Statement From Summit 7/29/09:regarding Rachelle

We just received the following statement from Summit Entertainment:

We at Summit Entertainment are disappointed by Rachelle Lefevre’s recent comments which attempt to make her career choices the fault of the Studio.  Her decision to discuss her version of the scheduling challenges publicly has forced the Studio to set the record straight and correct the facts.

Ms. Lefevre’s representatives were advised as early as April that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE was expected to start shooting in early August.

If Ms. Lefevre was, as she describes “passionate,” about being part of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, we feel that she and her representatives would have included us in her decision to work on another film that would conflict with the shooting schedule of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.

It was not until July 20th that Summit was first informed of Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to BARNEY’S VERSION, a commitment we have since been advised she accepted in early June.  Summit had acted in good faith that she would be available to fulfill her obligations both in terms of rehearsals and shooting availability for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. We feel that her choice to withhold her scheduling conflict information from us can be viewed as a lack of cooperative spirit which affected the entire production.

Furthermore Ms. Lefevre took a role in the other film that places her in Europe during the required rehearsal time, and at least ten days of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE’s principal photography.  This period is essential for both rehearsal time with the cast, and for filming at key locations that are only available during the initial part of production.

Contrary to Ms. Lefevre’s statement, it is simply untrue that the Studio dismissed her over a ten day overlap.  It is not about a ten day overlap, but instead about the fact that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is an ensemble production that has to accommodate the schedules of numerous actors while respecting the established creative vision of the filmmaker and most importantly the story.

The fact remains that Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to the other project – which she chose to withhold from Summit until the last possible moment – makes her unfortunately unavailable to perform the role of Victoria in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.


  1. Jeanette says:

    I don’t know what to think anymore!! I love Rachelle as Victoria!

    • I know! Me either! I’m torn between believing what Summit says and what Rachelle is saying! Ugh, this is so frustrating!

    • I bet if it was Robert, Kristen or Taylor summit would work around their schedule.

      • In a heartbeat they would.

        Rachelle made Victoria more ‘venomous’ then she was in the book. She’s an amazing actress and I mean come on. YES there’s a decent size portion where she’s in the book. 99% of it is the fighting scene. They worked around Cams schedule, why wont they work around hers?- or hell do what they did with Cam, shoot the shots when she’s there.

        Eclipse is my FAVORITE BOOK and I was SUPER excited about the movie until I heard the news that Rachelle isnt going to be in it. WTF?! Movie is now saddening to me :(..

        I also didnt like that they picked Xavior for Riley, but heck at least I could live with that. (Tom Felton would have made the BEST riley) >shrugs<

      • Nichole says: are totally right! I was just going to say that… what if it was Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart with a 10 day overlap with another movie?? you can bet your dollar that they would postpone or work around them. Victoria is the key character in Eclipse. I was reading PerezHilton and his “sources” claim that they would have to pay Rachelle more money and didn’t want to do that so they hired BDH to keep the spending down….this is all just crap…

    • John Henson says:

      I, personally, have no reason to think Rachelle would pigeon-hole herself, her career or Summit Entertainment. Her statement was made on the fly with generalized comments about how upset she was about Summit’s (very fast) decision to replace her and stating a few facts. I’m curious to know what conversations were had about keeping Rachelle in, or if Summit made decisions before they even broached the subject with Rachelle’s management. I’m upset with Summit for presenting such a defensive rebutle. This is a mess. They’ve already offered the role to Bryce Howard and she’s accepted. The only way Rachelle will be back in is if Howard steps down on her own accord, seeing how adament and loyal the fan base is to Rachelle. That being said, would Summit even take Rachelle back after airing the (obviously edited to make themselves the good guys) dirty laundry? I can’t tell at this point if bridges have been burnt or not…but Summit certainly wastes no time in protecting their “untarnished” image.

  2. It’s unfair of them to act like that against one of their stars. surely there was something they could’ve done. she’s not supposed to think about one role on her career, she has to think about her entire career.

  3. Can’t they just work it out and get along? We want Rachelle back!

    • I agree, is it really so hard? I am so irritated because it is going to mess up the continuity of the movies. Is her part really that big that they can’t work together on the schedule? “Eclipse” is my favorite book and I’ve been so excited about the movie but now all I’m going to be thinking when I see it is, “That’s not Victoria”.

