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This week’s Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive first look at Catherine Hardwicke’s upcoming book about the making of Twilight. She had been negotiating a way to direct the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s monster-selling sequel New Moon, and the talks had reached the breaking point.  Summit Entertainment offered her a queenly sum to resume her place at the helm – “more money than I or anyone in my family has ever seen,” says Hardwicke – but told her she’d be working with a tight deadline and a modest budget.  Regretfully, she told the executives they needed to find themselves a new director. “I was devastated,” she says.  “I really did feel a strong connection to the people around the world that liked the movie – and to Stephenie and the actors.  But I just didn’t think I could make a good movie under those circumstances.”

Hardwicke first began discussing Twilight: Director’s Notebook with Meyer’s publisher last summer, and then Twilight went on to gross over $350 million worldwide (so far).  “When the movie made enough money, they thought it was worth it,” says Hardwicke.  “They said, ‘Now you have three and a half weeks to do it!’  And I was like, Okay, I’m just going to keep writing until they rip this out of my hands!”

Fans continue to whip themselves into a frenzy online in anticipation of New Moon, which is already deep into pre-production under new director Chris Weitz.  (Hardwicke notes the irony that her replacement is enjoying a better deal than she’d been promised.  “I know the budget they were talking about with me – they’ve already gone way beyond that,” she said.)  But she’s done nursing her broken heart.  “I’m optimistic that it’s going to be great, and I’m sad that it didn’t work out for me to do it,” she said.  “But I’ll do something else cool.”

Hardwicke’s publisher allows EW.com to post two pages online here:  www.ew.com/twilightdiary

To see the rest, you’ll have to pick up a copy of the Feb. 20 issue of EW, available here: www.ew.com/twilight2009


  1. Originally I wasn’t planning on getting this, but the more I see of it & read of it, it actually looks SUPER cool! It’s rad that Catherine did this!

  2. The director’s book that is…. 🙂

  3. Its still sad to me that Catharine isnt directing the next one since she was so passionate about it, but at the same time im excited to see what Chris Weitz will bring. Im glad to hear Summit finally realized that the budget needed to be much bigger..and im really excited about the director notebook.

  4. Whoa, for a second I was scared that she was going to direct NM! So glad she is out of the picture (her style is definately the opposite of mine!).

  5. p.s. The cover picture is…not good.

  6. Eww! I love Robert, but he seriously needs to shave. He looks like a hobo.

  7. hahah I don’t care if the photos are not that great. I’m still buying this issue 😀

  8. I think he looks hot. A little scruff doesn’t always have to be associated with hobo. Please.

  9. Give me a break! A hobo? Just because he has a little scruff? He looks freakin HOT!!!

  10. Robert can look anyway and still be HOT!!!

  11. Ordered my copy online!

  12. Yes I will be getting this EW issue. But yeah, I think Rob needs to shave!!! I hate mustaches and beards… GROSS!!
    EW always manages to find bad cover pictures (well except for the 3 issues of RP, KS & both on the cover).

  13. this might soud harsh, but i am glad that they fired her. she didn’t capture the book like i hope she would. i hope with chris weitz that new moon will be a lot better then twilight.

  14. Good news about the budget. Maybe they can afford better special effects and better stylists!

  15. Ahhhh…Rob is hot no matter what, he could roll in poop and I would still want him! LOL 🙂

  16. They should have gotten rid of the screenwriter, Melissa Rosenburg. She’s the one who came up with that campy script. She didn’t even bother to read all of the books before she wrote the script. Now that’s dedication to your craft!

  17. Edwardbitespillow says:

    mmm…rob is hot no matter how he looks HOT!!!

  18. She was cool, I can’t really compare or expect anything since I haven’t seen anything by her( ‘cept twilight) or Weitz.
    I hope they capture the book better, I love Jacob and I want as many of those shirtless scenes a possible.
    BTW, Rob needs to shave, I cant STAND mustaches and beards only have a minimum tolerance level for… I can’t see him as sexy when he isn’t acting, UGH

  19. This is random I know, but I need some down-loadable or E-card Twilight valentines cards for my girlfriends. You know something like Edwards face with the message “wishing you a room full of feathers and broken headboards”. etc. Come on Lexicon help us out!

