening to it (It’s a voice interview). David Slade rambles on for five minutes on one question. He even admits that he is rambling.

  3. I disagree, it’s definitely worth listening to, he’s a fascinating guy.
    And tbf give him a break if he does sound tired and rambling, he has just made Eclipse into a film!!

  4. vampbball says

    I think it’s awesome how seriously he is taking this series. He cares about how vampires sparkle and why they run fast; that’s cool! I’m glad the series finally resonated with his inner fan-boy and I can’t wait to see his take on Twilight.

  5. Despite the audio quality, this interview (or… answer to one question haha) made me happy. I haven’t read many David Slade interviews about Eclipse yet. yaaa goooo David!

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