Official Lexicon Movie Event in Tennessee!

The Twilight Lexicon will be hosting a special exclusive showing of the Twilight Movie on Saturday morning Nov. 22, 2008 in Cool Springs, Tennessee at 10:30 am.  Tickets for the event are $10 and cover the cost of your admission to the film and a special goodie bag with assorted Twilight related items.  The concession stand will be open for food purchases.  Regular rules apply and no outside food will be allowed into the theatre. 

375 tickets will be available starting today on a first come first served basis.  In order to secure your seat at the showing, send an e-mail to with your real name and the number of tickets you are requesting.   Once you have received a confirmation e-mail from the admin team that your seats are being reserved, you will then need to send a check or money order for the exact amount to cover the full cost of the tickets. You will be given further information on who to make the check out to and where to send payment in your confirmation email.  Once the seats have been filled, we will start a waiting list for those who are still interested. 

Alphie and Pel will be there along with some other well known Lexicon members including the ladies from Infinite Jewelry (who make Bella’s bracelet and engagement ring).  We will be having a drawing for a few special Twilight related items from the Lexicon store that everyone who comes will have a chance to win. 

We can’t wait to see you there!

UPDATE! There are still about 25 tickets left for the event.  If you have sent in a request by Tuesday Sept. 30, you should have received a confirmation.

And because so many of you are asking why this is being held in Tennessee, its because I live here!  I spent half of my summer in NYC.  Its Pel’s turn to come to me!  LOL! 


  1. What the heck is in TN that they get this event? Whatever, I’m going to see TW with my best friend who got me hooked 2 years ago — that’s way cooler!

    ~~~I live in Tennesee, that’s why we are doing it here.

  2. Twilight_Fangirl15 says:

    this ROCK’S i only live 2hour’s and 21minutes away from that place.

  3. i can’t believe it! the south never and TN never get anything! everything is always out west of out east. i am so going.. i’m only 2 hours away. what a chance for me. thanks guys for doing this!

  4. shannon_love says:

    gah!!!!! why don’t i live in TN?!?!?!?

  5. toxic.starlit says:

    This is so awesome. I only live two hours from here. Anyone from Memphis going?

  6. i’m from memphis and i’m going! i thought i was the only memphis person around i swear. if i could contact you i would. here’s my email.. it’s a business one so it being public is no big deal or you can get me on my myspace page

  7. ahh man! im in knoxville. i went to nashville for the eclipse prom, but i dont think i can make it for this one….maybe you could move the location to nashiville or even knoxville…??? ๐Ÿ˜€

    ~~~If you went to the prom, this event is being held not far from where prom was.  In fact, it’s closer for you!  Cool Springs is just south of Nashville.

  8. darn i want those goodie bags! teneessee is really random, though. how bout showing some love to the people in New Jersey =)

  9. Oh man. Those lucky people, I wish I could go.

  10. man i wish i lived in Tennessee…

  11. OMG I totally want to go… really really badly but I live over here toward Forks in Washington State… There is no way I could go all the way to Tennessee just to see the movie… Gahhhhh this stinks!!

  12. That’s so awesome, but I live in Canada!!! ๐Ÿ™

  13. On a postive note at least all you Americans and Canadians get to see the movie on the 21st. Us Aussies have to still wait till December 12th for it to come out!! Thats a whole 22 days before us!!

  14. well this sucks!
    i am a HUGE TWILIGHT FAN! i would love to go but i live in New Mexico and nothing twilight realated ever happens here in New Mexico. . .
    darn it!

  15. wait… wait a minute… are u actually gonna show the whole movie?

    ~~~Of course!  The whole movie, start to finish, with no one in the theatre but Twilight fans!

  16. aww i wanna go! to bad im in texas.. Tn isn’t that far is it???

  17. Silly Illinois…nothing ever happens here.
    But I guess I could drive to tennessee… :]

  18. Sara( Yeah theres many of us) says:

    I agree with everyone who said there is nothing in South Florida to do- because there isn’t its so boring!

  19. evermoreimmortal says:

    Too bad there’s not an event in Colorado. Mile High City folks out there, we should start one!

  20. Oh, if they only had one in Kansas City. Unfortunitly, we rarely get things like that.

  21. One of the bad things about living in Hawaii…

  22. they should have them more places!!!

  23. Frerard Addict says:

    Aww it’s so far away! Oh well, I hope you ladies have a blast!