  20. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    And this is why I loathe Summitt

  21. Twifanatic Amanda-why exactly?

  22. lillie pattinson says:

    I have a group on Facebook entitled “Twilighters’ Petition Against Disney Stars in the Twilight Series Films”. Please join!!!!

  23. @Laura

    LOL I was laughing so hard when I read your comment! I think I’d take him too! 🙂

  24. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Robert looks like he’s about to turn into a warewolf in that picture. And kristen looks like she was at war the termanator.

  25. Miss Switz says:

    OH yes he could most DEFINATELY wear poop aaround and he would still like… I don’t knowwww… Excellent point Laura 🙂

  26. Miss Switz says:

    Hot. One word. Just kidding that was three. Now its eight….

  27. That sucks that they told her they’d pay her a certain amount of money and then gave the new director waaaaay more money instead. Pft.

  28. Guys,

    Twilight is nominated for best movie of the year at the NME awards.

    Please go to http://www.NME.com
    Go & Vote

  29. I think both Rob and Kristen look great!!

  30. Why for an article about Catherine do they need to put Rob and Kristen on the cover? How purposely misleading EW is. They must be desperate for sales.

    Twilight was a decent movie. It could have been better. There have been many Indie/small budget movies that turned out great and that’s mainly because of a good director and screenplay. There were things Catherine did that had me going WTF! Like that corny ass vampire montage – that was supposed to be Bella’s dream about Edward?! Come on, it looked like a parody of an old school vampire movie. My biggest issue was why she didn’t have Jacob tell Bella the Native American myths about the vampires. How many extra lines would that have been for Taylor. Except she has her go to a Native American shop, and buy a book instead. REALLY CATHERINE?!! Are these kids getting paid per line or per screen time or something. Is that why she didn’t have the person playing Mike be the one to almost hit Bella with the truck? Why did she have some random person do it instead? It was the small things that got to me.

    And I still feel, if they got rid of Catherine they should have gotten rid of Melissa as well.

  31. vicky hicks says:

    i love this saga so much that i fell in love before the names had faces. I know that stephanie feels that twilight is finished but i’m not satisfied.im addicted like a newborn vampire is addicted to blood. I cried at the end of Breaking Dawn because it felt like the end of the book was the same as seperating from a great love.

  32. Thats so lame that they offered Catherine a good sum, but then when she turns it down they go and offer a guy director a huge amount more. Obviously the head of Summit is a man because he goes and offers a male director more than a female. If it were a female head of Summit then she would have offered the same amount of money and not more to Weitz. Plus Chris Weitz doesn’t even have much experience directing himself anyways..talk about disciminating against women!

    Also to Melisa, Tyler was the one who almost hit Bella with the truck in the books so why would Mike do it in the movie? You’re probably confusing Mike with Tyler. The movie had it right. As for the Native American bit, they’re going to be almost dedicating the second book to Jacob and the others on the reservation so I don’t think it’ll be too much of a problem. Catherine wanted to focus more on Bella and Edward which was why she didn’t go into any of the other characters’ pasts. Every director has a different vision as to how to translate a book to screen. It’ll definately be interesting to see how different the first and second movie become. I think with such a short time limit to film New Moon, it’ll probably feel more rushed. Hopefully the new director works well under pressure because they have to have the movie completed by November of this year.

  33. vicky hicks says:

    mike didnt hit her with a truck. It was tyler who was semi random .the book could never be shown justice in a movie there isnt time for the intricate way everything was written…felt…thought

  34. Sorry about confusing Mike and Tyler, I don’t think they ever said that character’s name out loud in the movie. I know that most movies that are adaptations of books don’t do the book justice, but it would have been only about an extra two minutes of screen time for Taylor. Especially since the myth he told her made a call back in New Moon.

    By the way Summit offered Catherine Hardwicke a huge amount a money as her personal paycheck. The small amount of money she’s referring to is the budget for the movie, and of course there going to give Chris Weistz a bigger budget, they needed a director ASAP.

    @ Sara
    Business is business, whether it’s a man or a women at the helm.


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