Twilight Riddle

Want to have some fun, maybe win a prize, and prove a college professor wrong? Here’s the email we originally received from Lexiconer Julika:

I‘m writing to ask you if it was possible that the Lexicon provided some help with one of my courses. I study Anglophone Literature in Germany and one of my courses asks for a web project in literature. I proposed some sort of riddle/quiz/treasure hunt based on the Twilight saga and anything surrounding it and my lecturer was quite taken by the idea, especially because it’s so current.

We’re usually up for helping out most student projects if we have the time, so we asked for more details and here’s what Julika said:

It took some time, but I finished my project. University obstacles were met and dodged and the riddle can finally get going. Since I will have a small contest in which I’ll give away five t-shirts from WeBook Apparel (, I thought I’d let you know in advance that I will upload and start Twilight Riddle tomorrow around 11 am CET(5:00am EST). The address is At the moment it’s still the “Under Construction” page but that will change come tomorrow… My lecturer has the odd opinion that there won’t be enough people interested. I hope Twilighters can show him.


  1. AHH i’m in my university bio class and i cant figure out how to get past the first page!!! help! i have a test on friday nad i really should be paying attention… bad idea to bring my laptop today ha


    Thanks, smalltowngirl. You didn’t say too much, just enough!!! TY TY TY!

  3. what’s number 24?!?!?

  4. OMG, I’m stuck on 8! Can someone please give me a hint?

  5. lirael cullen says:

    i feel like a loser, i’m stuck on #8.. which book is that question anyways??? the one that names the occupation of edward’s biological father?????

  6. Still stuck on the rules/instruction page. People said that it was a question but I don’t see anything.

  7. @lirael cullen: it’s in new moon, but I’m at school right now and I don’t have the book with me. I’m stuck there too.

  8. @Jo:

    from what i’ve seen so far, it’s been pretty easy and all of my books are upstairs :). it’s just very cryptic. don’t think too much about it. The answer will be obvious once you get it.

  9. lirael cullen says:

    ah bethany, the high lighted letitbegin at the end.. take that and place it in url… erase level1 and replace it with letitbegin so that it now says letitbegin.html…..

    i need help on #8

  10. lirael: I found the answer on a website… =)
    bethany: letitbegin is the word you start with

    can someone give me a hint to 23 please?

  11. @Bianca: what website? I tried to google it, but I couldn’t find it.

  12. thanks! now i love this game right now!

  13. lirael cullen says:

    thank you bianca, thank you nikki 😀

    found the answer 😀

  14. you replace the word after the / and before .html with letitbegin to go to the first page

  15. Nikki:
    I don’t think we are allowed to tell… =(
    it’s a site we all like…. and it helped me more than once…

  16. and i need a hint for 24!!!

  17. lirael cullen says:

    Nikki… ah hint hint… go to character bios…..:D

  18. I don’t speak american highschools!!

  19. Has any one gotten to 34 yet?! I need help!!!

  20. Vu:
    It’s the occasion + the thing

  21. Imagine

    You and I are at the same spot. I am staring at that passage in the book, but obviously I am not thinking of this from the right direction….
    I will keep trying, this is too much fun to stop now!

  22. I’ll give it a go 🙂

  23. i just don’t get 3.. i tried everyhing… please help me

  24. wow…. Im stuck on 3…. thats sooo said. I feel like its staring me in the face but I’m just not writing the right word down….

  25. Finally! thank you! the thing is I had already typped it! but thank you very much! 🙂

  26. sad* sorry 🙂

  27. YAY Vu!! Congrats. I was stuck on that one for awhile as well. Now, it is me vs 24….Oh you devil, 24!

  28. i tried like 20 different words.. and i just don’t get 3… AAAAAH..
    please help

  29. melika0904 says:

    I’m SO STUCK on 18…..anyone want to shoot me hints?

  30. please give me a hint on 3… please…

  31. 24 IS the devil. It’s driving me nuts!

  32. 3 is the thing with the fiancee… please help me

  33. what is Q24? I know the answer.

  34. Look at the top of the page for number 24. That gives you a BIG hint. I’m stuck on 55. I just don’t understand what it’s asking.

  35. Ha! Thank you R426!
    Saskia… think general. What does Bella think of Edward as? He’s much more than her boyfriend, he is her…

  36. lirael cullen says:

    i’m stuck on 18. all i can figure is that it includes alice and reading the other comments they say occassion, well their are tons of occassions?? Just can’t think today,…:(

    and Saskia.. what bella is saying that hearing the word fiancee doesn’t feel very.. connected. The love she has for Edward is absolute and never ending… that their more of……….

  37. vampiress015 says:

    For everyone whos stuck on number 34 the answer is in the chapter the tab mentions…hope it helps

  38. maybe i just don’t know the word.. i am german.. is it an easy word… i really tried everything…

  39. Anyone have a hint for 48?

  40. i still dont get it… tell me the letter with which the word starts^^ i can’t think of another word.. i tried everything…

  41. simplythebest says:

    Arghhhh!!! i know the answer to number 18, i just don’t know what fits, i’ve tried everything, every synonym uder the sun. Can someone help me. Thanks

  42. i am now completely stuck at number 18. any hints??

  43. please.. someone help me with three… i am getting frustrated…

  44. I suggest you write the question not just question the number so people can help out. I’d help anyone, but I’m not that far along and I don’t remember the question number.
    Here’s my question: #14.
    Weekly MTV institution prior to the movie coming out?
    I have no idea since I wasn’t a fan before and know nothing about MTV. Can someone help me?

  45. stuck on 21 anyone any hint?

  46. mtv did a focus on twilight the same day of each week.

  47. I’m stuck at 67. =/

  48. @dgrlmp it has something to do with a day of the week… with the name of the book 😛

    my question is: Edward prefers fiancée, Bella would rather say … , but others might not understand.

    please… i really tried everything.. i think i might just not know the word since i am german…

  49. saskia, its something that some people believe everyone has but they may not find them.

  50. I’m stuck on 55. It doesn’t really have a question but a picture of a random bedroom. The title of the page is “hiding in plain sight” and it has this below the picture:

    “I know that it’s just a random bedroom. So what? As long as you get the idea, that is.”

    Ha so I obviously don’t get the idea. Any hints would be GREAT!

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