Catherine Hardwicke to Work With Summit Again

No, the title isn’t a typo. Yes, we had to read the email from EW twice to believe what we were reading. According to Entertainment Weekly,

“Summit Entertainment is trying to make lightning strike twice. The studio behind the Twilight movie series has plans to adapt a buzzy young-adult novel called If I Stay with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke at the helm…”

Pel’s reaction, “Wow, anything’s possible. The next thing you know I’ll get my wish and Colin Firth will be Aro.”


  1. COLIN FIRTH! Pel, you are too funny.

  2. amoremorte616 says

    thats great. imo wut would b better? CATHERINE DIRECTING ECLIPSE. but thats me…..

  3. Wow, Catherine Hardwicke maybe working with Summit again [although I though maybe it would’ve been for Eclipse…]?

    But what I can’t believe is that Summit just swooped in and wants to turn If I Stay into a movie when it didn’t even come out yet. I’ve only heard of the book last month, but it sounded like an alright book [although I’m not confident that Summit will do a good job on the movie version of it in my opinion].

  4. hmmm…I am not sure Summit thought this one through.

  5. Thats interesting that Catherine is going to work with them again after how they treated her. I’ll have to pick up the book to see how it is because I’ve never heard of it before.

  6. Mr. Darcy as Aro?? I *love* it, Pel!!

  7. I can’t believe it…after all the drama they just went through.

  8. Haha, I never thought of it but Colin Firth could definitely be Aro!!

  9. lmaooo @ colin firth
    ohh dear, i’m surprised she’d care to even work with summit…unless if that’s who she usually worked with before twilight…hmm…

  10. Sakura-Miaka says

    We’ll see how Catherine handles this after what happened with New Moon…

  11. Well Catherine is the one who cast the Twilight saga. She has an eye for seeing the world (especially men) through female eyes and it obviously is something female movie goers want to enjoy. With Catherine having already picked the cast and set the characters Chris is less likely to screw up. Having her set up the next series is most likely a good choice.

  12. Colin Firth as Aro. woah that would be difficult for me to watch, stare at Colin or Rob? um..ahh! lol as for Catherine, I thought she was already locked into another project, not dumbed by Summit re New Moon.. so she should in theory have no hard feelings?

  13. I’ll check my typos next time.. I did mean dumped.. lol

  14. stealth pooch says

    Wow Colin Firth!! yes please!

    Why hadn’t I considered it before?!?

  15. Colin Firth as Aro is GENIUS!! Enough with all the talk of casting children in every role!! (Ben Barnes – good thought but no thanks, AnnaLynne McCord – BLECH squared! *dies from vomiting*)
    I’m thinking Derek Jacobi or Malcolm McDonald as Caius and Dougray Scott as Marcus.

    Oh and good luck to Catherine!

  16. Colin Firth as Aro would be AMAZING!

  17. Interesting.
    I never thought of Colin Firth as Aro but i LOVE him so i would be happy with that.
    My ideas for Aro were Ralph Fiennes,Gary Oldeman or even Crispin Glover! Put these these guys all in the same room together and DANG I would be SCARED!

  18. Oh Pel, you never cease to make us squeal with joy! Colin Firth for Aro ’09! Let’s get his campaign up and running! 😀

  19. Not suprised. Prior to directing Twilight, Summit gave Catherine a 5 picture deal. Twilight was just one of the ones she chose.

  20. I love Catherine’s enthusiasm, however…Twilight wasn’t all I really hoped for. I mean, yea, nothing can beat the book but, idk, i don’t like how she made Twilight. I hope Chris will do better. But as a person, Catherine seems great!

  21. I don’t believe there were ‘hard feelings’ between Catherine and Summit. In Catherine’s interview, she said she just wasn’t comfortable with the tight budget and steep deadlines Summit proposed for New Moon. I admire that she felt she couldn’t do her best work with those circumstances so she declined. Perhaps Chris likes such a challenge, can work under extreme stress, and feels he can do a great job with what he has to work with. Catherine is a great director so I’m sure she’ll be excellent with “If I Stay.” I haven’t read the book but I’d be willing to, knowing it’s being made into a movie.

  22. I dont like catherine hardwicke very much…

  23. ashley_119882004 says

    Haha Pel thats funny.

  24. Mr. Darcy + vampire = a combination I wouldn’t mind seeing at all.

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