Twi-Guy Love YouTube Style

APRIL 1, 2009

Nothing says “I love you” quite like bursting into song in your very own YouTube video. Lyrics by Pel and Alphie, vocals by Alphie. Finally YouTube finished their site maintenance and we can post the slightly different You Tube version.


  1. Happy April Fools!!! =D

  2. LOL
    I love it even if it is possibly a joke!

  3. This is confusing if you don’t live in eastern time. It’s 10:20 and still Tuesday! Good job though. 😛

    ~~ Admin: Yes, but our two main tech gurus live on the East Coast and have to be at work early in the morning. So the Lex… er… KalebCon operates on EST.

  4. HAHA fantastic ^_^

  5. Genius!

    I completely missed the “April Fools” was completely confused :/
    Well played, Lexiconers!

  6. hahah i love the lyrics! great job!

  7. ringswraith says

    LOL! Love the lyrics, and Alphie- you can sing!

    And this is coming from a Twi-Guy. 🙂

  8. LMAO. this is bloody brilliant!

  9. i do like the color change though…maybe the Lex should keep it

    i come to this site sooooooo much that my eyes hurt (and get bored…)looking at that purple all the time………

  10. Ha ha. Good April Fool’s. I liked last years Volturi take over too.

  11. Bravo ladies Bravo! Alphie, your voice is fantastic and those lyrics are a riot. Especially about the imprintee!

    ~~Admin: Personally, my favorite bit is the picture of the drugs. Nothing like a shot of heroin to get your giggling.

  12. Oh man, I snorted out loud at the “imprintee” part. Totally unexpected. Great voice, too!

  13. HAHAHAHA!!! Love your vocals Alphie!!! This just made my morning!!!!

  14. Gothhic Goddess says

    This was so awesome! I love your voice! I love the ending, “there’s not a Cullen today”… Now that, Dearest Kaleb, is some true love. 😉

  15. Zomg. This is the best song EVER. Can you like put up some kind of link where we can download it? I need it for my iPod!

  16. Catherine says

    LOL i especially loved taylor’s numbered abs 😛

  17. NuttyNetty says



  18. I actually love that song! Great job! Can we get a downloadable version of it? 😀

  19. Hannah D says

    i agree. we need the twi-guy love mp3. hook us up!

  20. OMG, really catchy song! Soon, I may just burst out singing, even though I’m not a great fan of him.

  21. Bwahahaha, genius! Seriously, this is adorable… The singing is great, and the lyrics are fantastic!

    Happy April Fool’s! 😀

  22. Oh my God! lol I was completely taken aback at this, because I didn’t know what was going on! lol Of course, April Fool’s Day. The problem is that here in Spain we don’t have an April Fool’s. We have a Saint Innocent’s Day, which is the 28th December. So I was like, WTF???
    But oh my God, this was so friggin’ funny!

    damn! perfect song, love all the twilight things in it. hahaha. you made them fit all. hahaha
    love you Twi-guy
    still like the Lexicon best like before so, waiting eagerly for tomorrow!

  24. Rockin'It says

    HAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh, that was genius!!!! And Alphie, you have a beautiful voice!

  25. Alphie & Pel – THIS SONG IS GENIUS! I think it should be Kaleb’s official theme song from now on!!!!

  26. lmao!! i loved the song and the new pictures… i checked kaleb’s site as well, and i guess he’s reading dr. seuss now… great job guys. i’m going to be humming that song all day. 🙂

  27. You all crack me up!! Great job and Happy April Fools :D.

  28. somethingblue says

    My favorite line in the song has to be “I long to be his imprintee” because, really, don’t we all feel that way?

  29. Suzanne Miles says

    This was great!!! I loved it!! Great lyrics and singing!

  30. Happy April fools day!
    That is an amazing song. Absolute Genius. =]
    You really summed-up how much we all love the Twi-guy!

  31. That was fantastic! Loved the heroin part!

  32. Mandybabe says

    Seriously, that was GENIUS!
    Alphie, you have an amazing voice!
    you just need to give us a downloadable version of that.
    Great job!

  33. That song was hilarious! Great voice Alphie! Thanks for making this fun.

  34. Jenni/-Jasper says

    I can’t get it to play … I’ll try again later.

    Happy April Fool’s everyone though!

    Are the women in the lex banner mods?

    ~~Admin: The eyes you see behind those books from left to right are Be My Escape, Alphie, and Pel.

  35. InThe503 says

    Loved the vocals Alphie! Your awesome. At first, I was alittle confused…but after getting some sleep and coming back to the site…I got it! Happy April Fools everyone…

  36. Midnight_Melody says

    Fantastic! Very nice song;)
    Happy April Fools!

  37. That was very fun. You guys are great and I hope Kaleb loves it. Alphie, you are a lovely singer…more give us more!

  38. Amanda S. says

    I loved the lyrics and Alphie- great vocals!

  39. Wow guys! That’s really good. I love the lyrics! Alphie you have some nice singing chops!

    This was hilarious!

  40. OH WOW!!! Alphie, I must say you are a great singer! I LOVE KALEB!!!!!! haha, and how weird is this? In my book…that’s not a fanfiction… i have a guy named Kaleb. Yeah.

    I <3 Twi-Guys!!

  41. Seriously Funny. LOL

  42. Switzerland says

    that was spectacular 🙂

  43. BeckySue says


  44. This is the best video ever! I applaud you guys…congrats on finding a human that is better than Edward! 😉

  45. Ashleigh says

    Alphie I’m surprised you didn’t burst out laughing while doing that, I’m proud.

    Happy April Fools for yesterday!

  46. Thats awesome!
    The brand of heroin was so amusing 🙂

  47. shiny&sparkly says

    You Gals are awesome!! Alphie – your singing is better than Xanadu!!!