Eclipse Script Leak

Finally we found an article that pretty much pulls all the facts as they are known together.   On Tuesday an early copy of the Eclipse script, as reported by Deadline Hollywood and EW, made it online in the early evening. Many of the links have now been removed as Summit Entertainment has apparently enforced its intellectual property rights.

In the last day, we’ve seen a lot of rumor going around most notably that this will mean Jackson will be fired. In our opinion, if they didn’t fire Anna Kendrick for a New Moon script being found in the trash of the hotel in St. Louis where she was staying (and yes we realize her rep denies she did that), they aren’t going to fire Jackson.

Unlike the New Moon script that was an actual hard copy that was found at an actual physical location where Anna Kendrick was staying during her Up In the Air shoot, this Eclipse script (watermarked with Jackson’s name on it) which is not the final version) was scanned and put online. It could have been obtained from several places from Jackson himself, to agents, to even Summit, to a computer hack.  So since no one provably scooped it out of Jackson’s trash, it’s hard to say exactly where it came from.

See the story on MTV.


  1. TeamEdward says:

    I hope they do with jackson the same they did with anna. If jackson is fired, I’ll hate summit

    • mschicklet says:

      Well either way, you’re more than welcome to join the Scummit Sucks club! 🙂 In operation ever since the hiring of Melissa Rosenberg, and almost tripled membership ever since they kicked Rachelle to the curb 😉

      • They didnt kick rachelle to the curb. She was working on another movie and decided not to do eclispe

        • Elizabella says:

          Actually that’s not correct. She had a 10 day crossover between Eclipse and (I’ve forgotten the name of the other movie) She asked Summit if it would be a problem, since obviously Rachelle wouldn’t be shooting every single day of the Eclipse shoot and from what I remember they didn’t seem to think it was a problem until Ron Howard’s daughter decided that the Twilight Saga wasn’t too small a project for her and she decided she wanted back in so Summit made a big deal out of the Rachelle thing.

          As far as the script goes, there are many programs where you can create a watermark in a pdf so there is really no way to prove it was Jackson’s in any case. If I (not that I ever ever ever would) got a hold of a script for anything it is very easy to scan it and then “print” it to a pdf with a watermark saying my name and then people would think I’m somebody. Of course this is completely unethical and I would never ever do it.

          I also want to see a movie not read the script because the script is like looking at an x-ray, there’s no flesh or costumes or cgi or sets. I don’t know why anybody would want to ruin the fun by doing that.

          • Not to make a bigger deal about this, but isn’t it possible that when BDH was originally approached, she was pregnant? I know the timing is about right.

            Also, I can’t imagine Summit firing Jackson for something like that because it clearly wasn’t intentional. Of course there may be stuff we don’t know about other personnel on set, but I can’t see any of the actors being involved.

          • Hi Wray, in regards to the Rachelle thing, if BDH was pregnant at the time, she would have said something like, “I’m not taking the part due to my pregnancy.” However, she did not say that. What she did say is that the part is “too small” & walked away from it. That, my friend, is the 100% truth. The questionable part is when she totally jumped back in w/both feet after Rachelle was let go for apparently breaching her contract w/Summit. The thing I don’t get is just about every one of the major actors made at least one or more movies on or around the same time. Why was Rachelle the ONLY one who got drama for it?

            It is also important for you to know that BDH was the first choice to play Victoria when actors were being cast for Twilight.

          • Let’s get a few things straight. Victoria is NOT one of the main characters, sorry. Bella and Edward are the main characters. Jacob and Alice are major secondary characters. Then you have the Cullens and Charlie and the wolfpack and the various vampires all muddled together. I know people liked Rachelle, but let’s not pretend that she was more critical than she was.

            They can’t possibly work the movie around every single person’s schedule. At some point you either have to show up when they want to film, or forfeit the part to someone who will. Edward and Bella are major characters. The studio will work around them, but you have to remember that EVERY TIME an actor’s schedule has to be worked around, it affects LOTS of people. They have to have everyone else in that scene change their schedule. They have to move the scene they had planned to shoot originally in that time slot.

            The real problem is that some people get a big head and think they are more critical than they really are. She could have just as easily bailed on the other project.

          • You all talk like you personally know all these actors. Get a grip. Speak not on subjects on which you have no knowledge.

      • Scummit Sucks club? Haha! Consider me a fan. I can’t stand MR. And I’m pissed at them for replacing Rachelle. She is the HBIC! Bryce will never be a better Victoria.

    • Rosalie's Pain says:

      OMG! This whole thing is beyond stupid! It’s not like we don’t know the story and what happens. The studio needs to stop making such a big deal about it. Who cares if they lost the script. We already know what Jasper does and says in Eclipse and most of us will still go and see the movie. This is not even news worthy if you ask me.

  2. I really really can’t see Jackson being careless enough to leave the Eclipse script lying around. Whatever happened, I’m sure it’s not it’s fault and the work of a hacker or somebody trying to make a quick buck, which Jackson clearly doesn’t need.

    • I agree with you Jo, I can’t fathom Jackson being careless enough to leave the Eclispe script lying around for people to find. I doubt Jackson will be fired since Eclispe has already finished filming months ago and Breaking Dawn has yet to be green-lighted by Summit, so I hope things would work out for Jackson.

