Borders Announces Its Midnight Release Theme


Borders has just unveiled their theme for their midnight release parties. After months of listening to and taking suggestions from you the fans, this is what they have come up with according to their press release:

More than 900 Borders and Waldenbooks stores across the country will celebrate the highly anticipated release of “Breaking Dawn,”…with exciting in-store book release parties beginning at 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 1 and culminating at midnight when the book officially goes on sale. The Borders and Waldenbooks parties, themed “From Twilight til Dawn: A Night with a Bite,” will include costume contests, trivia contests and lively debates on themes from the book series.

To locate a participating Borders or Waldenbooks store, visit  (note items are still being added to this site)

All Borders and Waldenbooks customers are encouraged to attend the free parties dressed as characters from the book series to participate in the “Supernatural Soiree” costume contest. The fun begins at 10 p.m. with the “So You’re in Love with a Vampire?” trivia contest using questions supplied from…,… Customers will also have the opportunity to decide who the character Bella will choose for her true love – Jacob or Edward – during the “Love Is Perfectly Paranormal” debate. Throughout the “From Twilight til Dawn” parties, there will be prizes for contest winners, including special souvenirs and a chance to be first in line at midnight to purchase the book.


  1. I am wicked thrilled! I hope the Lexicon will post something about it, because I am not going without my best friend, I mean she is just as much of a Twi-hard as I am. She is unable to go, and it feels like betrayal to go without her. But I am still so excited, because Breaking Dawn will soon be released!!!!

  2. omg im soo going and most likely gonna past out from adreadline

  3. okay so first off hello to everyone im new here and im having trouble posting on the new kid in town thread so i just wanted to introduce myself.i’m Yasmine!!!!!

    i’m soo excited .yaaaay no prom dresses. but i’m not sure which to go 2. i already pre-ordered from Barnes and Nobles and they’re handing them out at the party BUT borders seems like so much fun plus i won’t need to wear a prom dress hmmmmmmm

  4. jalice90 says:

    Dang it. My local Borders is awful and unorganized, and I refuse to ever go there again, but this DOES sound awesome…

  5. TwilightLover!!! says:

    I am sooo excited for Breaking Dawn!!!! I live in a small town in Kansas…so I don’t have a Borders. 🙁 Instead, a lot of people talked to our Hastings and they’re having a midnight release party! Yay!!!!

  6. Wow, that’s great for everyone near a Borders! I hope everyone who goes has a great time! Oh, and I just found out that the Barnes & Noble in ny town is having a midnight release party. Woo hoo!

  7. Alunamai says:


    Anyone near Oak PArk IL? Cause it would be so cool to get together and party!

  8. I am going as Alice! I just love the way she is and plus I remind all my Twilight friends of Alice. Can not wait.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I’m sort of by Oak Park, Alunamai. Are you going to the one in Schaumburg?

  10. Alunamai says:

    No… I’m goign to the one in Oak Park.. unless i find a place to stay for another location (other than Norridge) I am going to oak park or norridge… I also don’t want to put anyone out

  11. Cassandra says:

    I AM SO GOIN!!!!I cannot wait for August to come! It is going to be so AMAZING!! If only I could decide who to dress us as?

  12. WOW!!! i’m so there!! my local store is doing wedding portaits and vampire make overs!! can’t wait!!

  13. Claire Ateara says:

    Lola, I don’t know if you ever got an answer, but YES, they did promise us a full trailer. Sometime this summer, hopefully we can see it…

  14. Haha oh god possibly the lamest theme ever.

    I still wish I could go though 😀

  15. Mrs. Cullen says:

    They are having release parties at BARNES AND NOBLE stores as well. There will be trivia and activities and contests. It’s not just a borders thing, and since borders are having a lot of financial problems and practically going out of business, I’m pretty sure B&N will put more time and effort into and will probably receive more copies of the book!

  16. Lialice says:

    Dang! Foronce in my life I wish to life in the US…

  17. Liyana :) says:

    Hehe, cool!
    Hopefully it’s gonna be an international event too!

