Who Is The Twi-Guy?

APRIL 1, 2009

Kaleb Nation, the genius behind the Twi-Guy phenomenon, is no stranger to literature or the internet. This amazing, multi-talented gentleman started writing at a young age. At only fourteen years of age – FOURTEEN – his brilliant mind came up with the concept and story of Bran Hambric. Through hard work and dedicated perseverance, he managed to write his story and has already signed with one of New York’s leading literary agencies. Look for the first of what we are sure will be dozens of number one best sellers to be on the shelf in your local book store in the fall of this year.

If that wasn’t enough to make you swoon, Kaleb started in the media at an even earlier age. He was thirteen when he started his own radio show and then later went on to become one of the youngest nationally syndicated hosts on the air. What an accomplishment!

But wait – there’s more! He started his first website to provide web and print graphics for clients all over the U.S., but found an even bigger home when he launched the TwilightGuy.com blog. His chapter by chapter run down offers up that rarely seen and oh-so-valuable male perspective on the series. His wit, comedy, insight, and the fact that readers came back week by week to hopefully catch a glimpse of his gorgeous eyes peeking out from behind his book made him one of the most popular Twilight fans on the web!

From his YouTube videos to the time he spent on the red carpet, we just can’t get enough of Kaleb Nation! Move over Edward… Kaleb is the one to watch!


  1. Hhahaha Happy April Fools!

  2. Hmmm…no…LOL!

  3. Rockin'It says

    Team Kaleb is win!!!! I’m totally crushing on him! But, aren’t we all? He’s the ultimate male twilight fan!

  4. Hey twihards!Check out a blog from one of our very own lexicon-ers, VampGirl!



  5. BTW, KALEB RULES!!!!! 😀

  6. I was so confused when I first got on here! It took me a minute to remember what today is, even though I was there for the Volturi take over last year! lolz

  7. Luna nueva says

    So lame

  8. Great way to start my day! Way to go Lexicon. Happy April Fools Day!!

  9. Geez, you guys got me. I came here, looked around and thought…Hmm…something’s different. I laughed at all the Kaleb things (because honestly, who wouldn’t? Only boring, stale people, that’s who) and then went to his site to find out answers to my questions.

    That’s when it dawned on me. The proverbial light bulb went off and I realized…IT’S APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!

    Anyway, great joke girls! Really good. I personally love it…but we love you guys too! Come back tomorrow!!

  10. Ya got me!!! Ha Ha!!

  11. Victoria Alise says

    hm. who is this kaleb kid ?

    ps. anyone know where i could submit some wallpapers regarding twilight ?

    i made some & i think they’re pretty awesome, if i do say so myself.


    oh btw, does anyone know who’s to be demetri & felix in new moon ?
    i don’t like the aro choice. he … just doesn’t look that old.


    dakota as jane would be pretty cool though.
    although i would seriously never watch new moon EVER if somehow the jonas brothers &/or demi lovato made their way into the soundtrack.
    absolutely not.
    (it was a rumor i heard.)

    no offense, but it’s just absolutely ridiculous some disney tween-favorite “stars” be making up music for something like twilight/new moon.
    it just doesn’t really fit well.

    i realize i got off topic but i just had to get that little rant out of my system.

    btw, is there a way people join the lexicon?

  12. Alice Kiki Cullen says

    hahaha, I got lost for a moment then it don on me what today was. Nice one. Lol.

  13. I remember the first time I visited this site because it was April 1, 2008. I forgot what the date was and was very, very confused, lol!

  14. Chrystina says

    At this point in the game, I just assume your site will be different on April Fools.. next year you should make the screen black and have it just say “this site has been temporarily taken down by Summit Entertainment due to copyright infringement”

  15. SuperVixen says

    OK I’m ready for some non Kaleb news!

  16. ok…make your way over to TwiCrackAddict….they ar pulling some pretty…LARGE…pranks on us Twilighters over there….lol

    see for yourself…….


  17. Sugary Giggles says

    Haha, reading the comments where people get mad about it is totally worth not seeing anything Twilight/New Moon related so far. Not that there’s been much news the last few days anyways.

    I love seeing what different websites are doing for April Fools… the only time they get on my nerves is when obnoxious, loud, videos are posted over the website.

    Very nice, though, Lex. Too bad I wasn’t around when the Volturi took over, I’m sure they would have had an… interesting spin on Twilight news 😛

  18. SuperVixen says

    Oh man that Rob and Kristen audition vid on twicrackaddict totally did me in!