      • I agree- she made Victoria.. well Victoria.

        Now you have this other lady in there (idk who she is, or if she’s that good of an actress) and I KNOW that she’s not going to be able to portray Victoria as good as Rachelle did.

  4. No way! This is ridiculous!

    Rachelle knew what she was getting into. It cannot possible be HER fault that the scheduling conflicted.

    • Of course it is her fault. She is the one who agreed to both movies and would have to approve the filming time of both movies. She obviously knew about it.

      • frozenfire2001 says:

        I agree, Rachelle was not forced to agree to do a movie that would clearly conflict with the timing of Eclipse. She didn’t have to do it and she chose to. That part is -all- her fault. There are so many other people involved in making the movie and can you blame Summit for not halting and changing everything for one actor with a comparably minor part?

        At the same time because Victoria is only in one part of Eclipse it seems like Summit could have tried harder or done more to help out with getting Rachelle in. I mean really, she’s done after this and they just changed actors? Not a good idea Summit, don’t you understand what fanbase you’re dealing with yet?

        Then again maybe that was part of the reason they did change; Vicky won’t be in any of the other movies anyway unless there’s a flashback or something.

        They’re both at fault and neither should be blaming the other for everything. Both parties are going to be regretting this for months…*sigh*

      • I don’t think it was her fault. It appears to me that she didn’t know the scheduling conflict would be such a big deal. What bothers me is that it sounds like Summit didn’t inform her, they didn’t give her a chance to drop the other movie. Instead they went on and cast BDH (I really hope her daddy doesn’t have anything to do with BD).If it’s only 10 days I think she would have chosen Eclipse. Summit’s just making excuses, they obviously didn’t want her in the first place or were really offended by the fact that she had made other plans too.. whatever happened, this is yet another reason not to be happy with Summit (Jacob recast, Solomon (!!!), the way they didn’t protect Rob enough in Remember Me set etc).
        I hope we fans will do everything in our power to bring Rachelle back!!

        • I think you hit it on the head when you said she didn’t think it would be such a big deal. It sounds to me like she KNEW the schedules were going to conflict, but she thought they would work it out somehow. In making an assumption like that, it IS her fault. She knew she was not supposed to sign on to anything that would create a conflict and she did it anyway. She needs to accept her share of the blame.

          That being said I don’t like what happened. I don’t like recasts. I like continuity. I don’t like the idea of Bryce Dallas Howard in a role I associate with Rachelle. For me, Rachelle is Victoria. Meyer created the character, but Rachelle brought her to life. She’s feral, wild, edgy. BDH is none of those things. The only thing that qualifies her for the part is her red hair and if that’s all it takes, I’d like to throw my name into the ring.

  5. I know I’m all for Rachelle but I’m confused now! Blaaah!

  6. KrissyGal says:

    it is pretty sad when none of the actors even knew about this until Summit released the news to me it sounds like summit is trying to make themselves look good by saying she was in the wrong honestly who are they trying to kid they let Cam do his other thing while filming was taking place thats why they filmed the fight scene on day one why can’t they do her scenes at the end of august instead she is the only one who can pull off Victoria and summit is going to be blasted for this move from months on end no fan is going to let this go without putting up a fight

    • KrissyGal says:

      Billy Burke even says on twitter I have NO idea what went down with the Rachelle thing. None whatsoever. Bit confused myself.

    • Once again with Cam, Catherine didn’t mind re-doing the schedule for him. And at the time, none of the other actors had any other outside roles.

      • Cynthia says:

        yeah but that was before this was a mega movie francise and before they had MEGA movie-stars in the roles. they really CANNOT move things around for just one actor. What I sense going on is that Rachelle’s management did not do a good job of keeping things straight and unified with Summit. Boy I hope she is firing someone over this one! 🙁

  7. They just made themselves sound more like jerks! To be quite honest, Summits being childish about it all.

  8. I still dont like what they did. I think everything going on is still fishy and they are trying to make themselves look good.

  9. twilight + star trek fan says:

    Ugh Maybe Summit ought to keep a better eye on the commitments of their most popular clients. Rachelle is so nice. I doubt She’s exaggerating!

