Dakota Fanning In Her Own Words

Access Hollywod has a quote from Dakota:

“I don’t think they’ll have to put a lot of makeup on me,” she joked. “I’m pretty white already.”

A couple of months back, MTV asked Dakota Fanning what she thought about the Twilight craze.




Dakota had experienced a bit of the Twilight craze first hand because she was at Comic Con in July 2008 in connection with her upcoming film Push. She actually had to be escorted in past the screaming Twilight fans because a major traffic snarl had her late for her scheduled appearance. The fans definitely made an impression.



Entertainment Tonight actually talked directly to Dakota in an exclusive:


"Dakota tells ET that although contracts haven’t been signed, she does hope to join the cast of ‘New Moon.’ She tells us she’s a big fan of the movie ‘Twilight’ and would really like to play a vampire, namely the sadistic bloodsucker Jane."


IESB has also spoken with Dakota who is confirming that she is in talks for New Moon.


Granted, it doesn’t seem like the ink is dry on the contracts, but in general stars don’t talk about an upcoming project unless they are really interested in doing it, and it’s almost a done deal. It’s considered bad form otherwise.


  1. Twilight LB says:

    I don’t care for Dakota as Jane… I think they could do better… But it may be interesting to see if she could pull it off. I thought that Kristin Kreuk or Lucy Hale are better picks. I hope they get Johnny Depp involved or mabey Hugh Jackman:D!!

  2. Twilight LB says:

    I thought of some other good options for Jane… Jodelle Ferland( my fave!) and Niamh Wilson

  3. vampiregirl says:

    i dont think dakota should play jane…
    i just cant see her fitting the role propely..
    this is the actual quote from new moon:
    “At first i thought it was a young boy.The newcomer was as tiny as Alice,with lank pale brown hair trimmed short.The body under the cload-which was darker,almost black–was slim and androgynous.But the face was too pretty for a boy.The wide-eyed,full lipped face would make a Botticelli angel look like a gargoyle.Even allowing for the dull crimson irises”.
    So if Jane is met to be dark in colour..how can dakota possibly play the role..
    I just cant imagine dakota playing the role. I dont think she would do a good job.They should get someone else

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