  24. TeamRobert! says:

    wow, hope everyone who can go has a blast! too bad I live in ontario though.

  25. not fair. tennessee is nowhere near nebraska or minnesota. ๐Ÿ™

    well i hope everyone has fun. someone should post pictures.

  26. Totally agreed with you Kate, I am anxious to see this movie on the 12th Dec.. but time will fly!. Wish all of you have a lots of fun and enjoy the movie this November.

  27. SpaztasticTwilighter says:

    Oh yes! An eight hour drive and I will soo be there! Thank god for Alabama and Tenn. being so close together!

  28. SpaztasticTwilighter says:

    Hey guys? Why not start your own Twilight movie day? I know atleast half the people in my school would come to one if I had it. Heck, they were freaking out over my calender from Borders!


  29. Enough for Forever says:

    How far is it from Memphis to Cool Springs…? To Mapquest I go!

  30. Enough for Forever says:

    Two hours, 105 miles. well, matbe my friends mom will drive us. Iwon’t bother asking my parents.

  31. Hmmm…a trip to Tennessee may be in order!! But really here’s hoping that there will be some event in az.

  32. Edward'sLamb says:

    i think…
    im going to send an email to stephenie meyer
    no that I have it or anything
    and ask her to come
    Gah…It’s my dream:-(

  33. rakey i feel you!
    i live just 20 mins away from miami we need something in south florida. orlando is 4 hours away from me!

  34. 2nd Bella Cullen says:

    i so very much want to be there !!!!!!!!!!!


    i want to be there!!!!!!!

  35. why the heck is it going to be in Tenesee? I’d love to go, but no way I can get there.

  36. woah- christine- if I lived near forks I would not be very sad right now. go to the movie in tenesee or live right next to the state they shot the movie- totally live right next to the set. and not to mention next to where the book is based.

  37. *sobs from the other side of the world*
    i swear to god i’ll run away to USA one day.

  38. Alu Rathbone says:

    Since I’m in chicago and wouldn’t be able to get down to Tennesee (cries a bit) Can I find out how to do something like that here? I know a theater that I could do that at…

    This is an awesome idea by the way!

  39. Alu Rathbone says:

    One more thing… if i were to do this in Chicago… or in a suburb very near chicago… Oak Park hopefully… would anyone in the Chicago area like to help me… and maybe we can get a midnight release party going… I may have a connection… but would anyone like to help if we can do that here… I need to know ASAP

    i have aol… so send me a line… aroluvscarlisle at aol . com

  40. Awww man, that sounds so awesome! I wish people would come to Scotland :'(

  41. I am sooooo there!!!! Even though I’m going to have to drive like 5 hours to get there!!!! YAY!!! Got my ticket conformation last night!!!!!!!

  42. I’m so jealous!!! I hope everyone has a great time though!! ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe me and my friends can organise a movie day on 19th december…

  43. woo! finally something in the southeast! good thing i live in Alabama!

  44. runswithvampires says:

    im moving 2 tenessee.

  45. I HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU TWILIGHT LEXICON MODS. EMAIL ME. NOW. How dare I be banned twice from the forums when I have done absolutely nothing wrong? What is this? I did not say anything against your beloved Twilight. I even said I liked the beginning of the Honeymoon. I gave a fair, balanced argument. What is this? I’ve saved all the posts I made, because I was afraid my well thought out arguments might be deleted. However, after the great debate and conversation I had with another member, I was sure I would be allowed to stay. I was having fun. And now I’ve been banned? What is this?

    I haven’t got a clue in the world what you are talking about since June, despite popular belief, we’ve banned the sum total of five people(unless you count porn spammers), and the last one over 30 days ago.  If you were banned you would have been formally notified as to why. If you want to contact us so we can figure out what is going on our email address which is readily visible via the contact us link posted on the blog for anyone to see is It could be that your IP matches the IP of a ban.

    I just sent you a PM to the forum account that matches the email associated with this post. The account is currently active and has always been active since registration according to the admin panel.


  46. Sigh. I wish that the movie came out now, cos i have tonns of coursework in november ๐Ÿ™

  47. Man! Nothing exciting comes over to Orlando, FL. Everyone from Orlando should reunite and have their own Twi-Con and exclusive things for the Twilight Movie…

    Well, have fun to those people in TN! sigh..


  48. Thank God, something good comes of living in Nashville!!! I better have gas in my car for this…

  49. new england… ๐Ÿ™

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