  3. I’m really losing my enthusiasm for the franchise based on New Moon and this Eclipse script. I saw Twilight 11 times. I saw New Moon once because we were short-changed on the time and depth of the Edward and Bella scenes. Why doesn’t Summit get that what sells the Twilight franchise is the love story of Edward and Bella AND the chemistry between Rob and Kristen? They seem to be downplaying that while they continue beefing up Taylor’s role. I just don’t get it. Never liked Jacob, never will. Not going back for repeat veiwings without lots of Edward and Bella moments.

    • Brynn Jackson says:

      You know, I’m going to have to agree with you in part on this. I usually use the Jacob time as my restroom break. I’ve seen New Moon 5 times. While it does make people visualize/realize the Bella-Jacob friendship, it’s Bella and Edward that people want to see.

      If you’re Team Jacob, read the books. It doesn’t have a super happy ending for Jacob-Bella as a couple. The rest of the movies are going to be Bella-Edward so why not get on board?

      And no, I don’t think Jackson leaked it. What possible motivation could he have for that?

      • Brynn and Deb: did you read New Moon? Edward leaves! So much for Bella/Edward chemistry!

        • Krystina says:

          Hmm, you obviously weren’t paying attention … Edward leaves Bella because he wants to keep her safe. He doesn’t care about anything other than her, ands he believes that he isn’t good enough for her (because of the whole soul-less thing.)He left to give her the chance of a normal life. He acted out of kindness and pure, true love.
          He also tried to die when he thought Bella was dead, as life wasn’t worth living without her.
          AND if you read properly, he was on the verge of returning to her anyways, as he could not bear being without her!
          So yeah, Edward – Bella chemistry is pretty strong I think!

    • Ok. Thanks for sharing.

      • Let me just add,too. While we all know how things turn out, I think it just adds to the excitement. Who wouldn’t want two hot guys fighting over you?
        Just adding to the totally random thoughts expressed here. Now back to the point:

        I don’t think Jackson leaked this. Mistakes are made. Hope folks move on.

    • You said it, Deb!

      It’s the Edward/Bella scenes which I’ll be stressing my remote replaying when I get the NM DVD…and it’s the Edward/Bella parts in the books which I have been re-reading FOREVER…and I don’t see that changing anytime soon! 😉

      • Me too! I never re watch Jacob stuff or re read the Jacob chapters. Too tedious. I watch Edward and Bella over and over. Rob and Kristen really are amazing together.

        • I’m not getting the point. Edward is hardly in New Moon because, as the story goes, HE LEAVES. Are you saying that Weitz should have filmed more scenes of Edward and Bella talking and spending time together, i.e. solidifying their relationship? If so, I agree. In fact, this should have been established by the time we see the movie New Moon. Maybe the answer is not to cut scenes with Jacob (because he is at this point a central character), but lengthen the movie a little. Heck, if we can sit through 2 hrs and 15 minutes of 2012, or 2 hrs and 30 minutes of Revenge of the Fallen, we can certainly make it an extra 10 minutes or so to see our beloved characters fleshed out. If this is what you’re talking about, I’m with you all the way. If you’re just picking on Jacob because you don’t like the character, you might want to take that up with Stephenie.

          • Amen to longer movies!

          • silver-swallow says:

            finally, alicia, someone who is talking sense. I thought we got over all this childishness ages ago.

            there are NOT two main characters. there are THREE. JACOB INCLUDED. you do not put an entire third of the final book in the point of view of someone who is a secondary character.

            There’s no dispute that Edward and Bella’s love is the essence of these books, it’s not ALL thats going on in them. Because if it was, for one, I would’nt be reading them. Jacob is the sole reason I stuck by these books. Without the angst and occasional comic relief his character provides, the franchise would just be another soppy love story with no real excitment, with Edward and Bella skipping through fields of flowers, etc, etc. No thanks.

      • I am so glad to be reading your comments.

        I have seen New Moon 6 times just to try and scrape together what little intimacy scene they gave us between Edward and Bella.

        I felt cheated. It was beautifully shot and grand which really gave me so much excitement to see how Chris and Melissa where going to handle Bella and Edward’s RECONCILIATION… it was almost an after thought at the end of the movie; and in the book it was clearly one third of the story (3 chapters flight, truth, vote).

        The dialogue the quotes in these three chapters was amazing. Melissa and Chris didn’t even have Edward on the bed holding her, after their arrival from Italy, he’s sitting on the bed then kneeling on the floor speaking. Ugh!!!!

        Catherine had more intimate scene in Twilight.
        I LOVE the Twilight Saga as written by Stephenie Meyers. Twilight is a 21 century Love Story…please respect the character dynamics from the book and reflect it in the screen play and in the movie direction. IT’S BELLA AND EDWARD, NOT Bella and Jacob. You wouldn’t try and change Romeo and Juliet to Paris and Juliet, or Cathy and Heathcliff to Cathy and Edgar (Wuthering Heights), or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth and Mr. Fitzwilliam (Pride and Prejudice) great love stories.

