Exclusive Twilight Movie 2009 Calendar Image!

The folks at Borders promised us something good for Wednesday (OK technically it’s 11:45pm Tuesday, but they said we could go ahead a little early), and I’d say they managed it. Read it in their own words:

Borders is pleased to announce the exclusive release of the 2009 Twilight Movie Calendar, on sale August 2, 2008.

When you can live forever, what do you live for?  Answer – A 16 month calendar featuring Bella, Edward & their Forks’ friends! This Borders exclusive calendar is the ONLY calendar available for the theatrical adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight which comes to life for the 2009 year.

Borders is very excited to share with Lexicon readers a look at the calendar’s cover and a First Look at of one of the calendar pages inside!

The Twilight Movie calendar is available for reserve on Borders.com here* and will first be available for purchase at Borders & Waldenbooks stores during the release of Breaking Dawn at the “Twilight til Dawn” midnight parties.

*Note as I posted this, I noticed the the Borders site was having tech glitches. The link is correct, they just are working a few kinks out.

We are currently experiencing a server problems where the scans are. I this is a wild surprise, but I’m thinking the volume of people hitting the scans may have crashed it. I’ll see what I can do.  I think I fixed it for now; I guessed right it was a volume thing.

In answer to other questions, I checked with Borders, the calendar starts in September 2008 and runs through December 2009.

As for availability, according to Borders you can reserve a copy at the time you reserve your books, and it will be be available in the US and US territories. They are getting back to us on international availability in the countries where they have stores.


  1. EdwardsLamb says:

    ahh i cant see them!
    I NEED to see the pictures!

  2. Saffron Sunset (t1gr355) says:

    Sounds exciting! Can’t wait for the site to be back up. πŸ™‚
    Does anyone know if the calendar will be on sale worldwide?

  3. kaypgirl says:

    Did we overload the website and break it? I hope they fix it soon. I guess they didn’t use a big enough server for all the people wanting to view the pictures?

  4. Wow, this is amazing. Will they be selling them after the midnight parties too?

  5. I can’t view them =[

    Will they be selling them in Australia?

  6. wow, they are awesome!
    do you know if i’ll be able to get one from a borders store in australia?

  7. oh we NEED them in australia! i’m going to harass Borders tomorrow! .. do you know if we’re getting ‘A New Dawn’ either?

  8. Jennifer says:

    I second the three people above me…
    will we plz get it at our borders store?? please???

  9. OME new information on Stephenie’s website! Woo LIMITED EDITION BOOKS

  10. Dazzled says:

    Thats cool and great but I was getting all excited for something that had to do with Breaking Dawn….oh well

  11. Dazzled says:

    Rach: I just looked, I can’t wait for the Twilight Encyclopedia (sp) Thanks for the heads up!

  12. Does this apply to borders australia?

  13. that is so cool !
    i can’t wait to get one. (:

  14. YAY

  15. Victoria says:

    That made my day! It’s amazing! but can Canadians buy it I don’t have a boarders here we only have Coles and Chapters πŸ™ Could I buy online?


  17. Love it…Did you notice on the May page how they noted FULL MOON and NEW MOON….great

  18. Aw. I hope Barnes & Noble has them August 2nd. I’ve already reserved my copy of BD there!

  19. kessie1122 says:

    darn it! i’d hafta pay another $14! sigh. rob looks pale. did you notice that? yay! hey, bella wore those pants in the fight scene. did you notice that too??

  20. That’s great, but I’m sad it’s only a Borders thing. I really wish I could get the same opportunities that the US people get, even though I live in Portugal. It’s sad that all the countries where the official language isn’t english are forgotten, left behind, or saved for last. I mean, Eclipse was only published in portuguese three weeks ago! What is THAT all about? I’m just glad I read it in english.

    Anyways, couldn’t they sell the calendar all around the world? I’m sure lots of fans would buy it. I know we don’t have Borders here, but we DO have other bookstores, people!

  21. Some info:

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    (I hope I’m not breaking any rules, just thought the Twilight fans would appreciate it. It really is worth listening to.)

  22. AWESOME!!!

  23. yay so exciting!!! I’ve always been a die hard B&N fan but Borders is doing all this cool twilight stuff so my loyalties my change πŸ™‚


  25. Will they only be selling them on August 2? or will they sell them other days too? When I go to the book sigining in Seattle I want to get one since we don’t have Borders here in Canada, atleast I don’t think so.

  26. Can you get it even if you don’t reserve a copy of Breaking Dawn, or do you have to reserve a copy? How much will it cost?

  27. TeamRobert! says:

    oooh! I really really really want one!! I’m in Canada though and there’re no Borders stores…so I hope I’ll be able to order one to be shipped! fingers crossed!

  28. yes i love this!

    they gave us a preview of may thats my birthday
    rob and kristan have so much chemistry on film its ridiculous

    so excitedd

  29. Shannon says:

    Did anyone notice the Victoria Day at the end of may? XP

  30. There is no Borders where I live in Canada. Where else can I get it???

  31. Shannon, what about Victoria day?

  32. Krystal928 says:

    i really want one!
    but i live in canada and there are no borders! πŸ™

  33. Bella Babe says:

    Is anyone else having a problem viewing them?

  34. Twilighter says:

    No Borders in Canada!! πŸ™ I need that calender!!!!

  35. I so want one! But will there be any available in Canada?

  36. OMGOMGOMG! i cant wait to read the new book, see the movie and buy that calendar for my room….ahhh!!

  37. love2dream says:

    Ah, Yes! This is a must have. I wonder if hubby will mind Robert posted on the fridge for the next year! lol He’ll probably be ok since the girls in the movie are just as gorgeous as the guys! Yeah for Borders!

  38. If you go to the Borders website, they have a “Peek Inside the Calendar” thing on the right hand side where you can see February and April as well.

  39. I just went on to their site, following your “reserve” link… it says it’s available July 31.

    I have to see if I can order it at my local store since I already pre ordered my book.

  40. wow so excited cant wait to pre order it! but it says july 31st?

  41. Am so going to buy that calendar!!!!!

  42. Sarah Marie says:


    I actually have had one that I made myself, but I’m so glad that there’ll be an official one now!!
    And that’s really neat how it has the moon phases on it!

  43. irishtea says:

    I see the link to pre-order it, but I don’t see the link to reserve it at a store?

  44. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT BADLY! But I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS! damn it!

  45. ordered one….YEAH!!!

  46. eddiebaby says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY I cant wait to get that it will go rite beside my twilight movie poster!!!!!

  47. Twilighter Fanpire says:

    wow we actually crashes the twilight lexicon..?that just shows how many twilight fans there are!!!! YAY!!!!!!
    I want that poster!!!!!!!! I am so buying it!!

  48. iluvedwardthemostest says:

    i really want that calendar!!! it is so cool!!! and the pics r awesome!!! Twilighter Fanpire i defintiely agree with u about crashing the lex but i already knew there were that many fans!!


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