Brenna Lee Roth In New Moon Cast

It’s all very hush, hush, but daughter of former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth has nabbed a part in New Moon. The question of the hour is which one? The article confirms what we have been suspecting that signed on stars have signed a NDA (non disclosure agreement) Let the speculation begin.ย  Anyone else thinking Gianna?

FYI: The link takes you to an article that has a picture that is a bit revealing.

Edited: Looking a lot more like we got punked on this one.ย  Especially nice touch when the original sending source had a really legit looking photo of the script. Nice touch. Sometimes you just get had, this is one of those times. Better to admit to it, pobody’s nerfect ๐Ÿ™


  1. sillygirl says:

    Just one question. How could she have filmed with Rob when he has been in England, than LA for the Oscars, and now most recently Tokyo? Very interesting, maybe he really is a vampire, with super human speed. Until summit stops dragging their feet and gives us the cast list, I’m gonna say bogus on everything else.

  2. taterbuggy says:

    It’s ok lex I forgive you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. sillygirl says:

    P.S. People at Lex, we all still love you guys, it’s really not your fault!

  4. Paula Graciano says:

    just to come in chorus with the guys right above: people at lex, it’s not your fault at all. and, yes, you’re still (and wiil always be) the bst twi-site ever!

  5. actually on IMDB it states NM has started filming.

  6. tchatcha says:


  7. Scribble says:

    haha i was just looking at the interview and they took out EVERYTHING she said about New Moon. They obviously knew that everyone knew it was all lies.

  8. Lexi is there any way off you being able to get in contact with summit to either confirm or deny it??

  9. ha well what do you know they have edited the whole interview-Interesting!

  10. WTF was THAT all about? If he was punked he could have at least admitted it! Here he was being rude to anyone questioning it… At least I got to call him a dork B4 he took my message off!

    Comments are now closed and he changed the ‘interview.’ What a loser! And the chick is too. Rumor has it she had a ‘copy’ of the script at the Vancouver Zoo in a picture.

    Me thinks she was just trying to get herself a role.

  11. Newmoonlover says:
  12. BCullen24 says:

    Haha weird. I thought the interview was a little sketchy. Anywho, I still like you peeps at the Lexicon ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Yeah, I can ask him for more information on this matter.

    To add to Scribble’s post, they also deleted all the comments made about the New Moon bs as well as shut off commenting completely. fishy much?

  14. CindyBlack says:

    thats hilarious lol they took everything off. ahahaa. Poor girl, she looks stupid now.

  15. Personally, I think this is fake because if you read their message boards..the comments underneath the article..they are talking about how they forgot to add this part and this part in to it…and it’s clearly things they made up themselves. So I think this is a self written fake article. says that she has been filming. The filming doesnt even take place until the 23rd and rehearsals begin like this week so it’s definately fake. One more thing, nobody but the cast has seen the script so idk how the person who sent it could have had one..

  16. Newmoonlover! Cool! Now latecomers can see what this was about!

    ANYHOW! I got a reply from the jerk in my MAILBOX! The nerve! I did not read it yet… I guess he resented me calling him a punked dork!

    I wonder if he’s going to ream me out. Debating whether I should just delete it…

  17. Pinky, IMDB’s information isn’t always correct. They say it themselves to let people know. So for them to say filming has begun, it probably isn’t true. They are doing rehearsals in Vancouver now I think if not in a couple days. Rob, Kristen and Taylor just got back from Tokyo the other day and will be shipping out to Vancouver soon for rehearsals and prepping. The filming date is still the 21st though.

  18. IMO these people created this article and picked the most unlikely candidate, Brenna Lee Roth. It says that she just told the director that she’s funny and she smells good and she got the part that easy. Well as we all already know, Chris Weitz is a hard man to please so I doubt that happened. I think these people just created this just to start another rumor to stir the fans up like so many other b/s websites do.

  19. Atleast everything has being cleared up before I could say anything.Thanks Lexicon!

  20. i love you all at the lexicon ๐Ÿ™‚ never ashamed to admit when you make a mistake (even though i swear you hardly ever do, or atleast for however long i’ve been on here) buttt THANKS!

