Mae Meets Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

About a year ago, Lexiconer Mae traveled down to Oregon to visit the Twilight filming locations. Like a lot of fans who traveled to the set, she stood in outside the roped off area in the hopes that cast members might drop by. Well, she did get lucky and Rob dropped by making her day. You can see the coverage of that here and here.

So the thing is Mae actually lives in Vancouver, Canada. She and her friends were out last night and who should she meet? (Mae is the deliriously happy person in between Rob and Taylor.)

We’ve asked Mae to explain in her own words exactly what went down. Stay tuned for that later this week.


  1. Taylor’s looking taller because they gave him lifts for to wear in his shoes!

  2. hey i know thats right why cant they show up on my home town streets that just sux

  3. =o damn mad lucky to meet both rob and taylor on ur birthday!! wish they were around where i lived XD

  4. Why do people keep saying Oregon????? They are filming in Vancouver, BC CANADA

  5. Oh I wish I lived in the US.. Lucky people lol! The Twilight cast should come to Europe more, to smaller countries too.

  6. @Freakinloom-you’re so right! You know what I just noticed when I clinked on the links to Mae’s first encounter from her visit on the Twilight set? There was another video of Rob wearing that exact same plaid shirt over the the hoodie that he wears in the hospital scene w/ Bella. OMG! He’s never getting rid of that!!! He still looks good though…

  7. OH MAE, I can’t stop checking your picture out! I am such a jealous girl right now!!! Now that has got to be the most memorable birthday ever!

  8. Lynn – i thought i recognized that plaid shirt. He wears that often or does he just wear alot of black & white shirts? LOL I don’t care…I’m still obsessed hehehehe πŸ˜‰

  9. all twifans be sure to go to & vote for stephenie, as we would not have our sweet edward if not for her. she is up against stephen king & jk rowlings. gonna have to get a passport for b.c. this yr.! great pic & so lucky.

  10. jaynefrenzy says:

    i’m in that picture:)
    im the one on the far left!
    mae is my best friend πŸ™‚
    taylor laughed at me when i couldnt workt eh camera!

  11. Hey Mae,
    The funny thing is that my girlfriend and I were there in Vancouver that same evening. At the Art Museum at 7:30PM on Robenson St.. My friend was crossing the street with Taylor & Robert. She talked briefly to them and Taylor even spoke back to her. She said Rob just grinned at her. They then continued on down the street and I of course was running behind her at our hotel, the Fairmont and missed them. When she told me who she had just met I wanted to kick myself for forgetting my coat up in our room. I also wanted to kick her for not snapping a photo with them. Oh well atleast we now know for sure that Taylor is returning as Jacob in “New Moon”. Thanks for the posting.

  12. I live like 30 minutes from downtown but will be staying downtown this weekend at a hotel for a conference and hope that I can wander the streets aimlessly in search of the boys πŸ™‚

    Yes, I am old, 28 LOL

    I figure Robson and Granville Street are best due to shops and *ahem* clubs πŸ˜‰

  13. hush_hush says:

    Yeah like i totally work 2 minutes down robson and granville. I’m so gonna get my camera ready for them! bwahahahah. Even the hotel he’s staying is just in front of my workplace! hwahahah

  14. T_in_Van says:

    ACK! I live in Vancouver!

    PLEASE someone tell me where to go to spot them!

  15. I met taylor in vancouver while i was shopping!
    we actually talked, for like 10 minutes and he complimented me on my smile πŸ™‚ im pretty sure he was flirting with me!
    its very interesting how i met him.

  16. Carolyn says:

    It’ll be my wildest dream to meet Rob, am way too far away from Vancouver. He’s simply breathtaking. Can’t wait for New Moon. I’m still in ‘Twilight’. Mae you’re one lucky gal, love the pix & thx for sharing. HE’S TOTALLY GORGEOUS…….


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