Sign Theft in Forks

This is so not cool. Someone decided to take the sign from in front of the Forks home that has been tagged by the town as the unofficial Swan residence. It’s the second time this has happened. Additionally the Chamber of Commerce had to deal with the gas cap being stolen from the red Bella’s truck parked outside the information center.


So if anyone knows who took the sign, kindly return it! The Forks Chamber of Commerce is being very gracious and is not currently pressing charges, they just want the sign back.

Part of the appeal here is that it doesn’t look like a professinal tourism sign that is nailed down within an inch of its life (see above photo). It’s going to start to get ridiculous if they have to cement and bolt the sign down because people can’t leave what isn’t theirs alone!  TY to Christina for alerting us to this.


  1. Vampire-girl says:

    This is so mean for one person to be so selfish and help themselves to something for their collection, it is there for everyone to enjoy. I live in the UK so I love coming on this site and I am happy with seeing photos of forks, so the person should put it back where it belongs

  2. Why? I think people are taking their obsessions way too far now. The people who just want to stay up to date on news are fine…the people who resort to stealing…they should be punished. It’s not cool to be a thief…

    • Yes i agree with Beasley. People are just stupid and think they wont get caught and get away with it. they should be puniched when they do get caught!

  3. I’m confused. How was that house dubbed the unofficial “bella house”. It looks nothing like the one in the movies. IS it what Stephenie picked out when she went to Forks? DOes anyone live there?

  4. i have no idea why people do such stupid things like this…..

    Aleli, I beleive this is the only two-story house in forks & is the reason why Stephenie picked it, considering in the book she talks about it being a two-story house. & someone does live in it from what i know.

  5. So sad that one person would ruin the experience for all the rest of us. Let’s hope it shows up on ebay and then we can nail them…

  6. edward109 says:

    OMG!!! How could anyone be so selfish!! I mean take a pic they dont need the sign! That is really stupid

  7. The sign actually looks quite tacky anyway – so who knows why they’d want to steal it. But stealing is so wrong, karma will get them back!

    I feel sorry for the people who do live in that house – imagine loads of tourists taking pictures of your house that wasn’t even in the movie. No privacy there anymore! (maybe they enjoy it!?)

  8. bandbutrfly says:

    I took a picture of that sign in August and it stinks that someone would resort to doing something illegal by taking it.
    My aunt and uncle live in Forks and know the family that resides there. The family doesn’t mind tourists as long as they are respectful. They have even had people ask if they could look inside.

  9. Sad, always someone who has to hurt it for everyone else. On the good side, it doesn’t look to expensive. What about setting up a camera? I hate it for them but you know there’s always someone not thinking about the consequences….

  10. love2dream says:

    From my trip there, Stephenie had nothing to do with the picking of any of the houses (Cullen or Swan) in Forks. The town decided which houses were the closest to the descriptions in the book (not movie).

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