Jack’s Mannequin Update at Stephenie’s site

The video that Stephenie worked on for Jack’s Mannequin is now posted at Stephenie Website.  Congrats to her on all her hard work!


  1. wow i actually really liked it! it was so cute! i loved the little hearts and the waves. and how can you not understand what’s happening in the video? it wasn’t that complicated…

  2. Frerard Addict says:

    I agree with Amy Gilbertson and Well…Almost. I kept seeing the same mermaid fin, but no mermaid. Then when we finally got a glimpse of her, it was a rather odd image of her. (She looked dead?) Also, I’m not sure about the story line. Despite all this though, I still think the music video in general was made of awesome. ^_^ Congrats to Steph for doing such a wonderful job. I’m glad she was able to experience this, hang with a cool band, and have an amazing outcome. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. BEAUTIFUL music vid, well done SMeyer<3

  4. Beautiful vid, well done SMeyer<3

  5. genuinesmile says:

    eh i hate to say that i sorta agree with those who were expecting more…i don’t know but personally i would’ve loved it more if there was more of the mermaid’s presence, like maybe when he looked into the telescope he would see her on one of the rocks and she would jump into the water and then he would proceed to walk into the water, so on and so on…*shrug* i do find the one shot of the mermaid to be a bit eerie, like she’s dead…almost creepy. Don’t get me wrong, i did still enjoy the video…i just thought it lacked a little something (the mermaid to be specific…lol) Overall, being her first time and all, SM did a great job on her part…CONGRATS TO HER!!! :]

  6. I liked it… It’s not what I expected it to be, but it was still okay…The mermaids tail is always in the same position. The entire time I was expecting it to jump out of the water…ANYWAY Stephanie did a feirce job on the video! Yay Steph!

  7. idk. it was okay. ::shrug::
    Not enough mermaid for me.
    If we didn’t already know what it was supposed to be about, i don’t think a lot of people would get it.

  8. I liked the song a lot. I hope it’s on my radio station soon.

    The water following him everywhere was moody, and it was sad how he kept running away. But in the end he had to go back.

    I wonder if Stephenie is going to write a story with a guy missing his mermaid. She can use this song for inspiration.

    Well, if she writes it, I’ll love it. I’ve loved everything she’s done so far.

  9. That video is so awesome. It’s such a great song, and Stephenie came up with such a cool concept. Love it!

  10. I’m confused. Some people are saying she directed it. Didn’t she just provide the treatment and someone else directed it?

    It’s her treatment and I think the treatment was a great story … but I feel that the director didn’t take it to the level where it was explained well enough visually.

  11. Devon061381 says:

    I loved it, agree with wanting more mermaid though. My favorite part was seeing the surf from the ocean continue to follow him wherever he went – Stephenie was definitely focused on the line from the song “I can hear the sound of your voice still ringing in my ear, I’m going underground, but you can find me anywhere I fear.” I think Stephenie did a pretty awesome job.

    I liked that she found something to focus on in the song to make the treatment, rather than the song as a whole, because the video doesn’t entirely fit the song, and Andrew seemed okay with that; from interviews it sounds like he didn’t want a video focusing so much on his past, like the song is about (me thinks it has much to do with him surviving his bout with cancer, and some issues with his then-girlfriend and now-wife). He’s trying to finish writing about his past and move on, like he says in the song “Caves” on the new album: “Windows looking to the past, think it’s time I broke some glass, get this history off my mind.”

    Damn I love Jack’s Mannequin.

  12. lirael cullen says:

    wherree’ss twilighttt tuesdaysssss???

  13. Twilight Nymph says:

    I really enjoyed the video, I think Stephenie did an awesome job on it.

  14. I really enjoyed the video, but i have to say that i was really confused about what it was supposed to be about. To me, the themes didn’t seem to go with the lyrics.
    does anyone know what its supposed to be about?

  15. Lizzie-Anne says:

    Well I think that the video was good and the song was upbeat. No video is going to be perfect, and neither are the lyrics to it and I think we should just accept that SM did her best and helped make a good video for a great song. Afterall there is no such thing as perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. WOW!!!! I loved it. Great Job Stephenie!!!

  17. luvencullen4eva says:

    the video was great and so was the song and he sings really good too. the only bad thing about it is you can SO tell he’s lip singing, but that’s not her fault. sshe did an awsome job!

  18. great video stephenie! love it! =]

  19. i love edward cullen says:

    The video was GREAT!! Good job Steph!!

    It was awesome seeing as that it was her first time directing and all, but no matter what… I STILL LOVED IT!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I love the song and the video was pretty good too.I really liked the whole feel of it too. good job steph!

  21. i loved the colors and the idea was good, but if you didnt know what the vid was about from the start, it would be pretty hard to follow. I loved the setting though. But the mermaid at the end was kindof creepy ๐Ÿ˜€ all in all i thought it was o.k

  22. Loved the colors,scenere, and song. Excellent Job!

  23. I was expecting something more…exciting. Most of it was just the guy singing. I liked the song and the video but I thought it would be more interesting.

  24. I’ve already bought the song on napster and put it on my MP3 Player!! AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I loved it. So much. And understood what every scene signified. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. It was pretty good, I suppose. Although, I was reminded of that too, Lindy ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I don’t know if anyone has seen it yet, but the song Decode is up on her site, too.

  28. I forgot to mention that the song is pretty great. Go check it out!

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