  21. Okay I caved and read it.

    Says he: “No need for calling names. There is a good reason why we pulled part of the interview and I can’t go into it right now. But you will all know soon enough.”

    Yeah. Sure. I w/b saying maybe because part of it is a big fat lie???

  22. If what the original blog said is true, and there was some filming in Louisiana, then the only conclusion I can come up with would be that they might have been filming a small scene from Eclipse when Jasper talks about his past with a coven from the Houston/Dallas area and most of the south… Remember? I think the vampire was named Mary that Jasper was partners with? Right?


  23. I think its bull because honestly, what movies has this Brenna Roth person been in recently? None that I’ve seen so what would make her so special?

  24. But then again… they said NEW MOON, not Eclipse so… I don’t know… I guess we will all find out sooner or later.

  25. Filming is not and has not been taking place.
    Kristen Stewart even confirmed that the rumor that New Moon is already filming is false. She told MoviesOnline in an interview this week that it would be the 23rd.

    Q: Well allow me to take you in the proper context. When do you start shooting the next installment of the Twilight saga, New Moon?

    KRISTEN STEWART: “Very soon. In a couple weeks. March 23rd I think is the first official day of shooting.”

  26. Ok just read that article Alissa, thanks! =) Yeah I’m gonna take this rumor as false and just wait and see when/if Summit ever releases the full cast list, lol.

  27. Hey, on her IMBD page it does NOT list New Moon and it shows through 2010.

  28. She’s a bad girl!

  29. ashley_119882004 says:

    I live around Baton Rouge too & havent heard anything about any filming. So Im not going to believe it until or if they release the cast list.

  30. Guys, this guy wrote me back again and rudely HINTS that we are ‘in for a surprise.’

    I will be pissed if this chick is in it now.

  31. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    i don’t really care about her… Ijust want to know HAVE THEY STARTED FILIMG YET???

  32. IF this is true (ha!) than the Twilighters totally had the wool sack pulled over our heads. If not…I call BS.

  33. THIS IS THE 3rd EMAIL:

    Says he: “I wish I could tell you but I can’t. Not yet anyway. I had to back off the story in order for something else to happen.
    Will let everyone know when I can.”

    W H A T is going on?!?

    How can we find out?

  34. Okay… nevermind.

  35. this looks like the producers trying to start rumors to get the fans wound up. This for sure gets every one talking. Although she has been in like 10 other horror movies. And she is in “the road” that comes out soon. So maybe?

    Is this “robbie” story right? did she really do that?

  36. william says:

    IDK guys. If you look at IMDB, go to Brenna’s page, she worked on a film called “In Northwood” with producer Mark Morgan..this was last year. Shot in PA some place. Now Mark Morgan is the MAIN PRODUCER ON NEW MOON?! i AM SAYING THAT THIS STORY IS REAL. I mean, i think this girl is in it, but it’s just a minor roll.

    I for one think she is hot, but that’s just me. I think it would be great to see her kick ass in a film.

  37. you all are lame. so what if she is or isn’t in the film. has anyone tried to talk to her on myspace? just go ask her if she’s in it or not?!

  38. It is not so much if she’s in it or not, but the guy is trying to say they already filmed.

    I do not belong to MySpace so I can’t ask her.

    Be my guest!

  39. its sooooooooooooooooo fan-ta-a-stik!!!!!!! bring us some more

  40. First of all, Brenna is NOT the daughter of David Lee Roth. I have proof of this. I have photos that she sent me a couple years apart for a casting call. One is of her and one is the same photo with David Lee Roth photoshopped in. Guess she didn’t realize she sent me both. Also I have an article from a Cleveland paper where David says he has no idea who she is. So PLEASE stop reporting this. Also, her resume is completely fabricated Go look at her IMDb resume, notice all the “uncredited” roles? As in, she was never in it and she added herself to the cast. You can do this all you want, IMDb rarely removes you. She is a fraud and needs to be exposed.


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