Kristen Stewart Goes Into More Detail With MTV

When asked about the whole male vs. female director controversy, this is what Kristen had to say:

I really don’t know. I’ve worked with a lot of male directors, and a lot of females โ€” every single one of them has been entirely different from each other…I can’t think of a direct effect of having a female or a male director. I could speak specifically about Catherine, Chris or [“Cake Eaters” director] Mary Stuart [Masterson]. I could speak about people that I know and that I’ve grown to care about โ€” but I don’t think it’s about them being a girl or a boy.

See the whole article here. The video below has some new info and then segs to older material.


  1. Rachel A. says

    I chose not to watch the interview but rather read it because KS is too frustrating to watch (stuttering, slow to find words…). I liked her answers for once though, and it seemed like she wasnt really sad to see Catherine go, which raises my opinion of KS just a little. Catherine, in my opinion, was possibly the worst thing that happend to the Twilight movie series. I am glad to be rid of her (some people may like her style, but it was totally inappropriate for this story). I get really annoyed with the whole male vs. female director thing, it is not about gender, it is about talent. I am excited to see how the vampires look now, in Twilight they did not really stand out much at all (aside from the special music and fan blowing on them when they walked in). So, after reading this interview, I have even more trust that NM will be a good movie.

  2. Does anyone else get unreasonably excited when she describes how beautiful and amazing the vampires are going to look for NM?

  3. yes jenjen i doo!! i cant wait to see how they turn out in NM!!<3

  4. Me too jenjen! Every little new info. or picture gets me so excited for this movie. It’s going to be awesome!

  5. I really love seeing the newer interviews with Kristen. She seems much more relaxed and positive. And I am SO excited for New Moon I can’t even to begin to describe it. (:
    ….and I just needed to bring up again… Adventureland poster, Adventureland co-star, stars promoting Adventureland, and questions about New Moon! haha once again these reporters just can’t help it. (:

  6. Cara B, I agree, KS has seemed more excited about it in the past few interviews. Perhaps she’s finally drinking the Kool Aid!

  7. @jenjen: LOL about the Kool Aid! haha yes I’m excited too when she said the vampires are going to look beautiful and amazing for NM (is it even possible make RP look any more beautiful?)

  8. @jenjen- Haha I agree she is indeed finally drinking the Kool Aid! (:
    …its about time, better late than never.

  9. “I get really annoyed with the whole male vs. female director thing, it is not about gender, it is about talent” Really? Then why are there so few female directors in Hollywood? I am finished paying to watch female movie characters who are unrelatable after being passed through the male brains of the writer, casting director, director, cameraman, editor, etc. The one dimensional result is generally schlocky.

  10. I have this great idea. Since we aren’t going to get enough of Rob in “New Moon” I think they should have him read Romeo and Juliet for a related project. They could just have him (and ONLY him) sitting, standing whatever in a beautiful English looking house and garden and reading the whole play in his English accent, sort of like an amazingly visual book on tape. Many of the Twilight fans will have Romeo and Juliet on their reading list from school anyway and how better to get the book down than with Rob. You could put it out in theaters but you could easily sell it on pay per view or run it for an hour a night on ABC or something. WOW think of the ads and audience that would bring in! I mean if it paid off I would produce hunks reading the entire high school reading list. Except that I don’t work in the field and I am over booked in my own field.

  11. I’ve said this time and time again, but its way too painful to listen to her talk. I don’t understand why she still stutters so much and has a hard time answering the questions. I agree with Rachel because I’d rather read an article about her interview then actually see it. Why does she always act like she’s new to interviews and cannot answer in a complete sentence without stopping and changing her words?! I mean I don’t like interviews myself, but I get through them without looking kind of foolish.

  12. OMG! it looks like New Moon it’s going to be 100 times better than Twilight. I hope so
    because to be sincere, I dind’t like the movie that much. But this is looking good ๐Ÿ˜€
    more beautifull vampires :O
    cliff diving scene. even in CGI ๐Ÿ™‚
    new werewolf pack ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m really excited !!!

  13. I especially appreciated the comment in which she says that she is very comfortable with Weitz and can talk to him about everything. That, alone, gives me hope that everyone is happier and more at ease on the set. I have had the impression, for a long time, that the cast wasn’t comfortable shooting Twilight w/Hardwicke and it reflected in the end product.

    I then appreciated her describing Weitz as organized.

    She’s giving us hope! I think Weitz is going to deliver – let’s hope she and Pattinson can reach a little further this time too!

  14. ILoveAliceCullen says

    Who’s the boy next to her?
    I don’t recognize him.

    And Adventureland has a lot of intervieuws with the Actors, don’t they?
    Can I watch that on MTV?

    Hope you will help. I want to see at least ONE intervieuw or something at the tv!

  15. Perhaps there are only a few successful female directors in Hollywood because there are only a few really talented female directors. Most female directors direct Indie movies…a genre which has seen some success, but it cannot be compared with epoch films. Obviously if your niche is indie films you do not draw in nearly as much money as say a film like Batman, or Harry Potter would. If female directors want more success and respect, they need to change the way they are playing the game.

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