Movie Mob Spoofs Twilight Musical Style

Movie Mob is the latest group to jump on the Twilight spoof bandwagon.


  1. I stopped it mid video. Dumb

  2. it was horrible. don’t do it.

  3. ew

  4. in theory a musical could be funny, this just isn’t

  5. Zookie Monster says:

    Wow…Are there words to describe how horrible that was?

  6. VLovesElvis says:

    I laughed at the Mr. Sparkles song, though.

  7. this is disgusting! what where they thinking!!!!!

  8. I find that in general, spoofs aren’t really funny.

  9. Wow… this is the most hard-up spoof I’ve ever seen. Not only isn’t unfunny, and it is…REALLY unfunny…
    The sad fact is, the first Twilight film the acting was so bad in the first place, that it was unintentionally funny. I can sit and rewatch it, and laugh and laugh…

  10. That was just plain embarassing. It was terrible. Usually I don’t mind parodies. I actually enjoy a few of them…but this one was…just…ugh!*shudder-twitch-cringe*

  11. This was really weird. I need to watch the Hillywood New Moon parody to make up my mood.

  12. Wanda Detroit says:

    Yeaaaah, I was watching Movie Mob and saw this. Unfortunately.

  13. ah love the Movie Badgers… but… i thought garden mary was off the show for a while… why did they bring her back???

  14. Don’t be hatin’ this, guys! Chad (Edward) is my mom’s cousin! hahahahahah this spoof was very funny!

  15. I stopped at Mr. Sparkles. EW! So laaaaaaame.

  16. I don’t get what everyone’s problem is with the parody. I found it moderately funny, but not as bad as others are making it out to seem, especailly Jacobs “Puberty” song. Maybe it’s just my love of musicals… Besides, it’s not lke they were serious about making it into one

  17. Bella Swan says:

    My gosh, that was the worst thing I’ve ever seen!!! I think I’m gonna hurl!!! I mean I normally don’t like parody’s but I can stand them, tis is just…AHHHH…there are no words. I couldn’t even finish it!!! Dude, I’m sorry your related to that guy, yikes!!! I agree it was terribly unfunny and down right LAME!!!!!!

  18. This sucked balls. Edward is fat and bald??? This was worse than 2girls1cup.

  19. SummerandJen says:

    We’ve seen a lot of awesome Twilight parodies, and this is certainly not one of them. Edward shouldn’t be fat and bald and the music sucked more efficiently than Adam Lambert. If you want a good twilight parody check out the hillywood stuff on youtube. And no, we aren’t a part of that, it’s just so much frakin better than this horse vomit.

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