  10. If Summit actually gives a damn about the Twilight Saga & its huge fanbase, they would have at least had the decency to try work this mess out with Rachelle. I will not pay to watch Eclipse in the theatre if Rachelle isn’t brought back, and I know I’m not alone. Smart move, Summit! Smart move.

  11. Well, that’s that. Hopefully the cast will remain intact through BD. Let’s make sure Rachelle gets a huge reception at all Twilight premier’s and events. Onward with Eclipse!

  12. not going to watch Eclipse if shes not in it
    you should have switched her filming time
    instead of whining about her doing another movie.

  13. So Summit heard she was ing another film.
    that was fine.
    Then rachelle told them it was a 10 day overlap.
    That was fine.

    THEN Summit throw a hissy because they realise they have rehersals and she may be out of the country…so they REPLACE HER!

    Doesn’t sound like Rachelle even got the chance to choose which project she would rather be apart of.
    I have No doubt she would has gone with Eclipse.

    Rob couldn’t do Parts per billion because of the same reason, but summit didnt replace him.

    There something shady about this.

  14. Ok you know what FCK YOU just happen to forget that WE the fans who make this franchise what it is along with the still turn your back to us everytime like you don’t give a sh!t..WE HATE YOU ALREADY SO MUCH AND I HOPE YOU STOP FEEDING US AGAINST YOU FOR YOUR OWN BENIFIT!!

  15. It’s obvious they chose their path of re-casting Rachelle. They could have worked with her but chose not to. It seems as if it was to make a statement? Set an example of her? Better to do it with her than one of the leads or family members, but still. Really!? Tweet it #bringbackrachelle!

    • I totally agree! We need to do what we can to get Summit to hear us! I really think they acted too quickly & didn’t give her a chance to choose. It sounds like Rachelle would have done ANYTHING to continue on as Victoria…I know she was looking forward to putting her all into Eclipse. I cannot imagine what it would be like for her to sit in a theater & watch someone else play Victoria; a role she worked her ass off to bring to life. I have written down the address for Summit & will be sending them a letter. I know they can work it out! WE WANT RACHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I SO love Rachelle as Victoria, but I’m not sure which side to believe anymore. I shall be Switzerland. And besides, couldn’t they just have discussed it and put Eclipse filming first in line for her, since she signed that contract first?

  17. So from the sounds of this, they just said “hey Rachelle is already casted in another movie so lets just replace her” without even attempting to resolve the issue. It’s one thing if they tried to work it out, but I would assume they would have stated that if this was the case. Sad.

  18. This is all just absolutely ridiculous!

  19. How condescending of them. #SummitFAIL

  20. No matter what summit says.
    If Rachelle isn’t Victoria I’lll boikott all future movies from Summit.

  21. i think im gonna pass out……
    i still think its summits fault and not rachelles. idk why she would do that other film instead of twilight. its her last movie and its victorias movie!! oh god rachelle plzzzz

  22. TwinerdMandy says:

    OMG what to believe?!?

  23. Let Summit know we WANT RACHELLE!

  24. Oh please, Summitt is making themselves sound like a group of petty teenagers. I still find it hard to believe that it was ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for them to change their shooting schedule a bit.

  25. At the end of the day, Summit is just asking way too much the actors in this movie. They are pushing for dates just months after one another!??! Now i have never heard or any movies being made in mere months after the post-productions are done for its previous movies?! that is absurd and SUmmit is just trying to cash in all the money for the Twilight franchise as soon as they can.

    I am sure as fans who are true to the saga wouldn’t not care when they come up but as long as they come out!??! what are they trying to prove, that if they don’t get all the movies out, fans are going to leave the franchise?! not likely, but with this turn of events and bull crap, Summit is just making it worse for them.

    • that’s exactly what they’re trying to do! They’re probably scared that we “girls” grow up and out of our passion. Plus, it’s still recession time.
      Personally, I always thought Summit’s explanation to do the movies back to back and already talk about BD before anyone even has the faintest idea how to transform the book into a decent movie a little pretentious. Come on! It’s not for the fans, it’s for your pocket!
      But hey, that’s a studio for you. I doubt you’d find a studio in Hollywood that’s different.