        The RECONCILIATION of Bella and Edward was AS IMPORTANT as the breakup scene. It should have had that same respect at the end of the movie. It is the second ARC in the story for these characters. I was waiting for the emotional climax when they both reunite, with all the wonderful dialogue. I wanted to see the heat and hear the beautiful words on screen that Bella and Edward say to each other, it explained the whole reason for his leaving and he explains what Bella means to him and that HE WAS COMING BACK and Bella has her EPIPHANY that Edward LOVES her “THE BOND FORGED BETWEEN US WAS NOT ONE THAT COULD BE BROKEN BY ABSENCE, DISTANCE OR TIME. AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH MORE SPECIAL OR BEAUTIFUL OR BRILLIANT OR PERFECT THAN ME HE MIGHT BE, HE WAS AS IRREVERSIBLY ALTERED AS I WAS. AS I WOULD ALWAYS BELONG TO HIM, SO WOULD HE ALWAYS BE MINE, “YOU LOVE ME, “TRULY, I DO.” it sets up the story in Eclipse they could given another 15-20 more minutes.

        In this regard I was left TEASED and UNSATISFIED wanting more. Chris Weitz and Melissa so dropped the ball on this. I SOOOO hope David Slade gives us all the intense scenes between Bella and Edward that was in the book. As a fan of Twilight I don’t want to see another (30 Days of Night, Blade, Interview with a Vampire, Underworld) the typical vampire movie, we have those. Just DO THE BOOK…..PLEASE.

        Don’t disguise Eclipse or Breaking Dawn as an action movie and sacrifice a wonderful love story. It is the readership that has made movies a success. We will keep coming back for the emotional love story scenes. Remember the 47 second kissing scene leaked on U Tube, It got millions of hits. SHOW US THE LOVE…..

    • You have to understand that New moon is about Jacob and Bella more than Bella and Edward… this is because Edward leaves to try to give Bella a normal life. You have to see both sides of the love triangle to see how Edward and Bella’s relationship is so strong and true. Bella never falls for Jacob in the way that she does for Edward. She jsut needs someone there for her to help her get past the emptiness and the hurt that Edward has left her in Jacobs and Bella’s relationship is more of an extreme friendship then a romance. I like New Moon. 🙂

      • Very well said.

      • That’s fine and I get that. My problem is that the Edward and Bella scenes are being shortened and watered down in favor of Jacob scenes in BOTH New Moon AND Eclipse and I’m just not interested in the expanding of the Jacob. What I see is Jacob being the big hero in Eclipse. That is just not how it went and even he as a character admitted he was stooping to manipulation in the books. Bottom, line is that Edward and Bella and their undeniable love are the point here and we would never know that from the way the movies are being written.
        I think they could have made alot more money on New Moon if they hadn’t rushed through the Edward/Bella scenes. The got the initial big premiere hit but the repeat viewings have not held up and the biggest complaint I’ve seen is that the Edward/Bella scenes were rushed and clipped and pushed altogether. If they follow that same formula in Eclipse(as it looks like they will), it’s going to be a problem.

        • (Oops. I initially replied in wrong spot)…

          Edward is hardly in New Moon because, as the story goes, HE LEAVES. Are you saying that Weitz should have filmed more scenes of Edward and Bella talking and spending time together, i.e. solidifying their relationship? If so, I agree. In fact, this should have been established by the time we see the movie New Moon. Maybe the answer is not to cut scenes with Jacob (because he is at this point a central character), but lengthen the movie a little. Heck, if we can sit through 2 hrs and 15 minutes of 2012, or 2 hrs and 30 minutes of Revenge of the Fallen, we can certainly make it an extra 10 minutes or so to see our beloved characters fleshed out. If this is what you’re talking about, I’m with you all the way. If you’re just picking on Jacob because you don’t like the character, you might want to take that up with Stephenie.

          BTW: IMO, Edward does a little bit of manipulating himself. In the tent, he gets Bella to talk about their engagement and her impending transformation. He does this knowing that Jacob is listening and that it will be upsetting to hear.

          • pami11195 says:

            yes he does do that but jacob does way more manipulating. edward just wants jacob to get it straight, n there is NO competion between them. everyone knows that bella will end up with edward n jacob is just there to make the story jucier. i HATE the character jacob, but i know that we could not have the twilight saga without him, because he is a very important part of the saga. sometimes i would like to just yell at him but i know that i would never like the twilight saga as much as i do now without him.

      • You are absolutely right, in your commentary about Bella and Jacobs relationship. And we known why faith keeps Jacob in her and Edwards life.

        Jacob is just an extreme good friend she has love for, BUT NOT IN LOVE WITH, and it will always be EDWARD, because the love she does feel for Jacob would never be enough to make it matter.

        HOWEVER, they needed to give us the reconcillation between Edward and Bella it is the second arc in the book (flight, truth, vote)for these characters and is clearly 1/3 of the story. We were torn down emotionally with the breakup left heartbroken like Bella for 3/4 of the book/movie then at the end we should have been rewarded as in the book with their incredible (3 chapter) reunion when we feel as an audience Bella’s and Edwards JOY…IT WAS RUSHED an after thought.

