Walmart Opens Twilight Themed Shops

Building up the the release of the New Moon DVD, Walmart has opened Twilight Saga Shops in their stores nation wide.  The shops are divided between Vampire and Wolf and have clothing, jewelry, and merchandise all based on the films.  The Ultimate Fan Edition of the DVD will have an exclusive look at Eclipse with more footage than was seen on the UK edition of the DVD.

Walmart will also be hosting midnight release parties across the nation with special prizes given to the first 100 people in line. To find a participating store in your area, visit the Twilight section of Walmart’s Website.


  1. I have pics posted to my twitpic account of parts of the displays at my local Walmart.

  2. Twilight9009 says

    I am excited about the midnight release. I wasn’t planning on going but decided there was no reason not to go.

  3. hey! i’m from India and a die-hard fan of twilight too….and its so not fair that we dont have such cool twilight theme stores here!….gah! i really hope someone opens a similar store for us!! guys have fun..i’m sooo jealous!!;)

  4. teamjasmett says

    The UK Edition has the 7 minute eclipse footage on it too, Ive already watched the new moon dvd in blue ray (as it comes into shops a week early before they rent it and my sister is the manager of blockbuster).

  5. So does the WalMart regular DVD have the 7 minutes of Eclipse as well? I’m still undecided as to which DVD to get. I’m considering going to the WalMart midnight release but I’m a bit timid about it. Unless my teenage daughter wants to come, I’d feel odd going alone.

    I went to the Border’s midnight release of the Breaking Dawn book and they ignored me as a guest of the release party. Only the teens were allowed to sign in, get a bracelet, participate in events, and win prizes. I was made to feel embarrassed for being there. I grabbed a book and crawled in a corner of the coffee shop in my Team Jacob shirt w/ the other parents who were there. It was not a fun experience.

  6. I just went to my local WalMart and I guess I wasn’t that impressed with their whole display, the shirts that they had available were only in juniors sizes, which I am not, I probably would have purchased one if they had more size options. And then of course they had the books and Twilight DVD plus a couple of posters and bags of Doritos? That was all.

    • Yeah, what’s with the Doritos? Should we expect to see Bella and Edward, oops, I mean Bella and the humans, eating Doritos throughout the movie? They pay big bucks for product placement these days.

    • That’s why the stores have all these shirts that can’t sell because they are only made for teen bodies. And how many men style t-shirts do you need!

  7. switzy4ever14 says

    hahaha, maybe i’ll put one foot in the wolf section, one in the vampire section.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3


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