News from The Bella Cullen Project!

In support of Twilighters for Forks , and in honor of Bella’s Birthday, The Bella Cullen Project will donate $2 for every CD sold during the month of September to the The West Olympic Peninsula Betterment Association.  Purchase the CD through their website and your name will also be added to the list of donors that will accompany the donation at the end of the month!  If you’ve been waiting to buy their CD, NOW IS THE TIME!  Help us help Forks make its high school dazzle! (Jeweled-case CDs only while supplies last; Itunes downloads not included)


  1. Mollie Kate says:


    on a side note, I got the new CosmoGirl with Kellan Robert and Taylor in it!

  2. Happy Birthday Bella! Will the cds only be sold online?

  3. Vampire-in-training says:

    Kristen Cullen:
    I totally know what you mean! I live in Chicago and i was like: wow. thats ironic. todays bellas birthday and it feels like forks

  4. Kristin cullen and vampire-in-training:
    lucking you guys! i’m really starting to miss rain.
    i live in near forks, and unlike bella, i love the rain!

  5. almost a bella says:

    Happy Birthday BElla!!!!!!
    Where’s the Lex’s tribute?????????

  6. Happy Birthday Bella !!
    your so lucky 😀

  7. edwarddazzlesme says:

    OMG!!! it is Bella’s birthday!!!! too bad you dont like celebrating your birthday…:( but you have the greatest gift of all!!….LOVE—NAH! being loved by edward CULLEN!!!!!
    hope all your wishes come true and have a good one. 🙂

  8. runswithvampires says:

    bella stole edward from us…
    but hope shees happy.

  9. runswithvampires says:

    y r we happy birthdaying a fictional character?

  10. COOL! What is their web adress?

  11. irunwithvampires says:


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