Dakota Fanning In Her Own Words

Access Hollywod has a quote from Dakota:

“I don’t think they’ll have to put a lot of makeup on me,” she joked. “I’m pretty white already.”

A couple of months back, MTV asked Dakota Fanning what she thought about the Twilight craze.




Dakota had experienced a bit of the Twilight craze first hand because she was at Comic Con in July 2008 in connection with her upcoming film Push. She actually had to be escorted in past the screaming Twilight fans because a major traffic snarl had her late for her scheduled appearance. The fans definitely made an impression.



Entertainment Tonight actually talked directly to Dakota in an exclusive:


"Dakota tells ET that although contracts haven’t been signed, she does hope to join the cast of ‘New Moon.’ She tells us she’s a big fan of the movie ‘Twilight’ and would really like to play a vampire, namely the sadistic bloodsucker Jane."


IESB has also spoken with Dakota who is confirming that she is in talks for New Moon.


Granted, it doesn’t seem like the ink is dry on the contracts, but in general stars don’t talk about an upcoming project unless they are really interested in doing it, and it’s almost a done deal. It’s considered bad form otherwise.


  1. All I have to say is just remember all of the fits that everyone threw a year ago with the casting of just about all of the characters in Twilight? The complaining was sky high! And now…I’d say the majority of us are all totall supporters of all of those actors. So lets just put our faith into those involved with the movie making/casting process and trust that they get it right. They did before and I’m sure they’ll do it again!

  2. okay people
    dakota fanning is a good actress
    and besides all she has to do is walk around with a apathetic expression on her face and smile creepily a couple of times
    she has like maybe ten lines
    and they can die her hair and make her look the right age

  3. I actually prefer her younger sister, Elle.
    Dakota’s a good actor and all, but she’s too tall to be jane.

  4. Amber Pederson says:

    On IMDB it says Dakota’s 5’2″. That’s SHORT. Neither Nikki nor Ashley were the right height to play the parts, but they worked it out. Still, I agree. I’d prefer her sister. Buuuuut! I think Dakota would do a good job.

  5. i agree on the ‘get a new bella’ thing.

    i love kristen stewart.
    but unless she can be something other than awkward and stuttery, i want a new bella.

    but alas, they won’t give us one.

    but leave dakota alone.
    she can totally be jane.

  6. hhmmm…I wonder how much they will pay her…and how that’s going to affect Summit’s budget…if at all. Remember Summit, leave some money for the werewolves!!!

  7. Alu Rathbone says:

    Annasophia Rob looks so much like Dakota that the first time i saw the preview for BTT I thought that was Dakota…

    I personally think Dakota would be good for the role… She is a very talented actress…

  8. I can honestly say I HATE that they’re casting her as Jane…I don’t think Dakota can pull off being as sadistic as Jane needs to be. As far as I know she’s never played a role where she has had to be sadistic and mean. She’s mainly played “fluff” roles, and even when she does stray away from these type of roles she doesn’t play someone who’s sadistic. I think there are a lot better actresses that could play the role of Jane.

  9. OH BROTHER,I think i am going to vomit.

    Why would it have been so difficult to just find someone who has dark hair instead of having to dye it. I Dakota is so overated.She hasnt even been interested enought too READ THE BOOKS. well get started.
    whats next? Megan Fox as Leah? i could just imagine.i will shoot myself.

    even though Dakota wouldnt have been my first,second or even last choice, i have to comment on how people are saying she looks to innocent and sweet. I on the other hand think that is the only thing that is neat about it. I can see her having the sweet innocent but also devilish little smirk and thats actually how i pictured Jane..so at least she has that.

  10. I actually think the girl from briidge to terabithia would have been better.it they are gona get a blonde and have to dye her hair. i would have chosen her. i think her name is Sophia. i think her facial features are more interesting.

    Um..and this is about Dakota on this comment page,NOT KRISTEN so give it up on getting a new Bella already.