        If they were so worried about time they could have eliminated other scences that they expanded on (ie. running in the woods, her father in the bedroom, time in the garage)or left them in and given us another 20 or more minutes. Especially given the length of the movies that are out now. I hope Eclipse give us the HEAT….

    • abigael_d says:


      they NEED to show a lot of Jacob/Bella-together scenes in New Moon, of course.
      and don’t get mad at Summit, because during the filming, remember that
      STEPHENIE MEYER is involved… in the books, she very much created and showed the growing Jacob/Bella relationship, and of course, she’d want it to be shown in the movies, too, doesn’t she? and remember, directors and writers CONSULT Steph Meyer first…

      plus, they’d show a lot of Jacob too since he’s got a BIG role in the story, AND it’s not only the Edward fans who are out there — there are TONS of Team Jacob there… so that equalizes it. Twilight = more Edward, NM = more Jacob, Eclipse = equal scenes for both, I’M GUESSING.

      i’m Team Switzerland though 😛

      • Yep, agreed. Also well said.

      • Stephanie is involved in the movies but she’s not calling all the shots. As for equal time between Edward and Jacob in Eclipse, you didn’t read the script, did you? It’s basically New Moon II.

        As for equalizing for Jacob fans vs Edward fans, everyone does know how this ends, right? While there are Jacob fans out there, the numbers don’t compare to the Edward fans. However, if you haven’t read the books and are only seeing the movies, I honestly don’t know how you could be rooting for Edward given the way he is being written out.

      • I actually don’t get the big issue with team jacob and team edward. Even if in later web chats, SM refused to say whether she was tj or te, I think that breaking dawn pretty much stops these team arguments – personally I am team edward for bella and team jacob for renesmee. More edward-bella scenes in Eclipse are needed though, personally I would really like them to be really true to the book in eclipse because it is my favourite one of the saga.

    • abigael_d says:

      they can’t fire Jackson …
      Summit MUST remember what happened to Anna’s script too… if she didn’t get fired, then they should do the same for Jackson…

      and Summit should have learned though from what they did to Rachelle Lefevre. when she got fired, weren’t there just an enormous amount of fans who got disappointed? mad?
      Jackson’s character as Jasper is a HUGE one; so will Summit afford to fire him? i hope not.
      AND, Eclipse is on post-production already;
      as time goes on, fanbase grows.
      so if BD becomes a movie, that would be such a BAD THING to fire Jackson…

      and I only saw the front cover of the script.
      THAT’S IT.
      i promised to myself not to read it online. as a fan, i’d be loyal to this whole Twilight saga thing.
      i’ve read the books, and i’d be watching Eclipse anyways…

    • okay so im not trying to be mean or anything but…of course there isnt gona be much edward and bella in new moon!!! edward is GONE in the BOOK and summit is doing a good job by following the book!!! i would be mad if edward was in it more than he was put in it because it wouldnt follow the story!! im total team edward but i still respect that the story happens like that and i wouldnt want the movie any other way!

    • for all of you who are saying “whats the big deal? it follows the book” well its just the basic principal of it…yes we know what happens cuz we read the books, but some people dont and besides there shouldnt be a leak anyway..its like Midnight sun, we all know how the story goes because we read Twilight but that doesnt mean it shouldnt have been leaked. its the same as any other movie, they wouldnt want people leeking the script to other movies so why shouldnt that policy apply to Eclipse just because theres a book to go along with it..its kind of just couretsy ya know?

    • While I can respect your opinion, I have to interject here with a reminder that this franchise isn’t about what sells Twilight, its about keeping the movies true to the books. While I love my Edward time, I enjoy getting to know Jacob’s character as well, and I appreciate the director keeping the movie TRUE TO THE BOOK, something that is quite rare.

      It really would not matter how they filed it, you can’t please everyone, some people want more Edward written in, others demand it be kept true to the books, these directors can’t win for losing.

      • I agree with Kimberly. You’ve got to admit that New Moon,the movie, was as close to the book as you could possibly get with a medium like film. I was surprised at how close to the book it was. When I was at the premiere, I already knew what the characters were going to say in some parts of the movie because it followed the book so closely. Just my opinion though.

    • I think true Twilight fans would be more upset about Summit making the films stray too far from the books. I think the real fans want to see it as close to the book as possible. I mean – that IS why we are all fans, from those 4 little amazing books.

  4. mschicklet says:

    You know, I spent hours trying to find the New Moon script when it was leaked. I read it (mainly for the reconciliation scene between B and E after Italy). And to be honest, after seeing the movie I can’t even remember how accurate the script was to the actual movie. And it really doesn’t matter either way. Early drafts of scripts are always changed for shooting. Fans have absolutely no control over how this movie turns out. So whether you love the script or hate it, it really makes no difference.

    Besides, Scummit probably leaked the script themselves, to create early buzz for the movie and get people talking. I smell a trailer coming soon 😉

    • Scumitt? Are we on an elementary school playground? No, I highly doubt that they leaked it themselves. They don’t need the publicity for that, considering how well the movies would do without even a shred of publicity due to the built-in fanbase.