  26. Summitt is most certainly not reaching the summit of good decision making.

  27. Irishgirl says:

    I HIGHLY doubt that she didn’t inform them of this other commitment. That’s what her manager and agent are for, and I can not see them jeopardizing her position in Twilight by not telling them until the 20th. And you’re telling me that they found out on the 20th of July of this conflict, and were able to line up Bryce Dallas Howard for a recast and get contracts signed for her in 8 days? Oh please.

    • Plus, I think I remember her twittering about getting the part a LONG time ago, I doubt we would know of her new movie before they would. I am gonna have to call bs.

    • That’s excatly what I was thinking. This is all very fishy….I bet Summit planed to let Rachelle go a long time ago and planned to recast. This actress is very popular and well known and I bet that they were thinking that this way they would attrack more non-twilighters to watch Eclipse.

      But Summit is DEAD WRONG!!

    • i completly agree, there’s no way they were able to hold auditions and sign a new person for the role in less than 8 days, but then again they are just spitting out the movies one after the other to make money of us.

    • Yeah I agree. Consider that Rachelle states she had no idea they would can her and was just as shocked as anyone by the news. Which leads me to think they didn’t even try to negotiate with her, give her the choice of either stay with Twilight (I mean the film series of course) or they would find someone else. Given that choice, it seems clear from her statement that she would have chosen to stay with Summit. A no brainer really.

      Then, as you mentioned, the fact that they found a replacement so quickly..within 8 days…is very suspect, particularly since she is the daughter of a very well known, high powered director. (No negativity aimed at them of course, it’s not their fault this happened…or is it? hmmm)

      This is just another mess that they have to clean up, like trying to axe Taylor Lautner, like the furor that David Slade caused, both becoming the director of Eclipse, and then his ill-timed remarks. Seems like Summit can’t stay out of trouble.

      And the fact is that the fans want Rachelle back as Victoria. Badly. And Rachelle would like to be back as Victoria. So what’s the problem? Summit? Do you hear us?

  28. ok Summit and I believe in Santa Claus also

  29. I’m sooo TEAM RACHELLE after Summit’s statement!!! They admitted it was ONLY a 10 day conflict, they have made accomidations for other actors, WHY they are making an example out of her? I don’t know? BUT WE FORCED THEM TO RESPOND TO US!!! WTG TEAM RACHELLLE! LET THE BACKLASH CONINUE!!!

    • I’m 110% TEAM Rachelle! Eclipse the 3rd installment has been cursed. Has anyone seen Terminator: Salvation?! It sucked… sux… just like Summit!!!

    • Anyone who is “confused” on who to believe after Summit’s statement should learn to read between the lies. This statement is TOTAL bullsh!t, and they are just trying to cover their tracks. They didn’t expect for there to be such a backlash, which is why they came out with a statement so fast. Well, TOO BAD. I hope that the backlash is such that they are forced to #bringbackrachelle. Otherwise, I’m NOT seeing Eclipse. I feel so disrespected right now.

  30. Maybe it was Rachelles representation who messed things up in the end. She may not have been aware of the fact that summit was only told a week ago about her scheduling conflict? Who knows! Obviously there was some sort of miscommunication between Rachelle and Summit. I just hope everything works out in the end! Im not ready to completely write of Eclipse because of this, BDH may be really awesome in the role even though she will be different? None of us know at this point! So, though I do wish Rachelle was going to continue the role and all that, I think it is a bit premature for us to completely abandon the rest of the cast and not see Eclipse. We got over the change in directors and I’m sure we can get through this as well (even though it is a MAJOR BUMMER!)

    • I was thinking the same exact thing too. When they were dealing with the whole Catherine situation, they released only one statement. They fact that they actually released a rebuttal to her statement makes me believe that their was some serious miss-communication on both ends.

  31. I’m betting the house on Rachelle & her side of the story!!! It’s sooo Hollywood & Summit to throw a loyal & dedicated actress under the bus. Where’s the Twilight family spirit? It’s such bogus nonsense! Ridonkulous! Summit screwed up!!!!! Now they’ve seen/heard the twi-fans reactions… so they’re back pedalling. I don’t believe Summit & I’m not retracting any of my former blogs. BOO Summit SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. cheering4twi says:

    You sure cast super quick if you only found out on July 20th…please don’t put this back on Rachelle…very unfair.

