Reelz Channel Eclipse Quiz

Reelz Channel has an Eclipse quiz.

See how well you can score on Reelz!


  1. twilight + star trek fan says:

    ok one of those answers were wrong. SM said that the frayed strings are from her choosing between Edward and Jake. The choice “tore her apart”

  2. Wow thank you reelz for that great quiz. Oh and btw idiots its not “Muse” by Assassin, its the other way around “Assassin” by Muse. Wow try really checking the web site before posting something like this.

  3. There were more than that: The SONG Muse by the BAND Assasin?!?!?! What idiots. And what does #5 have to do with Eclipse? NOTHING!

  4. WORST QUIZ EVER. They should get real Twilight fans to make these quizzes.

  5. TwilightFreak says:

    I love Reelz channel and Eclipse, but that was kinda lame.