    Do you guys HONESTLY think ROB would even consider doing the movie with ANYONE ELSE other than Kristen? SHE is the reason why he made up his mind for the role in the first place,and personally i dont think ROB would have even been chosen for Edward if not for KRISTEN,SHE saw his potential and KNEW he was Edward before we all did and told Catherine that she couldnt do the movie with anyone else. so THANK YOU KRISTEN!
    and about Kristen suppossedly showing no emotion,I guess you guys have forgotten that througout the series she HID her emotions from Edward ALL THE TIME, ALWAYS putting on a straight face when ANY TIME he wouldd tell her a little more about himself or his family like when they were at the restaurant AND on the drive home and also when he was telling her stuff in the cafeteria and ALSO the meadow. I remember reading how she would make sure to keep her face expressionless so he would want to tell her more and NOT think she was frightend. I guess for some reason you guys dont understand that.and lets most of all NOT FORGET how during her transformation into a vampire when she was in the most pain you can imagine,THE WHOLE TIME during it..all she was thinking about was not moving the slightest bit or saying a word cause she KNEW if she did she would lose control and she did it ALL because she HID her emotions from Edward and didnt want him to worry and know what she was really going through. THIS is the reason why her power was to PROTECT others around her.COuld it be spelled out anymore than it alredy is that BELLA really did HIDE her emotions form Edward int the sereis most of the time? SO for me Kristen was perfect and i hope you guys will see her differently when she blows you away for N.M AND Eclipse. if not..sucks for you.
    oh..one more reminder when she HID her emotions from Edward VERY<VERY well. Do we already forget hw well she id it when Edward was telling her he was leaving her? Yea,thats what i thought.

  12. Miss Switz says:

    Wait so is she really going to do it?

  13. I am still so undecided about how I feel about this.

    I like Dakota as an actress, she’s mucho talented and whereas she could probably pull it off. I am with some of the people who are worried she’s too big of a name.

    I think one of the most endearing qualities that we all loved about Twilight was that the cast were relative unknowns, they were all talented young actors, but they were still, in ways, just starting out.

    I think if you interject any ‘big’ name, it will break the illusion the first film created.

    Still, I think if Dakota was cast; it wouldn’t be as bad as the whole VH catastrophe. Dakota is a diverse actress and has proven time and time again that she has the flexibility to adapt to any role. Maybe her performance will make us believe; just as Taylor did.

  14. I think she would be a great jane, but i hope that they cast Ben Barnes as Aro, he is who i imagined Aro as! (:

  15. She is a big name, but they just want someone who fits the role. Dakota Fanning is talented, and she is interested in the role. She is reading the books, as the articles state, and she is small and young looking. Jane is supposed to be short and look too young to have been turned. Summit is making this into a big commercial thing with the bigger names, but if she’s good enough, I’m happy. We have no idea what she would be like. She is a very diverse actress, and I think she would do well in the role of Jane. If she’s cast, I’m happy.

    Kim, she doesn’t just play fluff roles. One of her first movie roles was as a child of a mentally handicapped father, and her mother abandoned her as soon as she was born in “I am Sam”. She did an excellent job with that. Anyway, she’s 14. You can’t expect all dark and serious roles all the time. She became a big name with her talent, not just the lucky role as most big actors have.

    Everyone needs to stop complaining all the time. Wait until you see how she plays Jane first. Everyone complained about Rob because he wasn’t as well known, now you’re complaining because someone is too well known. You have no proof that she wouldn’t be perfect for the role.

    Anyway, complaining and petitions don’t work. So there’s no reason to go on about it.

    I’d support Dakota, and I really hope she gets the role.

  16. By casting this bigger name, she would become the star which she isn’t. just saying.

  17. That’s great, she’s an amazing actress! She’ll do fine as Jane, don’t doubt her. That’s how everyone was with Rob and Kristen at first.

  18. kassia, just because she played a character with a mentally handicapped father doesn’t mean she can play sadistic, which Jane is.
    I admit that she’s an alright actress…but I totally agree with the few people who have said she’s very overrated at the moment, especially with her new movie coming out. I have seen some fairly unknown actresses from indie films that I think would do a much better job at playing Jane.

    Also, why get a blonde actress if they’re just gonna dye her hair…seems a little pointless too me unless the blonde actress would be perfect for the part, which Dakota isn’t.

  19. Just wanted to point out to the people who say Dakota hasn’t even read the books, that rob and kristen hadn’t read the books either till they were cast and they still did a good job

    also nikki reed went through a whole transformation to play rosalie, kellan lutz had to die his hair, so just because she doesn’t look like jane doesn’t mean she can’t.