      Seriously, grow up and stop with the name-calling. You’re making yourself look just as bad.

      • Matt, your comment just made me wonder…wouldn’t it be nice if Summit didn’t hype this movie so much? Trailers and movie stills are great and every movie needs publicity, but I think the over-hype actually does more harm than good. The movie is going to make tons of money regardless so I wish they would stop trying to widen the audience. There’s no need.

      • Matt, I agree 100%. I just wish these bloggers would stick to the topic. Script leak??? And we get Rachelle/Bryce comments, reviews of the movie, etc., etc., etc.

    • Scummit? That’s just hilarious……LMAO:)

      • mschicklet says:

        Thanks. It’s sort of a well-known term for Summit among most of the twi fan sites. It’s not a personal or vulgar attack on anyone in particular, just the company as a whole. Some of their decisions have been less than stellar, to say the least.

  5. Ok, they can’t fire Jackson, anyone could have lifted it from anywhere he might have been studying it, anywhere. I promise you, as rich as these movies have made them, that would be a terrible dis-service to fans. I know I just speak for me but I believe I wouldn’t go see it. I would wait for dvd.
    Money speaks. If they do fire Jackson he should not take it laying down. But what is the big deal, we all know how it ends.


  7. Who cares, yeah i get it changes and all that but really the only people who are going to read it are the hard core fans who have read the book and already know what happens anyway. Its not like the movie isint going to make any money anymore..

  8. I swear; If they fire Jackson because of this, then I’m gone.
    Summit is sh*t if they do fire him, to be honest.

  9. THEY CANNOT FIRE JACKSON!!!! Their is no one that can play Jasper better then him!!!

  10. Honestly I don’t understand where the problem is. The script is based on a book read by millions of people…so,as Tonya wrote, everyone who read the book knows most of what should be in the script. By the way it seems to me weird that actors can loose a script on purpose or not…maybe it’s just a way for Summit to get more attention around the film (as if they need it..all twilighters are waiting for “Eclipse”) I don’t think that they will fire Jackson…they know how much fan love him…

    • I agree with this. Anyone and everyone who has read the books know whats going to happen. Firing Jackson would not solve anything- it would hurt summit and the cast- as I am sure they are all like family. Keep the cast the way it is and move on.

  11. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Yeah I really can’t see them firing Jackson plus it adds hype to the movie. SOunds more like some one hacked a computer than anything else. And I can see why a fan though knowing what is going to happen I would like to see the thing for the fun of reading. But hacking? Really? idiots. THAT’S WHAT LOST US MIDNIGHT SUN YOU FREAKIN’ IDIOTS! Not that we’ll lose Eciplse just saying. *mutter mutter* I swear I’m going to get an hole in my stomach waiting for this movie….*rolls eyes*

    • AliceKikiCullen says:

      Okay duh, it was a differnt kind of leak for Midnight sun but the intent is the same that’s what i meant *slaps forehead*

  12. No they can’t fire Jackson!!!!! Seriusly they finished filming Eclipes, which is Jasper’s biggest movie, the fans clearly love him 🙂 and would be heart broken if he was fired (MEEEEE), that’s why they fired Llever Eclipes was Victoria’s biggest movie (that was a mistake she makes a much better Victoria that Brice especilally now that she died her hair!!!) It would cause to much trouble to cast a new Jasper. He probubly had a stalker copy it and put it on the internet… I highly dout that that many people read it anyway so it’s not that big of deal…..and those who did read some of it will want to see the movie more anyway. I depertly hope that they don’t fire Jackson!!!!!!!

    • How can you say Rachelle is better than Bryce, Rebecca? You haven’t seen Eclispe yet, but you are entitled to have your own opinion and I respect that, but I’ll rather wait to see the film before I say who is better. By the way, Rachelle was fired cause she had another movie that was being filmed around the same time as Eclispe and she failed to notify Summit about it at a more appropriate time- so her schedule conflicted with her Eclispe duties and she was let go.

  13. Fired from what? Jackson has already finished filming Eclispe and Jackson and the other actors wetren’t signed for a 4th movie and Breaking Dawn has yet to be confirmed to film by Summit.

  14. Like most people I doubt Jackson did it, and if he gets fired I am boycotting the movie and not watching it!! I got the books and thanks to Twilight the movie I can not put the faces of the actors to the characters so I am good.
    Jackson has made Jasper what he is and anyone else like they did with the Victoria is going to well put it simple SUCK!.

  15. Well…I don’t care what any of you guys say…if Summit fires Jackson or neglects to offer him a contract for Breaking Dawn, I’m going to be seriously pissed!!! And I assure you, they WILL hear from millions of likewise pissed off fans!!! Hell…that would almost be like firing Robert Pattinson and trying to cast someone else as Edward!!!!!

    Jackson IS Jasper and he must continue on in that role and forget all this silly leaking of a script that probably contains nothing new to a serious fan…


  16. I agree with you guys, they just can’t afford to fire Jackson. Fans would not forgive them. As for the leaked script… I’m deffinitely not going to read it. I read all the books so it wouldn’t be surprise for me as for what is gonna happen. I just want to enjoy the movie with this awesome cast and with Mellisa’s script as a whole and I’m not going to spoil this for myself. Although I must say I’m not a fan of her work in Twilight. Hope it makes sense (:

  17. I don’t give a damn about the script, I’ve already read the book 100 times…so what’s the big deal?
    If they fire/replace another actor, I will boycott Breaking Dawn with pleasure. Enough is enough.

