Wolfpack Meets Vamps Wednesday

gilbirminghamIt’s been one of those weeks, folks. Sorry, lots of real life going on, so we were a little slow in getting this week’s Wolfpack Wednesday posted. So to make up for it, we are going to give away 2 autographs! We’re giving away a Peter Facinelli and a Gil Birmingham autograph this week.

If you know the answer to our trivia question write the answer in the comments and we will pick out a random winner from the correct answers. A big TY to Creation Entetainment’s Official Twilight Tour for letting us bring these items to you!

Both Gil Birmingham and Peter Facinelli have some exciting, new upcoming projects. In what film will Peter Facinelli play a doctor (sorry for the goof too much Carlisle and Coop on the brain)prize fighter, and in what new film will Gil Birmingham be playing Chaske Spencer’s dad?

Check out the Lexicon Twitter , use Google, etc for the answer. Put the answer in the comments below and we will pick a random winner from the correct guesses at 11:59 PM est Wednesday,April 21st.

peterpremiereRemember, we will ship anywhere! We have had winners in North America, Europe, and Oceania. If you are on a sub in the Antarctic we will figure out something! In fact our most recent winners were from Latvia and Tennessee!

In addition to the autographed photo we also have a tee from the One Less Nemesis company to give to the winner. The winner can chose a One Less Werewolf or One Less Vampire shirt in your preferred size and style from One Less Nemesis. Take a look at the shirts here: http://www.onelessnemesis.com/onelessnemsisshirts.html


  1. Christina says:

    Peter – Paz
    Gil – Shouting Secrets

  2. PFach- The Pazmanian Devil
    Gil & Chaske- Shouting Secrets

  3. – Peter Facinelli: “Paz”
    – Gil Birmingham: “Shouting Secrets”

  4. jessica wood says:

    gil-shouting secrets

  5. JaimeKristal says:

    Peter Facinelli will play a prizefighter named Vinny Pazienza in “Paz”.

    Gil Birmingham will be playing Cal in “Shouting Secrets”.

  6. Peter is coming to my mall on May 2nd for autograghs and pictures to help raise money for cancer. i am so excited because the mall is like tirty miles from my house!!!!

  7. peter- paz
    gil- shouting secrets

  8. Barbara Norwood says:

    Gil is in “Shouting Secrets” with CS
    PFach is in “Paz” (had to google this one!)

  9. Paz and shouting secrets

  10. peter is playing Vincent Paz in Paz and
    Gil is playing in Shouting Secrets as Cal

  11. Peter will play Boxer Vinny Paz in a biopic & Gil will play Chaske father in Shouting Secrets!!!
    aa please choose me i never win anything ='( please!!!!

  12. Peter will be in ‘Paz’
    Gil in ‘Shouting Secrets’!!

    Hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Paz and shouting secrets

  14. Gil in Shouting Secrets and Peter in Paz!!

  15. Peter Facinelli- “Paz” (Vinny Paz BioPic)

    Gil Birmingham- “Shouting Secrets”

  16. Stefanie says:

    Peter – Paz (Movie)
    Gil – Shouting Secrets (movie)

  17. Gil Birmingham-will play Cal in Shouting Secrets
    Peter Facinelli- Vinny Pazienza in a biopic called Paz

    Have a good one, ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Maya Roberts says:

    Peter Facinelli: Paz
    Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer: Shouting Secrets
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Danielle says:

    Gil- Shouting Secrets
    Peter- Paz

  20. Peter- Paz
    Gil- Shouting Secrets


  21. Peter’s movie is Paz
    and Gil’s movie is Shouting Secrets and Chaske Spencer is in it too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Peter – Paz
    Gil – Shouting Secrets

    Thanks for the chance to win =)

  23. Gil will be in Shouting Secrets and Peter is going to play Vinnie Pazienza in a movie called Paz. Pick me I want the Peter autographed picture :D.

  24. Peter is in Paz
    and Gil is in shouting secrets with Chaske Spencer! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Peter will play in Paz
    Gil will play in Shouting Secrets

  26. shouting secrets

  27. Gil will be playing Chaske’s father in “Shouting Secrets.”
    Peter will be in “Paz.”

  28. Gil= Shouting Secrets
    Peter= Paz

  29. Tracy Goodwin says:

    Peter in Paz and Gil in shouting secrets

  30. Peter in Paz and Gil in Shouting Secrets

  31. Peter in Paz
    Gil in Shouting Secrets

  32. Bettina Jensen says:

    Gil Birmingham will be playing Chaske Spence’s dad in “Shouting Secrets”

    Peter Facinelli will be playing a Doctor in “Paz”(And Eclipse LOL)

    (L) ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. Peter Facinelli- Paz
    Gil Birmingham- Shouting Secrets

  34. Kim Reese says:

    Peter…Paz (looking forward to this one) Gil..Shouting Secrets

  35. Pam Smart says:

    Peter is in “Paz”, and Gil is in “Shouting Secrets”.

  36. Gil Birminghamโ€“Shouting Secrets
    Peter Facinelliโ€“Paz

  37. Shouting Secrets. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Peter–Paz
    Gil– Shouting Secrets.

  39. Gill: shouting secrets
    Peter: Paz

  40. Andrea D says:

    Peter will star in Paz and Gil will play Chaske’s dad in Shouting Secrets.

  41. Peter – Paz
    Gil – Shouting Secrets

  42. edwardsmylion says:

    Peter will play Vinny Pazienza in the movie “Paz” and Gil will play Chaskes dad in Shouting Secrets.


  44. Peter will be in Paz and Gil will be in Shouting Secrets ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. Peter-Paz
    Gil-Shouting Secrets

  46. Peter – Paz
    Gil – Shouting Secrets

  47. Peter-PAZ
    Gil-Shouting Secrets!

  48. Peter – Pez
    Gil – Shouting Secrets

  49. Peter will be in Paz and Gil will be in Shouting Secrets ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Well no thatbits obvious……
    Paz(Peter) and shouting secrets(Gill)

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