    • I don’t think it was that quick in terms of Hollywood. Considering the fact that the Twilight franchise is HUGE and nearly everyone wants a part in it, it seems as though recasting a role would be a piece of cake. Its not like they have to pull teeth from an actor and force them to be a part of a huge money making franchise! It probably easier than casting for a role that has yet to be filled by anyone!

      • i dont know hollywood or anything but wouldn’t they have to put out auditions?!?! before they publicly announced another actress?? which of course meant they had BDH in mind the whole time?!?

  33. I think this is a bad move on Summit’s part. I think they are being petty and this statement only makes them look worse. Rachelle was wise to express her opinion but keep it classy, but they certainly did not. Reading this, I feel like they accept no blame and did nothing to resolve the issue, but just went ahead and replaced her. It is stupid to upset the fanbase that put your studio on the map, don’t you think?? So far I think they have made TWO major mistakes before even beginning the filming of Eclipse: Signing David Slade as Director after bashing Twilight, alienating fans and his supposedly redeeming interview where he proved how little he knows of the series, and now replacing Rachelle?! What are you thinking Summit? Shame on you.

  34. Sounds like a typical PR attempt at a rebuttal.
    Not all warm and fuzzy like Summit would want us to believe.

  35. Alright. Alright! I don’t know what to think now, but something is telling me to go with Rachelle on this one. She’s too important to just re-cast like this. There has to be a way to fit her into Eclipse somehow! Like Tina said!!! Someone let me know… WHY IS SUMMIT HAVING ALL THESE PROBLEMS WITH THEIR ACTORS/ACTRESSES?!?!?! I’ve never seen such a thing in all my years! ><

  36. CindyBlack says:

    i call bullsh*t.

    quote that.

  37. I CALL BS ON SUMMIT!!! How do you find, audition, and hire a talented, in demand actress like Bryce Dallas Howard in such a shirt period of time. Impossible. And how sick of summit to scold Rachelle for speaking out after they fired her without warning.

    • Because…. Twilight is like, the hottest franchise in the U.S. right now and being in this movie is sure to MAKE a career? Actresses are lined up for every part in Twilight just in CASE someone drops out. And maybe they’ll get someone who will actually tell them about other major jobs. Rachelle got herself fired.

  38. #summitsucks

    Tweet away

  39. it is hard to tell what the truth is and at this point i believe there may have been wrong doing on both parts, but i am still completely disappointed at the decision to recast. i mean correct me if i am wrong but in the book Eclipse, Victoria is only physically present in like one scene. They couldn’t work around her schedule for a relitivly short appearance? why would they risk upsetting so many fans?

    • that’s what i was thinking.
      even though victoria has a major role in the story, she only has one or two actual scenes in the whole thing.
      just shuffle a few filming dates around?

      summit’s response makes no sense to me at all.
      first they said it was about the rehearsals and overlap in filming.
      then they said she was wrong to say she was let go because of the overlap because it simply wasn’t true.
      then they said she wouldn’t be able to fully commit to the character of victoria because of the overlap so they had to let her go.


      • Summit & its PR team neglected to mention in their statement… BDH’s father – Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment paid us LOTS & LOTS of $$$ so his daughter who just had a baby can play a role in Hollywood’s most coveted franchise.

  40. wow, im so confused. i still believe that both rachelle and summit have handled this very unprofessionally. theres no doubt she overlapped filming schedules. theres no doubt summit has their heads up theres backends. i think theyve all messed this up. my main reason of being upset with summit is im terrified of someone else getting replaced.

    • TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

      agree with you there! But no matter who’s fault it is, it still sucks that they are replacing her, she’s been working up her role for the big fight scene in eclipse and stuff, and now they’re just going to replace her…? omg

  41. Personally, I’m happy with the recast. I think Bryce Dallas Howard is gorgeous and will do Victoria justice. Now if they would get a new Rosalie all would be well with the movie.