  20. There were a lot of people that didn’t want Rob to be Edward! Give it a chance.

  21. I think she will do just fine for Jane, because i can easily imagine her with that evil torturing smile on her face, and she is a really great actress for her young age. They will have to do some changes with her like hair and eyes, but they had to do that with a lot of the actors anyway

  22. The choice is up to the director, of course … but the lack of well-known stars gives the “Twilight” movie a bit of its charm, in my opinion.

    It wouldn’t have been the same movie if, say, someone like Sandra Bullock had been cast as Renee. That name recognition pulls away from the story.

    I’d rather the next installment be “New Moon,” the Twilight sequel — rather than “New Moon,” that new Dakota Fanning, Vanessa Hudgens and/or America Ferrara movie.

  23. I do not see why so many people are worried that Dakota wont be able to “pull off Jane”. Like someone above mentioned, she will be in the movie for all of 15 minutes. Jane is a minor character, and given Dakota’s experience and credentials I am surprised she would even consider such a small role. But she would not “steal the show” because her part is so small. I have much more faith in a good performance from her than a good performance of Rob and Kristen in NM. Did anyone else notice that Rob was way to intense in some scenes, or how he English accent slipped in? Or how Kristen was the exact same in every scene, regardless of who she was with or what she was doing? Dakota as Jane is the LEAST of our worries. Also, is there anyway that I could be the stylist for NM? They need a new one.

  24. Also, what is up with casting all of these people of Mexican descent in the roles of Native Americans? Don’t you know there is a difference?

  25. *hispanic instead of Mexican

  26. Rachel
    I would RATHER see hispanics cast in the Native American roles if they cant find actual Native Americans. You think this is the first time it’s being done in Hollywood? I don’t see what the problem is. they do it all the time.
    PLUS MANY people try out for roles that is NOT their actual heritage ALL the time. thats is what being an actor is about. Isnt ROB playing a Spanish Painter in his movie Little Ashes? I dont’ here a single person complaining that that is not his real heritage. OH..and isnt he really Btitish? Yea he is plays the role of a boy who grew up in u.s whne he was turned into a vampire.
    Edward isn’t British is he? yea,thats wht i thought.

  27. I think Dakota Fanning will do a great job as Jane. I have enjoyed her acting since her debut in “Taken”. Jane is supposed to be young and child like, and Alec is also small, so I doubt he is much older than 13 or 14. Boys hit their growth spurt around 15-16. Of course, people were shorter in previous centuries due to poorer nutrition, so they could be a little older. Part of Jane’s creepiness is the angelic appearance coupled with the sadistic nature.

  28. samihalovestwilight says:

    Seems like it’s pretty much decided.I’m not exactly a dakota fan or hater,but I hope she does good as Jane because this is about New Moon. The makeup people better do a good job on her.Oh well, let’s see how she does…it’s too late now.

  29. Cristina Cullen says:

    well I still think she looks too young too be jane!

  30. lucy i totally agree with you, most people doubted the twilight cast even before they watched twilight. it’s just happening all over again. idk if dakota is perfect for the role, but she is a wonderful actress and she deserves a chance. i think they should have done opening calls for jane just to make sure that they get the closest fit in looks and acting, but whatever.

  31. oh i forgot to add that Enamorada you are totally RIGHT. high five girl!!

  32. Dakota Fanning is such a great actress. I think she will make a wonderful Jane! She looks exactly like what I pictured Jane as. And Have you guys not heard of a wig?? Most of the twilight cast wears wigs in the movie. i’m prettty sure dakota can wear one too.

  33. dakota fanning was what i imagined jane to be right when i read the books. i am soo excited, i know she will do well! i loved all her other movies and i think she can pull in her talent to make jane become a success.

    stop complaining until you see her how she does. everyone complained about Rob when he was first casted and look at how well he is doing now. they are actors/actresss let them do their jobs.

  34. iloveedward says:

    no no no no no. She can NOT be Jane!

  35. Enamoradora or whatever the heck your name is:

    You obviously did not understand what I said. Rob let his English accent slip out in Twilight which was obviously an accident because Edward is 100% American. Edward is not supposed to have an English accent.

    Having a hispanic person play the role of a Native American is like having an oriental person play the role that was meant for a black person. It is border-line insulting. It just doesn’t work realistically. And I don’t care if Rob is playing a spanish painter…why would I? In case you didn’t realize it Spanish people are the same race as English people. My comment about the lack of actual Native American actors in the Native American roles was a simple observation of the lack of accuracy shown for the whole Twilight movie.