  19. ME TO!!!!!

  20. this is like when the leaky cauldron and mugglenet combined for leakymug a few april fools days ago.

  21. this better be an april foolz thing…cause it’s lame. i like kaleb and all, but this is a TWILIGHT site damnit. lol. 🙂

  22. Umm where’s my lexicon? this is scary and i can’t enjoy my lunch. seriously not funny. screw april fool’s day. 🙁

  23. Julie M. says

    @SuperVixen-agreed! That audition video was hilarious and I totally fell for it. I used to love that song!!!

  24. oh how i love the annual Lexicon April First celebration 🙂
    i was hoping for another volturi takeover, but Kaleb is nice too .



  26. eww i hate this.change it back. really lame april fools joke.

  27. SparklesorSpaceheater says

    omg…I just come to the lexicon to see what’s new, cuz I’ve been falling behind out of being too busy and shiz, and I see that it’s now dedicated to Kaleb…for about 10 minutes, I looked around seeing if there was any previous news to it…THEN I remembered that today was april fools…lol…nice trick this year!

  28. OK i know this has to be an A[ril Fool’s joke but move over Edward!? that’s a little far. But hey i already sorta let it go i mean seriously! this site is dedicated to Twilight and has given me scoop that i otherwise would have never known. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!

  29. this better be for april fools, or else im abandoning this site. kaleb has his own website, there is no need to add him to this one. so in my efforts to attempt to be nice, that is all im going to say.

  30. @Caleigh.

    it is just an April Fools….look at all the other fansites…they are doing it to us to…heck look at kalebs……..it will be back to normal soon enough……be patient….and enjoy the it…it is kind of entertaining…and annoying….lol

  31. Remarkably lame. When did you guys stop being funny. The last two years were fantastic, creative, hysterical. This was just…self absorbant. It wasn’t even about the books! Its ALWAYS been about the books.

  32. LOL I’m glad I pay attention to the dates, or other wise I probably would of been freaking out like all these others, but Kaleb is cool he makes me laugh. I loved last year’s joke, maybe next year you need to do la Push, consdiering you did Forks and the voultri. Just a thought. This is cool, just don’t pick the name Lexiguy..cuz i agree with that one person it sounds like a female napkin. LOL

  33. Twiholic says

    OMG April Fooools!
    I’ll be back tomorrow when the lexicon is back and the Twilight Guy is back on his site where he belongs.

  34. This is my first April fool’s at the Lexicon(even though I read Twilight in October 2007) and I’m still a little tensed about the site change.

    I really hope this is a prank because I love the same old Lexicon and don’t want it to change.But if it is a prank,then I must say that it did work on me pretty well.I nearly freaked out when I saw the homepage!

    My April fool’s day went really well because I finally got my DVD from Borders! I’m extremely happy!

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  35. KarlaCullen says

    ohhh! April’s fools!
    well hopefully this is a joke i love kaleb but no twilight lexicon
    i don’t think i would survive

  36. lirael cullen says

    i’ll be sure happy when this day is over with. Its irritating me to death when i can’t get my new moon fix and its not funny any more.

  37. Hahaha, I completely forgot today was even April Fool’s Day. Pretty sneaky. Nice job!

    cough cough….
    sorry about that…

    Great job this year, although the volturi take over will always be my favourite.

  39. o man! when i saw LexiKalebCon i was like what the crap!!! what are you doing??? then i started reading the comments and remembered it was April Fools day:) this was good but PLEASE put it right soon!!!

  40. I’m so glad that after a day of April Fool’s jokes, I got this one IMMEDIATELY. I miss the volturi lexicon, too. It was odd to have Alec flirting openly with me over the internet, talking about how good I must smell, and whether I wanted to come to Italy for a tour of his castle, but…still it was really fun.

    I wonder…what’s for next year?

  41. Sterling Snow says

    Lol, I was confused for a second, but then I remembered the date. Nice one 🙂 I luvs me some Kaleb!

  42. I REALLY hope this an april’s fool joke and you’re not ruining the lexicon with this Kaleb Nation. No offense, but he was never able to grab my attention and I feel like maybe his just doing this twilight thing to subtly promote his own book sales. idk.

    Please go back to the old way

  43. lirael cullen says

    is this for real??? the new look??? if so i love it.. just stop with kaleb now and i actually agree with Hilda.