    • Don’t even joke about them getting a new rosalie in at this stage summit are getting so greedy they could recast the whole movie bar rob kristen and Taylor (and only cos they tried that already and it didn’t work). If brad pitt turn ups in BD as the new Dr cullen there will be trouble!

    • Wow! What a callous thing to say. Do you work for Summit? If not, you should seriously inquire about a job…seems like their looking for people like you.

  42. Crap corporate answer.
    Dear Summit, the demographic that has the most disposable income and loves books are usually educated women and young women who support our “sisters”. You issued the statement with the replacement. Seems like you blind-sided the actress. I am sure if you tried hard enough, you could work around it. However your canned response,much more caustic then Rachele’s doesn’t bid well for you. Folks you raised Hot Topics sales by 11-16% last year when other retailers were declining. Borders, BN, Walmart, all benfited by the success that you help to realize by spending your dollars on Twilight. Not to mention amazon down loads and music soundtracks. and DVD sales. All of that retail, resulted, from you the fan. So, I wonder, this year with Burger King halmark and Norstroms (WAY TOO EXPENSIVE and questionable t-shirt country source) you can make your collective voices heard. Don’t settle for corperate crap. The twilight Saga has saved Summit in the lagging economy, It put them on the US market map. Remember that. You can love the saga, and stephenie’s books without sending your money their way.

    • Rebecca Great statement! Great pionts! Please send it to Summit!

    • I’m just not ok with this. Twilight was a movie that brought unknown actor/actresses to instant fame. Now well known actors want to jump on the Twilight bandwagon. I’m fine with well known actors taking on roles that have not been cast yet, like aro or jane, that just brings more hype to the fanchise. But to treat an Actress who was so devoted to her role in the series, that she read all the books, made herself available for all the fan conventions, tweeted to her fans to be conected to them, for a Studio to treat her like this, after all she’s done??? Yes, up until this point her role as Victoria may have been small, but she really put her time, dedicaion and talent into it, just to have it taken away as the role may have gotten more prominate? She earned the right to finish Vicoria’s story. I have a feeling people will even be more upset after they see Rachelle’s perfomance in New Moon. All this over 10 days out of 90? Please Summit do the right thing.

      • I’m so not over this! I’m still not ok with this betrayal of a newsflash. In summary – Summit sold out!!! They completely & utterly disregarded their humble beginnings, not to mention the legions of devoted Twi-fans. I loved Summit for making Twilight a movie that brought unknown actor/actresses to instant fame. Eclipse is going to be typical Hollywood… big names, big $$$. BDH is the daughter of Ron Howard – Imagine Entertainment. I’m sure Ron gift wrapped it himself for his daughter.

  43. I am so confused with some of your comments. Some of you have actually claimed that Rachelle makes the movie yet in Twilight, she was hardly there and for sure didn’t do much of anything besides doing one or two lines and glower over her shoulder. ??? (Oh yes, and flipping her hair. Don’t forget that.) I am not saying that she didn’t do a good job and who knows, she might be amazing in New Moon. Don’t get me wrong. I am sad she isn’t going to be in Eclipse simply for the fact that we will have to get used to another Victoria in an important stage of her character. She would’ve been amazing in Eclipse for sure. I am not going to say that I won’t see Eclipse though. The only way they will keep me from Eclipse is if they replaced any of the Cullens or Jacob or Bella. Can you imagine a different Edward? I would never go for anything. Sure I am sad for Rachelle. Keep it in perspective people.

  44. No no no.. I think it was kind of immature of Rachelle. What if she was being really hard to deal with? She tells them RIGHT before she has to go? I mean, she should know how long these things take and there are a hundred other schedules to include! I would be upset if someone who worked for me just threw that on everyone, ya know? If she wanted to stay in the film she should be telling them everything.

  45. Going to have to agree with Irishgirl on this; there is no way that they found out on the 20th of this month that there was a conflict with filming, and then had the time to find a new actress and have her signed in 8 days. It’s a load of b/s.

    If the role had been similar to say the Patil twins in the Potter series where they are very minor characters, fine whatever with the recasting, but you don’t spend two movies building up a character like Victoria then replace her because the actress isn’t available for the first ten days of filming.

    Summit’s screwed themselves this time.

