Borders Twilight Merchandise

EDITED: The posters and bookmarks are available at all Borders and Waldenbooks in the USA  including Puerto Rico.

The posters retail for $7.99 and the bookmarks for $3.99.

They will be available through the end of the year.


  1. Jacob has that weird look that leo dicaprio had in Man in the Iron Mask (aka, the wig thingy looks very odd). They should have just used a whole wig instead of whatever they did. I like Taylor a lot but he does not look native american. At least he is cute!

  2. OME!!! that’s soo awesome!!!

    ET Preview of new trailer:

  3. Eeeeeeeeeekkk Gotta get them all!! Except for the Jake stuff hehe mah bad!

  4. mammuttister says:

    Do you know where I can buy them online? Couldn’t find any at borders’ website..

  5. Kimberly_PR says:

    I love the bookmarks!! Hottopic Rocks! At least its available for shipping in Puerto RIco!! I live in PR!!!

  6. If any one you also have a store called Five Below near you, they have the group shot poster at their store for only $5. Bought it the second I saw it and stuck it on my ceiling :D. And I am also certain either FYE or Spencers has the group shot poster too, so there’s more the one option besides Borders if you need it.

  7. I was at Borders on Friday and they had them right up in front! I got the poster with the whole cast. I was SOO excited to finally see Twilight posters! The Cullens now join the people who live on my wall. Except the full cast poster has Jasper before they got his hair fixed, so I’m kinda wishing I’d gotten Bella/Edward instead. Oh well. The poster is still HAWT.

  8. can’t wait . .
    I also ordered the twilight in and around forks washington pics on ebay. – wow –

  9. arielkid78 says:

    I am getting it for my sisters and nieces.

  10. vampiregirlsince1918 says:

    I’m so getting them all! hehe. I’ve been waiting forever for some twilight bookmarks to come out! I’m so excited! lol.

  11. RenesmeeCarlieCullen says:

    OME, they’re so cool, I wish I could get them!!!
    Bring them to IRELAND!
    -But there is no borders in Ireland! 🙁

  12. Really cool! Is that what Jacob looks like? I thought he would be cuter o well no one is sexier than edward

  13. vampgirl06 says:

    I’m DEFINITELY getting the bookmark!

  14. They’re awesome! But it’s a shame they’re not been sold in the UK.

  15. Why can’t they sell all those stuff in Canada?

  16. I WANT ALL OF THEM NOW!!!!!!!

  17. i want to get the bookmarks, but when i search for them on borders i can’t find them? can someone plz help me? i already have a bunch of stuff stressin me out, i dont need to add this too. LoL

  18. Now that’s just so unfair. Here in Trinidad we can’t get our hands on merchandise like that. sob sob…

  19. I bought My Edward & Bella Poster @ Hot Topic, Edward makes my wall look HOt. LOL

  20. I got a twilight hoodie it is so cool i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!
    ive read all the books and the partial rough draft of midnight sun(edwards version of twilight).
    i have also seen the newest preview for twilight tht movie.if you have not yet seen it it is at stephenie! enjoy!!!

  22. Are these going to be avaliable online?? I hope so because we dont have a borders around here. Only Books-a-million. Grr

  23. As of Oct. 15, the posters, a T-shirt, and the calender are available, but no bookmarks yet. 🙁

  24. AeroReese says:

    Ship them over to Canada! Those bookmarks are calling my name~

  25. I am the biggest twilight fan in the world.

  26. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I so want the one where Edward is like Look after my heart I have left it with you


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