    Go eat another donut

  36. Dakota should have been Bella! And Edward should have been the guy in the Armani Code adds in all the magazines!

  37. And by the way, while I agree that Bella did try to hide her emotions, she was in fact still feeling them. Some actors/actresses can have a look on their face that shows emotion behind it…and other actresses (namely Kristen Stewart) do not have that talent. I did not particularly care for Rob as Edward, and I HATED Kristen as Bella. So, even if they hadn’t chosen Rob as Edward…I am pretty sure the film could not have been any worse.

  38. Sad as this is, I must agree that Dakota would have made a better Bella…at least she can act!

  39. Rachel,you have some serious problems.
    Its not insulting to have nationalities play others, do you think every chinese person in movies plays a chinese person? no.. i am sure they take on the role of koreans and sect. once in a while.
    You need to get another donut. or maybe just duck tape for your mouth.
    I agree with Enamorada.

  40. and i agree that I would rather have them find Native Americans for the role BUT if they cant find them i would be o.k with them being hispanic.
    They do it all the time believe it or not in the movies,regardless of what you think,alot of hispanics can pass for Native American..its not like they are going to find someone asian,or irish to play the role.
    so Rachel since you think its insulting. Do you think Taylor shouldnt play Jacob since he is ONLY PART native American?
    my husband agrees.
    and Rachel.. i never insulted you so i think its so lame you had to try to insult me,grow up.

  41. Rachel..Hey I have an idea since you dont like Kristen,Rob or even the movie Twilightand sine they arent going to change any of the actors EVER..DONT BOTHER TO GO SEE N.M OR ECLIPSE. Problem solved.
    oh and i think Dakota is overated,but lets see what she can fo in N.M.
    Cant wait to see Kristen in N.M when Edward Leaves her. Kristen has alwasy been a pro at the parts of being heatbroken in her other movies. she is going to be sooooo good!!!!!

  42. Wolf Girl says:

    Rachel–oriental? Um, the correct term is ASIAN. What year are you living in? I agree that I would rather they hire Native Americans to play the wolves but if they can’t, hiring hispanics or people of latin decent is the NEXT BEST THING. Do some research and you’ll find there’s a lot Native American ties to the HISPANIC RACE. And as far as Kristen not showing emotion, I can think of plenty of times in the film that she showed PLENTY of emotion, especially for playing a shy, awkward teenager who’s new in town. She had one stuttering scene, so what? That’s how she thought Bella would react to the love of her LIFE telling her they shouldn’t be together anymore. That scene made my roommate, who is jaded on just about everything and a total cynic–it hit her hard and made her tear up. Why are you so concerned about Dakota playing Jane (which I think will be totally fine) when it’s pretty obvious you’re not a fan of the first film and probably won’t be a fan of the second one either?

  43. Wolf Girl says:

    Oh and I absolutely love Enamorada’s comments, as well as Luna Nueva’s and Observer’s and Priya’s.

  44. I agree.
    It’s funny that Rachel thinks its border-line insulting to hire hispanics for the roles of Native Americans but she doesnt thinks its insulting to call Asian people orientles?
    Hypocrytical much?
    I agree with Wolf Girl and Enamorada 100%

  45. hahaha.. DANG good points Wolf Girl!!!!!!!
    You go girl!!!

  46. cullenator says:

    whoa u girls need to back off! talk about over reacting. I am part Chinese and I do NOT take offense to being called Oriental. You are like the people who think Mexican is an insulting term. Get over it.

  47. i support dakota as jane… but i really hoped that the actoress that plays her would be unknown. dakota is way to popular so she wouldnt fit in with the cast AT ALL in my opinion.

  48. Does anyone else feel she’s just a bit too young? I guess everyone’s image while reading is different but she’s 14 ! Twilight is already being considered a childrens book…. what are people going to say when kids are playing the roles? I pictured at least around bella/edwards age… and I’m sad because twilight gave unknown actors a chance to become well known… now she’ll be the biggest name on the list.

  49. Ok, if you don’t like my Opinion then feel free to disagree…that is your right. You don’t have to get so heated about it. Chill out and respect other people’s views…and grow up.

  50. Jane’s supposed to be young correct? I think I could personally do a way better job than she ever will. Hopefully they make the right choice and don’t choose her. She doesn’t look like the right person to play any role. Her playing Jane will more than likely make New Moon and the rest of the Twilight movies go down in numbers.UGHH!!!!

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