Who Is The Twi-Guy?

APRIL 1, 2009

Kaleb Nation, the genius behind the Twi-Guy phenomenon, is no stranger to literature or the internet. This amazing, multi-talented gentleman started writing at a young age. At only fourteen years of age – FOURTEEN – his brilliant mind came up with the concept and story of Bran Hambric. Through hard work and dedicated perseverance, he managed to write his story and has already signed with one of New York’s leading literary agencies. Look for the first of what we are sure will be dozens of number one best sellers to be on the shelf in your local book store in the fall of this year.

If that wasn’t enough to make you swoon, Kaleb started in the media at an even earlier age. He was thirteen when he started his own radio show and then later went on to become one of the youngest nationally syndicated hosts on the air. What an accomplishment!

But wait – there’s more! He started his first website to provide web and print graphics for clients all over the U.S., but found an even bigger home when he launched the TwilightGuy.com blog. His chapter by chapter run down offers up that rarely seen and oh-so-valuable male perspective on the series. His wit, comedy, insight, and the fact that readers came back week by week to hopefully catch a glimpse of his gorgeous eyes peeking out from behind his book made him one of the most popular Twilight fans on the web!

From his YouTube videos to the time he spent on the red carpet, we just can’t get enough of Kaleb Nation! Move over Edward… Kaleb is the one to watch!


  1. im curious (and maybe a little confused)
    why the twilight guy update/change?
    don’t get me wrong i loooooooooooove kaleb!
    just a little lost. help?

    ~~~ From Admin: Check the date.

  2. i am VERY confused…..????? i absolutley love Kaleb but would like some explanation here…..????


  3. awesome site 😉 Happy April Fools 😀

  4. i hope that it is for April fools…..cuz i like coming HERE for twilight and THERE for kaleb…..lol

  5. Yeah, I remember you trying to fool us all last year, I got it real fast this time!

  6. what did they do last year?

    ~Admin: The Volturi took over the site last year. And the year before that it was all about the humans. But we’re done with Twilight characters now. It’s ALLLLLLL Kaleb!

  7. They made it the voluri lexicon, and the year before that it was forks lexicon (I’m not 100% positive on the forks lexicon)

  8. Haha I did not expect this at all! XD

  9. *Even though I was here when the Volturi took over.

  10. the banner is cute especially for the joke. ^_^

  11. Yay! I was looking forward to seeing what you guys would do this year! haha. Great to see Kaleb all over the place, haha. Glad no scary Volturi takeover this time (haha, just kidding, you KNOW that was epic…)

    Anyways, this had to have taken a lot of work! Great job!


    P.S. I’m planting my own Twilight-themed April Fools out there on the Internets! 😛 So be careful where you stray and what you listen to…It may be me tricking you! *rubs hands together and laughs maniacally*

  12. lol…this is great…i didnt even no that the Lex did this…hahah i just got pulled into the twilight mania around the time the movie was coming out so i just found the site around october…….but now i am hooked an check it everyday….like a million bigillion times!!!

    Happy April Fools Twilighters!!!!!

  13. This is extraordinarily stupid.

    He just capitalized on something he knew was going to be huge.

    The only people who know about him are the overly obsessed Twilight fans and people who visit this site.

  14. best april fools joke ever!

  15. Sitsu, is that some Kaleb hate I smell?? *eyebrow*

  16. i do like the color change though…maybe the Lex should keep it…..i come to this site sooooo much that my eyes start to hurt(and get bored….) looking at that purple all the time…

  17. Oh, god I feel like a loser, I totally forgot it was april fools day I got all pissed off in another comment, wow, I’m sorry (:P

    ~~~Admin: Ruby – you should hear the laughter going on over the phone over you and your OTHER comment! Hehehehehehe…

  18. wow, april fools day jokes already…. and it’s not even april fool’s day on the west coast.

  19. Phew, I’m glad this is just a joke. I don’t get the whole Kaleb draw, but whatever. I’ll be glad when the Lexicon is back to normal.

  20. XD I was so confused at first, hah!

    April Fools~

  21. i do like the color change though…maybe the Lex should keep it…..i come to this site sooooo much that my eyes start to hurt(and get bored….) looking at that purple all the time…

  22. why is my comment waitng moderation?????

  23. April fools!

  24. Haha go Kaleb! I liked the site last year tho 🙂 I really thought it was real!

  25. i do like the color change though…maybe the Lex should keep it

    i come to this site sooooooo much that my eyes hurt (and get bored…)looking at that purple all the time………

  26. Thanks for reminding me! I have this one kid who always puts a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer so that the water soaks me when I turn on the faucet and ALWAYS gets me first thing in the morning. Now I am going to get her first since for once I now remember it’s April fools.

    ~~~Admin: Glad to be of help. KalebCon aims to please!

  27. Hahahahahahaha way to go!!!!!! This was awesome!!!


  29. Hahaha that was great! I had no idea what was going on when I first loaded the site- then I remembered what the date was! I have to admit, I was relieved. Who could GET OVER their vampire and werewolf obsessions? haha

  30. ok…there we go….well no that i was freaking out that my comment wasnt being poted…it is now there 3 times….lol haha

  31. oh kaleb
    your so full of yourself

  32. How cute!! Gotta love Kaleb.

  33. Kaleb ROCKS!!!!! My two favorite sites now ONE!!!!! hahahahahhahaah

    at least for today…….love the color sceme btw

  34. Loooooooove the color of the background!!!

  35. This is so cool! Great Job!!


  37. Adrielle says

    Happy April’s Fool Day!
    Though it’s already noon time in S’pore…

  38. april’s fool!!!!!


  39. I’d just like to point out that its still March 31st on the West Coast. So April Fools doesn’t apply quite yet.

    ~~Admin: Yes, but the tech people live on the east coast and have an early morning tomorrow. Thus… we went on their time.

  40. Ah! A fabulous improvement of the site! I mean, Kaleb deserves more websites dedicated to him. I love it. But great joke! It’s a good feeling to go check on the Twilight news and *bam* Kaleb. Well, more like a “ZOMG KALEB NATION” feeling. Hey, I’m not called his fangirl for nothing.

    On a completely off-topic not, isn’t Jaden supposed to be doing videos for you guys? I know he made a video like last week, but unless I totally missed something I haven’t seen anything about it on here. Unless he meant some OTHER Twilight Lexicon.

    Anyways, NATION BOYS FTW!

  41. Ha ha ha! April Fools.

    I love Kaleb!

    And I love the different layout of the site. You guys should definitely continue with the makeover process – just without all the Kaleb-ness!

  42. allisonlovesedward says

    you got me.
    i actually started to get pissed!

  43. hahahah This is hilarious!!
    Go Kaleb!! 😀

  44. NuttyNetty says

    Ohmygosh i totally would have fallen for this if i didn’t check Kaleb’s site first xD
    and you should have read his twitter LMAO

  45. not funny lol don’t you guys know better than to mess with twilight fans when it comes to ANYTHING twilight related? we get very upset when we can’t get our fix haha

  46. Happy April Fool’s day, people.

  47. *bows down to Kaleb* Does that mean I have to change my religion from Cullenism to Kalebism?

  48. lil_voice1 says

    i love april fools day… it always cracks me up.

  49. sillygirl says

    Dang it, you got me AGAIN!! You’d think a girl would learn after what happened last year!! Nice one Lex…Happy April Fools day!

  50. Wow – good one
    I didn’t quite get it at first, then it made sense.

    Happy April Fools!

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