  18. jasperhaleyes says:

    No proof? Just because his name was on it does not mean he is the one who leaked it. It was not the final one so what is the big deal? I wish people would quit sweating the small stuff about life-relax!

  19. I don’t think that they should fire him, he is part of the Cullen family in the Twilight Saga, and you can’t do two movies in a set and change up the characters… It wouldn’t be the same, and besides everyone already has him in there minds as the character of Jasper, and he does a really good job at playing the character. On another note, if they didn’t fire Anna Kendrick for throwing her script in the trash then they shouldn’t fire Jackson.

  20. Reading the script just ruins the film when you watch it. if you’ve read the book then the leaked script if it was leaked by jackson which i doubt it was) isn’t really that big of a deal.
    and i don’t think that jackson would knowingly leak the script.
    and i’ve watched new moon but i am so team edward. jacob is pathetic. he needs to get over bella and accept the fact that she is completely in love with edward. all i care about are the balle and edward scenes. i don’t like jacob.
    and i’m so looking forward to eclipse cause its all about bella and edward and jacob is hardly in it. 🙂

  21. I really hope Jackson doesnt get in any trouble cuz he’s a great guy. I had the chance to meet him recently while he was touring with his band anddd i was a bad girl and found the link to read the script the night it got leaked. I read 2 parts that were special to me and i was dying to see if they made it in to the film and they did! but uber big spoiler i didnt wanna know after the tent scene ugghh but none the less it’ll be great

  22. mrs.lautner says:

    where can i read the script?

    • Obviously, you do not have a clue as to what this post is about, otherwise you would not have posted such a stupid question.

  23. ok so i thought it was kinda of a big deal when i first heard about it on E! News so i decided to Google it but the only thing i could find were articles on just saying it got leaked so i ruled Googling out and i went to and typed in Eclipse Script Leaked and wha-la i got a download link. so after i downloaded it i read it. and they cut out alot of scenes prier to the book but the two scenes i liked that Melissa rewrote were the Fighting Scene and the Bedroom Scene where Edward proposes to her. i thought the beginning where they’re in the Meadow was cute and funny. with that being said it isn’t the FINAL version. you know how it works, they read the script and then they’re probably gonna change some stuff during shooting and ALOT of improvising. and now that i thought it through and read the script i don’t know why it’s a big deal anymore.

    • And you, my dear, do not have any idea of the illegal act you have committed by downloading,reading, and blogging about it to all of us. I hope you have the money to hire a good attorney. Remember the woman arrested in Chicago for downloading New Moon on her cell phone? Yes,it was a mistake, and the charges were dropped. Hope you’re as lucky…..or not.

      • personally i respect the right to your own opinion but I also have the right to say What’s The Big Flippin’ Deal?! so i read the script, it wasn’t even the FINAL VERSION it was a rough draft and not the script that Melissa used plus the shooting is already over.and honestly it wouldn’t even matter if half the movie was leaked cause you would still go see it in theaters anyway, and mentioning legal action to me was kinda crossing the line. but i’m not gonna fight you with dirty words or say anything mean about you because like i say again everybody has the right to their own opinion. now let’s get to the REAL point here; Jaskson. i have no doubt in my mind that Summit will not fire Jackson over something that wasn’t even his fault. and im pretty sure he feels mortified for being tagged the perpetrator in this whole mess, and even if they did fire him (which they will not)all of Twilight’s fans will be knocking down their doors and kicking their butts.

      • Barbara,

        Are you aware how smug and condescending you seem to be?

        • thank you, Ashley!

        • Nope. Just trying to keep it real. Why would you publically admit to downloading and/or reading a leaked script? I don’t understand how you then lament over the script being leaked and the possible firing of Jackson Rathbone. Smug and condescending? Sarcastic? Absolutely! As Kathy Bates so eloquently put it in Fried Green Tomatoes, “Face it. honey I’m older and have more insurance.”

  24. they better not do anything of the friggin’ sort. when i read about the leak i didn’t even consider they might fire Jackson just because it has his name on it. yes, that would mean its his responsibility… but obviously someone stole it or hacked something to obtain it, which wouldn’t make Jackson responsible for selfish, greedy people’s acts. then i read that he could be fired for this folly, and i’m livid. it is just like the New Moon script that was found along with another one in the trash suspiciously (why would a hairdresser happen to look in the trash? furthermore, why wold Anna even compromise them and dispose them and put them in a public trash?) this never sat with me well… and neither does this.

    they better not touch a hair on Jackson’s beautiful head. the script was leaked, so the-Hale what.

  25. Well the NW one that I saw on line was nothing like NM. So guess this is same thing.

  26. I agree Scooby Lady. They’re already dome with eclipse, and in my opinian the chances of BD are slim

  27. Okay, folks. Here is the 59 year old high school librarian’s take on this whole script leak episode. Whether or not Mr. Rathbone misplaced his script is not the issue. Just like the papparzzi stalking the cast, some people will do anything to scoop another magazine/website/blog. There is big money in it.

