Twilight Set Visit: That’s a Wrap

It was a once in a life time opportunity not to mention a dream come true to be asked by Summit Entertainment to join them on the set of Twilight – filming in Portland, Oregon.  We were introduced to some amazing actors and production crew members while we were there and even had a surprise visit from our favorite author!  But most of all we have enjoyed sharing our trip with you.  The most popular video we have posted thus far as been The Wolf Pack with an astounding 155,000 views!  That video is followed closely by our interview with actress Kristen Stewart with 101,000 views!   This, however, is our last video presentation in our set visit series.  Thank you for watching and thank you for your wonderful comments along the way.  We will have the comments open on this post, but all comments will be approved before they are visible. 


The Twilight Lexicon is pleased to Present:  That’s a Wrap


If you have missed any of our videos you can either check out this new Twilight Set Visit page on the lexicon or pop over to our YouTube channel.


  1. I missed commenting!!!! And I will have to wait longer to comment because I won’t be reading anything twilight related until I’ve finish BD so I don’t get spoiled.

    and It’s over, which is a meloncholy feeling, the next time we see any of the cast, it’ll be the ctual movie, which is just… wow…

  2. yay! i can comment! ๐Ÿ™‚ aww its done so no more ๐Ÿ™ atleast i can watch them again and again! i luv all the videos big thxs to u guys!!!!!! we cant wait till the movie comes out!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. oommigod!! comments!! finally!!
    I love the videos!! they were so cool!

  4. It was great ! thanks ladies for bringing us closer to this amazing world created by Stephenie Meyer!

  5. umm. and also how can i watch the whole comic-on thing with all that questions for the twilight cast and crew and all the stuff?

  6. that was really good!! kinda sad that it’s the last one.
    im sooo happy to be commenting!! it’s been way too long!!

    job well done ladies!

  7. sambo the wolfgirl says:

    I loved this video. I cried but not sad tears, the happy tears. I just can’t wait for this movie. Everything looks amazing and I can’t wait to watch Comic Con on G4 tonight! yay.

  8. RainyForks says:

    I love the bit when someone shoves a chocolate ice-cream under Mike’s nose and he’s like “Woah!”


  9. goldybear says:

    Awww….that was so goooood!! I loved it. WTG lexicon. I love you.

  10. Kathleen luvs Twilight says:

    I guess that will be a no on to comments being here for good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry up Augest 3rd And again thanks for the vidoes that you guys did. They were great!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. fanpire says:

    Oh my goodness, you got to meet Stephenie Meyer!! That’s so amazing;; I’m sure it was an super awesome experience. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you, Lexicon, for the great set series. I can always count on you to bring us fans the lastest and the greatest Twilight news.

  12. Thank Lex for another wonderfully fun video. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But really, what an emotional one! Looking back…And thinking of what all that’s next to come in the Twilight world.

  13. omg i almost cried because i wanted to go so bad… JEALOUS!!!

  14. twilightlove says:

    Awesome Video! I can’t wait 4 the movie to come out… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m going to watch comic con tonight on G4.

    8 more days til’ BD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to the release party! ๐Ÿ˜€

    It feels nice commeting at Lexicon.

  15. Chela85 says:

    I hear you up there CASSANDRA. This video was really nice, really emotional too. I’m a little sad that this part of our journey has ended. And like Cassandra said, with all of my excitement I looked over the fact that Breaking Dawn is it. Yes Midnight Sun is coming out, and yes Stephenie will write other stories, but Bella’s story will be over. So I’m kind of in a sad/reflective/yet still super excited mood. Thank you for everything Lexicon and Stephenie. And I love all of you guys (my fellow fans) and we’ll always be able to talk with eachother even when Twilight technically ends. So thanks to all of you too.

  16. THANK YOU for these awesome vids!

  17. Wow! this video, like the others is amazing!
    thnx so much for sharing it!!!

  18. I’ve missed everyone’s commentary.

    Thanks, Lexicon, for another great video!
    And I have faith in everyone involved with this movie.

    Loved the music, as well.

  19. Oh, yeah. I forgot.

    When can we expect the Lexicon’s interview with Robert?

  20. Twilighter Fanpire says:

    Comments!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ YAY!! I am so happy right now!!
    Aww.. I can’t blieve that was the last one!! I dunno if it was just me but it was kind of sad O_o
    Thanks Lexicon 4being awesome and sharing these videos!!!
    By the way, who watches the new trailer everyday?? haha

  21. iluvedwardthemostest says:

    omg that was a fabulous finish!! thank you soooo much for sharing that with us!! we luv you lex!!!

