Robert Pattinson’s Music

I will preface this entire post by saying the following…

The website you are about to be given is a music MySpace for Robert Pattinson.  It was found by user Nena Cullen.  It is under a stage name.  It is legitimate, I have confirmed it.  That being said…

 It is NOT a fan site. 

It is NOT a Twilight site. 

You may of course friend him, comment on his music, please be respectful of the site’s intent which is Rob’s music, not Rob’s film career or personal life.

This site was never meant for the attention of Twilight.  But for the love of music.  If you like his music, friend him.  Personally I think he has a strong Bob Dylan type style. 

And now we give you, …The Music of Robert Pattinson.

Edited: Because there seems to be some question. We checked if it was OK with his management company before we linked to what was a publicly accessibly, non-friends locked page on MySpace that anyone could find.  Secondly, I can’t speak to who had what portion of this story, when, where, and how. I can only speak to us getting a tip today, us checking it through Rob’s official representatives, and that they confirmed that it was legit, and did not state they wanted the story quashed, or preferred that we not mention it.

Edited 2:  The commentary is now off from incoming trolling from another community who near as we can figure is upset that this isn’t their private secret anymore.

Once again, we checked with Rob’s management (unlike any other community posting this info) before we posted this. We would have not posted it if they hadn’t OKed the post. You can believe us or not that is your prerogative.

Rob has used the stage name Bobby Dupea for quite awhile in the London club music scene. Many artists use different names in different genres, ask Keanu Reeves or Russell Crowe.


  1. His voice is great!
    I really want to hear him play the piano

  2. Victoria says:

    Yeah well I didn’t know about it so it is an exclusive to me.

  3. That doesn’t really sound much like his voice…

  4. Victoria says:

    Also it looks like they took the exclusive part out.

  5. Victoria says:

    Ellie if you listened too I think the second one you will hear him laughing and twilight lexicon had a video of him laughing don’t really feel like looking for it but they but sound the same.

  6. Lindsey says:

    He’s really good. :]

    His picture is REALLY creepy, though. ^__^

    haha. xD

  7. Crystal says:

    that sounded nothing like i would expect him to sound like…..

  8. I agree, I think people need to stop having heart attacks over this. If Rob wanted this kept quiet, he wouldn’t have posted it on MySpace!

    I mean honestly, who says, “I think I’d like to start a career in music. I’m going to post my music online on one of the most famous sites on the internet, but I sure hope no one sees it! If they do I’ll be mad!”

    Calm down people, and just enjoy his music! I’m sure that was his intention or he wouldn’t have put it on the internet!

  9. Lomesir says:

    What tw07 said. The internet is public domain, and Myspace is even more so. If you post something on the internet, expect people to find it, link it, spread it, and share it.

    Don’t get mad for Robert’s sake–he knew full well what he was doing when he posted his music online.

  10. hairy twatter says:

    Bobby Dupea is the name of a character that Jack Nicholson played in a movie.

  11. Kandice says:

    His music is actually really awesome.

    If he made a cd, I’d buy it.

    He’s hot, AND he makes great music.

  12. aw shucks, something that wasn’t made private on the internet leaked! maybe now the girls on twatlight will quit collectively crapping their pants now that other people know about this??

  13. L. M.- Too lazy to log in.. says:

    He has an interesting style, to say the least. I’m not sure what I think of it… (Don’t eat me guys, I love him too- I’m just being honest.)

    I like his playing alot though– he is very good. *^-^*

    And I agree that posting this on the Lex was probably not the best idea if he’s really after privacy. At the same time though, Rob mentiond it on MTV for crissake! He wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t want some attention.

    Clearly this is going to be a bumpy ride..

  14. oh my word if you go to his myspace and look at the view count of his profile wait 5 mins then refresh it goes up by sooooo much!

    we have twilight fans to blame!lol

    but seroiusly amazing talent robert!

  15. You guys are FULL of fail for releasing this. I’m sure all the failmoms are going to go have sex with their husbands to this music now. Poor RPattz

  16. Last to know. Last to know. Wow, such an exclusive.

  17. annnnnnnnd in come the twat-tards to defend their God’s honour

  18. The name makes sense since Jack Nicholson is one of his favorite actors. I’m still taken back by how different his voice is when he sings. He definitely got soul!

  19. It’s real. If you look back at Jenbarn76’s comment, she mentions that Bobby Dupea is a character played by Jack Nicholson, whom Rob admires.

    I’m not going to friend him, just in case he personally didn’t want the Twilight fandom to find out (even if it was inevitable). But I do actually enjoy his music. It’s quite soulful.

    I’m with the Lexicon on this. They went about posting this in a professional fashion, as always. If the Myspace does get shut down, I won’t blame them. It’s Rob’s choice, and I’m sure he’s had much worse exposure, such as being followed by fans. Thanks for being respectable, Lexicon.

  20. Victoria says:

    Ada the myspace has been out for 2 weeks is what someone said so they post the link you guys are making this way more than it needs to be.