    How can Summit fire Mr. Rathbone when Eclipse is in post-production? They certainly won’t refilm Jasper’s scenes with another actor! NOTHING has been negotiated for Breaking Dawn; Summit would be foolish to recast at this point. They would take a box-office “hit” as far as profits, just as if they had recast Bella, Edward, or Jacob. The “Cullens” are an established ensemble cast.

    This is a comparatively young cast; kids make mistakes. For most of the cast, this whole phenomenon is uncharted territory. I wonder how many times someone has lost passports, plane tickets, luggage, and left things behind in hotels? They live out of suitcases for the better part of the time spent filming.

    The Twilight Saga fans have read the books, many of us more than once or twice. Note to Summit: we all know what happens. We know the dialog. Even when you tweak things, like Harry Clearwater’s heart attack being caused by Victoria, we all know the story basics. (Bella does say, “Yes” eventually!) It’s no big secret.

    So give it a rest. Leave Mr. Rathbone alone. He’s done nothing wrong. The Twilight fans hired you, Summit Entertainment, to make these films. We pay your salaries at the box office. Instead of making an issue of a slip up, get your lawyers negotiating with Melissa Rosenberg to write the Breaking Dawn screenplays, hire Chris Weitz to direct both movies, keep the cast as is, fill the rest of the roles, and get moving!

    P. S. If the fans want a script for their collections, buy one on eBay. I did. These are first and/or second drafts, often with photocopied autographs of the cast, which are available once the movie opens.

  28. I dont know why eveyone is getting mad about the script leak. Yes its bad that it did happen but that script is not the one they used so some stuff will be changed. I cant see Jackson leaving it somewere or giving it away to someone. I think like some pople have said someone could have stolen it from him and leaked it just to get a kick out of it. I refuse to read it so i dont ruin the movie when i see it. I do know that if they do make Breaking Dwan into a movie and Jackson is not Jasper i will not watch it. I am a fan of Jackson as Jasper and i see no one else as Jasper. If Anna never got into trouble with Summit why should Jackson. I hope Summit knows that if they fire Jackson they will have some very angry fans.

  29. I don’t think Summit is that stupid. Fans would be OUTRAGED.

  30. I feel bad for Jackson. I’m sure he’s mortified his name is attached to this. I hope he knows his fans will stand behind him.

  31. Summit can choose to not rehire Jackson if they so wish because of this, but let’s face it, if they do find someone else to play Jasper, the same treatment should have been done to Anna and Jessica should have been recast when her NM script was lost around where she was filming Up In The Air. Vampire’s don’t change, physically, once the transformation is over, fan’s will notice.

    Not to mention, with the film in post production already, the destruction of the scripts would have been left to the studio and not to the individual actors to complete.

  32. If they fire Jackson then I will be pissed! And there will be consequences. Trust me I have contacts to certain people.

  33. orianna natsis says:

    If they fire Jackson I will gladly punch anyone who fired him. He IS jasper. He IS that character people know HIM!!!!!! Not some other shcmuck!

  34. As the saying goes ‘any publicity is good publicity” … I wouldn’t be suprised one bit if Summit is hyping this up themselves & is taking full advantage of this situation 🙂 I first heard about this on a morning news show I watch…now I’m reading about it all over the web. Summit has exactly what they want, which is attention for Twilight/Eclipse. 
    I’m just speculating because I don’t know about elsewhere in the world but since the release of New Moon, the attention for the Saga has waned a bit here in Oz. All I’m saying is, could this be merely an attention-grabbing headline maker? I’m sure Jackson’s not at risk of being fired, that would be a monumental bad call for Summit, but what a story to start generating some attention for Eclipse…possibly?  

  35. I still wouldn’t google the script! I mean, seriously, I love Twilight, but i’m patient enough to wait for Eclipse

  36. Oh, where to begin? Well, I broke down and read the script last night and one word – disappointed. Draft or not, if this is the primary direction of the storyline, it is truly a major disappointment. Eclipse is my favorite book and I was willing to suffer through New Moon because I thought we would finally get back to the real focus of the series…Edward and Bella. Sadly, it’s obvious that the series has become a shell of its former self; a watered down version of SM’s dream…a love story at the core, with a new twist to the vampire and werewolf characters. SM was driven to write these books because she loved the characters and wanted to know what happens to them. Now, we all know that it’s a fantasy, but it was never about creating a world or characters that made sense. It was a sweet story about young love and discovering your destiny. Although I understand the need to change parts of the story to adapt to the big screen, the essence of the story is noticeably missing. So, I won’t do a Norma Rae and claim that I will boycott the movie; however, the anticipation has been muted and I won’t be a repeat customer at the movie theater. I also wonder how SM really feels about what Summit and MR have done to her legacy. At issue for me: first, the depth of Edward and Bella’s relationship does not translate at all, which is why people who haven’t read the books use words like stalker, neurotic and possessive. Second, Jacob’s character has been softened, so he doesn’t come across as the arrogant, immature, manipulative teenager that he is in the book. Third, entirely too much time is spent on Riley’s storyline. So, I’m not trying to be melodramatic or whiney. Bottom-line, if you’re drawn to the books because of the characters and the relationships, you WILL be disappointed. At this point, I just want them to finish the series with 1 book for BD because I can’t take any more disappointment. To quote Marcus “let’s be done with this.”