  18. terrifying little monster says:

    I feel like the oldest Twilighter alive, but I’m am so excited. I wish I had a Borders near me. We have Books A Million and B&N, but I’d much rather dress for a Borders party than a prom! (I just turned 36!) Besides, then I have to find a boot to wear for my foot!!

  19. twilight 4-eva says:

    i went to my local B&N and they said to come in costume, so i don’t think you have to go in prom stuff.

    i’m going as a dazzling vampire!

  20. Alunamai says:

    Mrs. Cullen that may be out by you… since i haven’t heard of such thing here… the only thing going out of business possibly is Walden Books… because Borders is closing them… and that is a fact. And Barnes and Nobles is for Snobs. Every time i’ve been in one the employees and the people who shop there (at every one i’ve been too) they have been snobs. I have been to all the ones in my area and in the california area…

    any ways… still can’t wait.

  21. Please vote fot Twilight cast

    Only four days to win…. 🙂

  22. edwarded says:

    In these kind of times, I seriously regret I’m living in France… *sobs* But I’m curious of what costumes could be made on the Twilight theme ? I mean, there are no peculiar costumes but the Volturi’s and Bella’s prom dress…

    ~~~ Actually, there are lots of ways you could dress up.  Given the footage from the movie, I’m expecting people to come with versions of the Cullen Crest.  I’ve seen people dressed up with wild hair and looking dirty passing themselves off as Victoria.  You could event go for a transformed "werewolf" look with ears and a tail.  From what I saw from the E-Prom, I’m sure there will be lots of creative people dressed up as various characters. 

  23. Melanie says:

    That sounds awesome! I hope the book signing is over early enough for me to…get back to New Jersey…get changed (maybe) for the costume thing…get to a bookstore…. But then I might end up going to Barnes and Noble! I don’t know, they’re both so close to me 😮 It depends on where my friends go, I guess. Of course, I like Barnes and Noble better 😉 For one, I have some extra gift cards for there, lol 😀

  24. Too bad our Walden books went out of business. I’ll have to try talking our Hastings store into having one

  25. twilight 4-eva says:

    Wow. Everyone at my B&N is super nice and helpful. A bunch of them have even read the twilight stuff and are super excited about the midnight party.

  26. Ilu_una says:

    I was waiting for a confirmation of the Midnight Release Party. They’ve had a sign up at the Borders I go to, but no one had any details.

    But now its a GO! WOOT! I am totally there.

    Anybody who lives in Puerto Rico, let me know! We can so meet up there! I’m going to the one in Carolina. The one in Plaza las Americas is going to be SWAMPED.

    I’m very very pale and have long dark hair and eyes, so unless I cut my hair and get contact lenses (for Alice) I’m going as Bella, as no doubt countless others will be. But I’m going to try and get my friends to come with me as Jacob AND Edward. DOUBLE SCORE! XD

  27. lidiacriss says:

    YES!!!!!!!!! finally, I’ve been wating for this! YAY! Ugg! I’m gonna have to go as Rosalie or Angela though, I have blond hair, and am tall, not pale enough to play Rosalie though, oh well. Ha ha, I’m pretty sure I can get a Bella, and a victoria to come, maybe a jane, ha ha that would be fun, too bad none of my guy friends look like Edward. or any of the vampires or werewolves..oh well

  28. Me and my huge group of friends are each doing a different character. I got Jane, mwahahahaha. Sorry. Crazy obsessive moment here. We basically are covering all the female characters. We even offered to pay one of my friend’s brothers to dress up as Emmett. He denied, stupid boy…. Oh well

  29. chicksadee says:

    i am os mad! my parents decidecd that we are going on vacation and we are coming back the third! URG!!!

  30. StephAnie I wish I was StephEnie. says:

    I AM SO THERE LIKE…. LIKE….. Alice on a shopping trip!!!!

    Oooo. I know what Im going as ALICE!!!! I think I dress kind of like she does…. Though Im like a foot taller than her. Im hoping my friends come…. Jessi should so be Rosalie. She looks like her.