  22. Joanne Maria says:

    Awwwww…. my eyes are teary. You guys are so lucky, thanks for sharing with the rest of us…GREAT JOB!!!

  23. Melanie Cullen says:

    Wow. I never realized how much I missed reading the comments. Hehe. ^^
    Thank you lex! You guys are amazing. For some reason the music made me feel kind of sad. :[ I know when I read Breaking Dawn I’ll be really depressed afterwards, because Twilight is such a great series and I don’t want it to end.

  24. Maturin says:

    Omigod, it feels SO GOOD to be able to comment again!!!! Thanks Lexicon, the video did a great job of recapping on all the cool stuff you’ve showed us since your trip. And thanks for turning the comments on for this post!! (“,)

  25. i….. cried…

    how sad is that? lol

    really pretty video!
    thank you!

  26. Awesome video! could someone PLEASE tell me what the song was that was used in the video, i really enjoyed listening to it.
    thanks =D

  27. a.leigh says:

    this sounds really lame, but i don’t know why we can’t comment, can someone tell me? i mean, i know its for some reason, but i don’t know why.

  28. wonderful montage. You guys are so very lucky indeed!

  29. Dancergirl says:

    Thanks for all the amazing videos from set! I loved them all!

  30. Melanie says:

    I missed commenting. Will this be the only thing we can comment on? Can’t wait for Monday!!!

  31. ILL_JILL says:

    oh myyy. it does feel good to comment. i miss being able to discuss the quotes. i didn’t like the video so much though lol

  32. Wow that was beautiful! I LOL-ed at the part where someone stuck an ice cream cone under Mike’s nose. hahah. It was a very good video as the last one. Like, remembering all the people interviewed and stuff. And it sucks for me I’m not going to Comic Con, I can’t even see it on G4 cuz I don’t have it. But hopefully I’ll be able to see videos and pictures online. =] Thank you girls for letting us comment again for just one and can’t wait until the book comes out!

  33. eager 4 eternal damnation says:

    wow – comments again! i missed this so much!

    it makes me kinda sad that we wont have anymore videos this year – but it also excites me because this just means that the release of the movie is coming closer! thanks a lot lexicon….for everything.

  34. Awww. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks guys for bringing us such great videos. Great big hugs for you.

  35. How awesome! I’ve loved your videos from your set visits! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. mademoiselle.cullen says:

    are we able to comment again ? please! please ! say yees :).
    i didnt knew why we couldnt comment ..

  37. violet~ says:

    oh, why does this have to be sad. D:

  38. melissa says:

    Why were the comments off and why are they on only for this post?

  39. melissa says:

    …And why do comments need moderation? Haha.

  40. Oh yes.. my first comment in who knows how long!!! You don’t know how good this feels… I was starting to have lexicon withdrawals ha ha.. ๐Ÿ™‚ anyways thanks for the awesome videos!!!! I can’t stop watching the wolf pack one and now Stephenie.. thank you again…..

  41. Thaty was so sad a person slightly more cryable then me would be balling!!!!

  42. Shelley says:

    Thank you so much for the interviews. And that song was perfect.

    And thanks for allow comments for the vid because it is deserving of comments.

    Again thank you so much!!

  43. Sara Marie says:

    It has such a bittersweet finality to it! Haha. I love it and thank you guys for sharing your entire adventure with us.

  44. Claire Ateara says:

    TWILIGHT RULES THE WORLD!!! We invaded the Comic-Con, hahahahahahahaha!!!

    Sorry, I know this isn’t relevant to this post, but I had to say it ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. sorry but i have a random question about breaking dawn, i visit your website EVERY single day, i dont know where else to ask but i heard that 1 week before the release of breaking dawn the 1st chapter was going to be up on the offical website? is that true or false? if so, there is only one week left??? thankyou for your time!!

    It will not be available online before the release of the book on August 2nd.  ~Admin

  46. shannon_love says:

    great song…perfect.
    thank you for doing this video series…as you can see it means a lot to all of us.
    and thanks for letting us comment! its been torture! hehe

  47. Why aren’t comments allowed?….

  48. Lauren: are you new? if so, they aren’t allowed because Stephenie Meyer requested that all the major twilight fan sites shut off commenting until august 2nd. this is because she doesn’t want anyone to spoil the books for any of her fans. the lexicon will re-open in full swing on august 3rd.

  49. shmoosh says:

    aww this was such a good vid! aha its so weird, im not used to commenting now ahhaa

  50. ILL_JILL says:

    Comments aren’t allowed anywhere on the lexicon because they don’t want spoilers posted. They opened this forum by choice for whatever reason, and are moderating it just in case.

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