  21. Why does everyone doubt it? I trust Cocoa and Pel! They know what they’re doing, I’m sure.

    Anyway, I never imagined his voice this way, it’s so unique! At first I kind of thought it was weird, but after listening to all of the songs I liked it. You can hear him talking in that accent of his on the second song, at the very beginning.

  22. hairy twatter:
    “Bobby Dupea is the name of a character that Jack Nicholson played in a movie.”

    That would make sense because Jack Nicholson is his idol, afterall.

  23. permission or not, I still think it wasn’t a good idea, good because we can hear his music, but bad because not everybody is going to read the thing you write up. And also it’s not an exclusive, someone might had already know about it, don’t take credit for EVERYTHING around twilight.

  24. TheAbbyNormal says:

    I don’t care that it’s Robert, if it was anybody else I would be just as addicted. This is amazing.. I want to download it, but does it cost to download off of Myspace? and does it work with iTunes?

    I hope that if he really releases an album, it’s all acoustic. It would totally ruin it if it wasn’t.

  25. Everyone needs to stop freaking out about this.

    He wants a career in music. Somebody is eventually going to hear his music. It’s been said tons of times, but it’s apparently not getting through to anyone- if he didn’t want people to see it, he would’ve made it private. And he shouldn’t have posted it on myspace of all places if he was looking for privacy.

    Stop telling everyone to take the link down. He’s a big boy, he can handle his own problems. If he wants it down, he’ll take it down himself.

  26. NenaCullen says:

    Neither I or the Lexicon knew that his myspace had been reported in another site before. I personally came across his profile a couple months ago when I befriended Lizzy Pattinson.
    I also figured out that the profile wasn’t meant to promote his music at an industry level and that’s why I didn’t give the tip to the lexicon before today.
    After the singing video was posted I informed the lexicon that the quality of the video didn’t do justice to his musical talents and provided the link so they could find out from Robert Pattinson’s people if that was his music.

    I think the lexicon did they right thing, contacting his management and providing comfirmed information ( which really makes it an exclusive).

  27. Victoria says:

    Zipcode:If he didn’t want the twilight fandom to find out he would have deleted when he told us that he was in a band and wanted to be a musician.Also like twilight lexicon said his management would have told them not to post the link if it was not meant for everyone to see.Also why wouldn’t twilight fans be able to see t just because they are twilight fans doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy or hate his music

  28. Victoria says:

    Lola look up in bold Pel already responded to that gosh read before you post something you don’t know.

  29. Cassandra says:

    Wow. I just idk. Im trying notto cry right now. But his music. Its just…so good.

    I’m not the type thats always crying either.
    But the music its just its hitting me.
    And his voice. I love it.
    I agree it doesn’t sound like him very much. It does sound a little…gruffier, but i like it.
    It’s just simply overpowering.

    Thank you Robert Pattinson (or should i say Bobby) for being so impactful. Just Idk. Thank you.

    Favorite song?—prlly broke or i’ll lover be your lover too.

  30. Oh for God sake. The reason that it’s under an alias is reason enough! He didn’t want it known as him. Respect his damn privacy! Some site this is.

  31. Melz Syndrome says:

    I actually really like his music. c: I would have never thought it was him if I heard it xD. I would have liked it regardless if Rob was singing it.

  32. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Thank You Sonal. 🙂

  33. kirstin says:

    This was a really dumb idea.
    Poor Robert.
    The reason it wasn’t made private is because you can’t make a music myspace private.
    He wanted it to remain unnoticed, as I’m sure you can tell by the lack of pictures, and by him using an alias.

    *eyeroll* Im really dissapointed in this community.

  34. Emma, if he wanted privacy, he wouldn’t have made a PUBLIC myspace.

  35. hairy twatter says:

    “He wants a career in music. Somebody is eventually going to hear his music. It’s been said tons of times, but it’s apparently not getting through to anyone- if he didn’t want people to see it, he would’ve made it private. And he shouldn’t have posted it on myspace of all places if he was looking for privacy.”

    He put it under an alias so that he could be respected as a musician and people wouldn’t have a bias (even if it positive) to like him because of a character he plays in a movie

  36. Jenbarn76 says:

    Well after we have the full details on how things happened it seems fine to me to have it posted.

  37. Um it was under an alias. How the hell would anyone know it was him, if it was under an alias? And like Kirstin said, you can’t make a myspace private. So really, what is your point?

  38. “Emma, if he wanted privacy, he wouldn’t have made a PUBLIC myspace. ”

    there is NO SUCH THING as a private music myspace, there’s no way to make it private, so that’s why he used the alias.

  39. "you can’t make a myspace private" yeah, you can, just not a music one, and there are plenty of ways to hawk your music without whoring yourself on myspace LOL. clearly people figured out it was him if the (people—original word edited) at Twatlight figured it out "two weeks ago"

  40. TheAbbyNormal says:

    Oh I know who he sounds like… Ryan Adams. Listen to “Oh My Sweet Carolina” and then listen to Robert. It makes me smile. 🙂

  41. Twilighter says:

    Stop saying that the lexicon didn’t ask permission and stop saying it’s not an exclusive!! Stop complaining and give them a break!!

  42. ohh my.
    his music is absolutely beautiful …. ♥


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