    • Moderator, please remove my comment. Thanks in advance. Signed, just-j

    • Just-J

      I just read your comments I sooo feel as you do. I was AFRAID of that happening and that David Slade and Melissa (screen writer) were going to do that I remember reading about Riley’s part HE WAS JUST A BLIP in the book. What are they doing??? Where is Stephanie???

      Through out Eclipse Edward and Bella are very affectionate embracing and kissing each other a lot. In Chapter 8 Temper, it was so hot especially when he comes back from hunting and she finds herself in the bed with Edward and she was suppose to be angry with him and they are kissing and he is hitching her leg around him, whew…

      The WHOLE chapter 20, COMPROMISE with the proposal OMG, very very hot and sensual.

      Chapter 22 Fire and Ice, when Edward “yes I would let her go. But I would keep watch. You see, Jacob, you might leave her someday. Like Sam and Emily, you wouldn’t have a choice. I would always be waiting in the wings, hoping for that to happen.”

      Then Chapter 27 Needs, and she knows who she can not live with out and she quotes “IF ALL ELSE PERISHED, AND HE REMAINED, I SHOULD STILL CONTINUE TO BE; AND IF ALL ELSE REMAINED, AND HE WERE ANNIHILATED, THE UNIVERSE WOULD TURN TO A MIGHT STRANGER.” and Edward says “I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MY LIFE! I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MY SOUL!” “Yes,” that’s my point” and they are in their meadow and he want’s her now!!! HOT, HOT, HOT, can’t wait to see these scenes in the movie.


    • What are you doing reading a script that was illegally posted on the web? You had to download and save it to read it. Don’t use the excuse,
      “I broke down and read it last night”, all of your actions were done purposefully- so give me a break.

      You’re disappointed by what you read
      -SO WHAT-
      it was never intended for your eyes.

      You KNEW it was wrong.
      You KNEW what you were doing and yet you CHOSE to do it anyway.

      …and people wonder why Midnight Sun will never see the light of day

      • I agree!! Here we have people bragging about breaking the law! I’ve commented to other posts and have been called smug and condescending. I guess when you are 59 years old, working as a high school librarian, you have more life experiences than these neophytes

  37. What have we learned from this:
    Jackson is human, Summit flexed some legal muscle and some of the Saga fans have completely taken this story and built a mountain out of a mole hill. I don’t remember hearing that Jackson was being replaced or punished by Summit, yet reading some of the above comments- I’m not sure I read the same post that they did.
    Anybody up for a game of telephone? 😉

    With the New Year only just begun I’d ask all those who are beyond stressed about this to remember-

    In goes the good air and out goes the bad air- Breathe.

  38. Summit fires him, this thing will blow up in their faces. Jackson (and Peter) are the only good actors in this teen pop culture phenomenon.

  39. Animalover95 says:

    They didn’t fire Anna Kendrick because it was obviously an accident. This senario looks more iffy. Me, personally? I don’t think Jackson Rathbone leaked the script, it was most likely a hacker but the stars need to quit being so careless about the movie scripts. It’s going to end up hurting the movie if they keep it up. The same thing happened with the Deathly Hallows trailer but I don’t think it’s as big of a deal because the ramifications won’t be as bad. Anyway,point is, they dropped Rachelle over something dumb what makes people think they won’t do the same thing with Jackson?

  40. i love the comment from arazcal, “and people wonder why midnight sun will never see the light of day”. amen! so the same people who are searching out this script online (which IS illegal btw) are probably in that same group of people who are begging stephanie to finish midnight sun and don’t understand why she won’t do it. geez peeps. show a little respect, will ya? just because you can find something out there, doesn’t mean you should go looking for it.

    • Amen! I know I am “old” by most Twilight fan standards, but this is what happens when you open the internet to people who have no idea what information is legal/illegal, or how to do proper research. Ya, ya, I know I’m one of those prickly school teachers that enforces the RULES!!

    • So, yeah, I read the script online and I hardly felt bad. The same goes with Midnight Sun. One of my friends forwarded Midnight Sun to me right before the whole drama ensued; I read it right away. I’m still going to buy a ticket to see the movie, and I’ll still buy Midnight Sun if it’s ever released. I don’t make a big deal about it, or stress about others downloading “illegal” scripts, music, movies, etc., because to be perfectly honest, I’d rather invest my time and energy advocating more serious crimes (which I do). However, every now and then, when I need a break from my International Relations courses and issues, I may decide to browse the internet. I click on the same links: Yahoo, NYtimes, dlisted, facebook, twilightlexicon, etc. And sometimes, like today, I may come across an article about a script for an upcoming movie that I’m excited for, and for the sake of a little escapism I might google and download the file to read it. Afterward, I read it, delete it, and move on with my life.

  41. Your blog post is well written and informative


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