  31. *Edward~Bella* says:

    Costume contest? YEEEEEEASSSSSS!!!! gold contacts anyone? 😉 WHOOT 😀

  32. The Borders party sounds so good but I have both stores close to me and now I have no clue where to go. I don’t know if I should do the prom theme though. But I would love to dress up as alice. LOL I’m pretty short and have black hair but i need ideas of what to wear. Are there any other Alice’s out there who have ideas. I have a pixie costume but I really dont think thats original. Help Please !!!!!!!!!!!

  33. COOL!!!
    but now i dont know weather to go to the barnes and nobles one or the borders one…..
    barnes and nobles dosent really have much info about the party on its website
    well i cant wait anyways!!!!!!

  34. Eh, even if there are going to be any release parties near me I don’t think I’ll go. What’s the point? I’ll get the book at midnight, go home, be so exhausted, and go to bed and not start reading it until the next morning. Whereas if I didn’t go, I’d get a full nights’ sleep and get up early feeling refreshed, instead of crabby, go down to borders and pick up a copy without all the crowds. I’ll live if I miss the costume contests. I’ll wear a twilight shirt when I go to pick up my book, but that’ll be it.

  35. Is this just for the USA?

  36. i don’t understand, why does it say that the customer will have the oportunity to decide who bella will choose for her true love -jacob or edward-.. i thought she had already chosen edward.. do you think she’ll really go back on her word? also, the customers don’t have any say in who she’ll end up with, right?

    ~~~ It’s a debate topic about who the people in attendance think Bella should end up with.  It will have no effect on the actual outcome of the book. It’s just for fun to get your thoughts going.

  37. Alunamai says:

    i don’t understand, why does it say that the customer will have the oportunity to decide who bella will choose for her true love -jacob or edward-.. i thought she had already chosen edward.. do you think she’ll really go back on her word? also, the customers don’t have any say in who she’ll end up with, right?

    It’s just a contest… basically who you like more.

    if you went to the HP release last year, you will remember the Great Snape Debate… where you chose if he was loyal or an arse…

    twilight 4-eva:
    Wow. Everyone at my B&N is super nice and helpful. A bunch of them have even read the twilight stuff and are super excited about the midnight party.

    I’m going on past experiences… but… like i said… it could just be the ones that i have been to… Northside (the “rich” side of chicago”) and Oak Brook and a few other choice locations. (shudders on the thought of Oak Brook… I just don’t fit in there…)

  38. I’m going to reveal my utlra geek here, but i bought some topaz contact lenses yesterday 😀

    I’m SO going to wear them all day August second! It’s a shame i’m in the UK though, i’m hoping that theres going to be some kind of event near here… *crosses fingers*

  39. “Debates on the themes.”

    hmm, aka, epic Edward v. Jacob battles.

  40. Anything happening with borders in the UK?

  41. ianwardistheperfectcombo says:

    exactly how to dress??? gah…im going to be on vacation when the book comes out, luckily in the US. i looked up the borders near where i’m going, and luckily, there is one only 23 minutes away!!! but how am i going to bring a costume all the way across the country practically…?

  42. a.leigh says:

    IM SO EXCITED!! even though most likely my mom isn’t going to let me go!! there’s a borders near me that’s half and hour away thats having the party! I WANNA GOO!!! i would dress up as bella…jeans and a tee shirt! aahah so original.

  43. faizacullen (team edward) says:

    i really like the theme :] its going to be awesome!

  44. I bought topaz contact lenses too!!! I am totally going as Alice!

  45. Michelle says:

    i dont know if anyone answered this yet but so far i haven’t seen any response to this question

    will there be a release party in the borders express too? Thats the only one i have close to me (and its in a mall)

  46. I think so….I guess it depends on the store, but you could try looking it up. I hope it works out!!!

  47. Michelle says:

    Thanks but I guess I might have to go to B & N instead which i dont really mind since I heard the HP release party they hosted was amazing

  48. We should make T-shirts with the theme From Twilight til Dawn: A Night with Bite on them that would be so cool. It would be really cool to have a design that we wore.

  49. Stephanie says:

    Where did you guys buy your contacts?

  50. skarlet7 says:

    Me, my daughter and her best friend are going to the Borders close to us! I may be the oldest mom there ,Im 48 years young! But Im in love with Edward too! Cant wait for the book! Cant wait to get my twilight mom shirt either!

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