So Now That We Had 8 Hours to Think About It…


So at 7:00am for Pel and 6:00am for Alphie we were given the news about the news about the release of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Around 4:00ish MTV contacted us and wanted to know what we thought, what fan reaction on the Lexicon was, and our overall opinion of fan reaction was.  So Alphie, Lori, called MTV:

“Joffs felt fans weren’t reading Meyer’s post about the novella closely enough, or they would have seen that Meyer had been working on this story since she first finished writing “Eclipse” many years ago. “The Short Second Life” was written to be included in the “Twilight Saga” companion but had grown too large, and the publisher decided to put it out in conjunction with the film….”I think that that’s where fans are getting upset, because it looks like Stephenie has abandoned writing anything else to write about Bree, and I don’t think that’s what happened at all,” Joffs explained…

Joffs said she empathized with fans dying for a full version of “Midnight Sun,” but she saw the publication of “The Short Second Life”‘ only as a positive. “If this is what it takes — if publishing another novel, another little novella, another side of the story — to get her writing again and to get her back into publication again, I will take it. I’m grateful for anything she puts out there,” Joffs said about Meyer. “I will read whatever she publishes, happily.”

Our friend Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, also was asked for her opinion:

“This is work by this author about this series that we’re all in love with,” Bell explained. “People are going to gravitate towards being totally hyped up about it. It’s going to be a big deal, for sure.”

For Bell, Bree Tanner was a character she had always been interested in. While some fans were confused as to why a character that only appeared for 10 pages in “Eclipse” would be the subject of her own 192-page novella, it made sense to Bell from the beginning.

“While reading the ‘Twilight’ series, you think that the Cullen family has really good perception of people, and so it was interesting to see that they were kind of willing to take [Tanner] under their wing,” Bell said. “There was a reason for that, and I was always curious to know more about her.”

Check out the whole story on MTV.


  1. i have said on my twitter (Team_Alice28) that i am excited for this short story and i get that she was working on this at the same time as Eclipse, but i am and have been waiting so patiently for Midnight Sun! I am glad tho that she got back into writing and (dare to dream) Steph gives us another story following after Breakin Dawn! Whatever it takes, even though its not what i truly want this short story will give me another fix of The Twi-Saga! 🙂

  2. I think the news of this short-novel were the best news I’ve received this month! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and read it 🙂

    I too would like for Stephanie to finish Midnight Sun and I still think she will eventually, so for now I couldn’t be happier about the fact that we are getting one more piece of the puzzle to enjoy!

  3. I’m really excited about the novella and can’t wait to read it. Any more information we can get about this world and all who are in it is a welcome sight. I wouldn’t mind if she wanted to give us a short story about all the other characters!! 🙂

    I know everyone is really excited about the thought of Midnight Sun, but I thought we were trying to back off so Stephenie would want to finish it someday. 😉

    • I agree with everything Laces said. You took the thoughts in my head and words out of my mouth! Thanx Laces 🙂

      • I agree, can’t we just enjoy this gift for what it is? I too am thrilled for any new material, period.

        Looking forward to this mid year present, in anticipation of the compaion latter in the year.


  4. I think its great that SM has put something out there for her fans to read. It was alredy written, so why not publish it. I, like all her other fans would love for her to finish Midnight Sun, but she has said many times that she is not ready to pick that up as of yet. Enjoy the “Very Nice Bone” that she has given us. She could have shortened it and put it in the guide, but she didn’t. She had it printed as a novella and now we all have something to hold us over. At least for alittle while. So,
    “Thank you” Ms. Meyer for thinking of your fans!

    • I agree with you, I don’t care where or why she wrote it, I just am so excited to enter our Cullen world again, even if its the back door. I love her writing, and love our Cullens so its win-win! yayyyy

  5. Well said Alphie. I was upset to see some media outlets like People magazine pulling polls on twitter about why the publication of the novella and no Midnight Sun.
    I had to call them stupid to their faces. This is completely different and of course all of us that have read the books will embrace whatever we can get from the story that we have gotten to love 🙂


  7. I’m grateful for and will read whatever Stephenie is able to write. Thank you so much Stephenie!

  8. i’m glad the comments here are mostly positive.

    why don’t other people just read the press releases…? the bree tanner novella was just a character exercise that we will have the privilege of reading!

    that’s what midnight sun was, too… it’s not like it’s our right to read anything stephenie meyer writes FOR FUN and for EXERCISE.

    patience, people!

    • I think you’re right Cynthia, and if you read Stephenie’s statements closely, I think that this is ultimately what the release of the novella was about.

      Stephenie undertook writing Bree’s story as a creative exercise designed to allow her to get to know the story which she was creating, and the principle characters better. It appears that this process took her further than she initially intended, and gave her the insight that she needed, and she decided to share this with fans (which I guess, is why she is publishing the full text online for free, but fans are welcome to buy a paper copy).

      Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to include this story in the official guide if it was not so long, but the idea of releasing it just before the film to give fans another layer of insight as the film unfolds makes just as much sense.

      I think that people need to take this new release for what it is – a part of the creative process that Stephenie undertook when writing Eclipse (remember the piece on Stephenie’s website in which she detailed the phone conversation between Edward and Rosalie on her website?) which she has graciously shared with us so that we may gain more insight into the story and principal characters which we already love.

  9. I am happy! Something new something unspoiled thank you Stephanie!

  10. I’m happy to hear about the new book. I also wish that she would continue the Saga with Renesmee and Jacob’s stoty!!!
    Please SM please??? I would love to read about those 2 characters!!!

  11. Stephenie could decide to publish a years worth of grocery lists, I’d still want to see it.

    While I’m glad for this little nugget I really hope to see a full novel soon that will take up a big chunk of my purse. Hope we see something soon!

  12. Amanda Dubs says

    Not excited about this one bit. I’ve been waiting patiently for a new Host book for a long time and this is what she does to placate us? I’m thoroughly dissapointed in her. Of course I’m still going to get it and read it but UGGGG.

  13. I’m going to wait and read it online to decide whether I’ll buy it or not. I’ll admit the cover is beautiful, but I’m not sure the content is something I’ll want to invest money in.

  14. Thank you Stephenie Meyer for releasing this & for making it available for free online! I will be buying it in stores of course bc I want my own copy of it but it’s still so generous of you. Also, it’s wonderful that a portion will be going to the American Red Cross for disaster relief efforts.

    You are an amazing woman & truly a gifted author. As fans we are lucky that you care so deeply about your work & that we can read more in-depth stories about the characters & Saga we love so much.

    Thank you, this truly is a great gift! Can’t wait to read it!

  15. Not excited about the Bree story at all.

    What happened to Midnight Sun. Stephenie must know that everyone is waiting with bated breath for Midnight Sun!


    Steph had long ago said she had wrote about Bree and her short life…so I was not suprised to see it published. I am very excited to read it before Eclipse comes out so the scenes with Bree,Riley,and Victoria in Seatle will not seem to go to far from the books. I really look forward to the day Steph releases Midnight Sun, but I do understand it has to be right for her to do so in her own time. Although it is hard as a fan to will be well worth it in the end.