  46. I think Rachelle just got in over her head. 10 days makes a huge difference and it would mess everybody up. I am sure they had a long talk and just couldn’t come to an agreement. Summit wouldn’t just get rid of her.
    There are tons of other actors that have had to commit to Eclipse’ filming schedule. And some are way more busy like-Rob, Kristen, Dakota and others. Too bad she doesn’t get her head ripped off! LOL I will miss her but I am excited for B.D.H.!

  47. I agree that this statement from Summit is too little too late and they are only trying to make themselves look good.

    Also, there are only a few key scenes that Rachelle will be in as Victoria, and there is only really the one big fight scene where she is with the rest of the cast. The fact that Summit is unwilling to work with her schedule for 10 days remains preposterous.

  48. Guys, you have to calm down, really… this is too much, everyone had their reasons to do what ever they had to do. What ever happened between them, only they know and both sides are at fault. To the people that are saying that summit is blaming her… well… they had to, she had blamed everything on them first.It is understandable that they had to defend themselves. All I say is that i would have loved to see Rachelle continue in the movie but circumstances turned out it was not meant to be. We ALL have to be mature and understand that in this business, schedules are extremely important and there is more than one actor in the movie they have to work around. Everyone please be open minded. In the end we are twilight saga fans and all we want is that the movies are well done and that they fallow the story that we so much love. So quit nerdraging, take a breath and enjoy the show cuz we all want to see the movie in the end of the day !!! 😉

    • Miriam, I am completely calm. Further, I am sure the recently hired actress could have taken over after the 1st movie. The 3rd movie, little late IMHO
      Victoria, is the principal antagonist (bad Vamp) in the 1st three books. More so than the Volturi. They are too, antogonist, but ofcourse they are miles away. Her role, is a principal role. Mr. Molina, replacable, yes, Victoria….epic . But, it isn’t about what I want. It is about what is right, even if it means me not purchasing something I like. I’ve steered away from Mcdonalds ever since their workmans comp refused to pay for an employee who was shot while protecting a patron. They used a corporate crap answer instead. Remember, companies will only do what you , the consumers are willing to allow them to do. Which leads me to another suggestion. When you buy Twilight Merchandise, check to see where it was made. Many factories use child “slave labor” to make many items that are sold in the freemarket economy at highend retailers, that mark up the cost 1000% or more over cost..with out regard to those who made the product. At least on this site, you can buy products that are from the US. IDK about the source of the T-shirts with out the decals. Money is power. It will painful to me not to watch Eclipse, but, I will because I am obligated by my conscience to do so. SAD!

      • Right on Kim! We need to stand for what we believe in & when you hit them in the pockets, they’ll hear it, definitely. I WILL NOT watch Eclipse if Rachelle is not re-cast. This whole thing has left such a sour taste in my mouth that I cannot imagine enjoying the movie w/out Rachelle cast as Victoria…it just spoils the whole thing for me. I’ll quietly take my Eclipse book & read it again…I think I’ll find more joy there.

      • uhh.. why’d you bring in child slave labor and macdonalds? i see you were trying to prove a point…but..

    • Thank you for that comment!! Finally, someone who isn’t completely freaking out about this situation!

    • Being “mature” has nothing to do with not being passionate about something we believe in, particularly when it reeks of unscrupulous corporate behavior (which might by an oxymoron). I am not a ‘let’s wait and see’ person by nature, and I believe if something isn’t right, and you can do something to change it, you owe it to yourself to try. These films and books elicit very emotional reactions from their fans, and such reactions come with the territory. We all know about schedules. We’re not idiots. Nor are all of us children. I’m old enough to be a grandmother, but I’m not going to sit still and keep my mouth shut if there is something that really pisses me off. Like this situation does. Just another Summit screw up. Whew! okay. Got that off my chest.

      • Yeah, but is it really “right” to get Howard’s hopes up, give her the job and then for Summit to decide “Hmmmm…the fans are mad, alright let’s get LeFevre back” and then get rid of Howard when she did NOTHING wrong? There’s no way only Summit is to blame here. Signing a petition to fire Bryce Dallas Howard and get Rachelle LeFevre back is a cruel and unusual punishment to an innocent third party.


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