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Seth has updated the Stephenie Meyer website with an exciting announcement regarding the upcoming webcasting of the Breaking Dawn Tour.  Check it out and register today!

FYI – The New York event is SOLD OUT!!!

FYI – The Los Angeles event is SOLD OUT!!!

Harris Theater Chicago for the Harris Theater, the phone number for the theater is 312-334-7777 It is unknown by us if they are sold out. The phone lines also seem to be locked up.

As of 2:01 eastern time there were seats available for Seattle in the 1st-3rd balconies.


Novel Novice celebrates Edward Cullen’s 107th birthday with a history lesson a la Edward.




There is a stunning new picture of Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) on the Official Twilight Movie website.  Please note that the Twilight widget is updated as the website is, so if you want to be up to date on the latest information as soon as its live, get the Twilight widget!


 Breaking Dawn to release on August 4th in the Philippines.  (A shoutout to all our readers from the Philipines!)



Bite of Twilight shares its top ten favorite Twilight Love Letters that you submitted to their website.


The Twilight Guy falls in love with Vampire Baseball as he reviews chapter 17: The Game.




  1. cullengirl says:

    I think we shot down their server. I can’t get thru and their phone line is busy!!! O.O. I hope we can get thru!

  2. CoolsocksSam says:

    does anyone kno the number for harris? i didnt rite it down before the page crashed D:

  3. cullengirl says:

    Yeah, it’s 312-334-7777, but it’s busy. I’ve called like 20 times by now. 🙁

  4. 312-334-7777 for harris

  5. Cassandra says:

    AHHHHHHHH IM GNA GO CRAZYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I have tickets to NYC! Hurray!

  7. sarafromdc says:

    i heard NY was sold out, in like 30 minutes. But i got my tickets

  8. I got through on my first try at ticketmaster for the NYC tickets, but took too long filling out my credit card info… now i can’t get through! I even called up ticketmaster and asked if they’re sold out, but the guy said he didn’t know. I’m just hoping that they’ll release more throughout the day. It can’t be sold out already!!! nooo!!!

  9. WOOHOO! Got my tickets for Royce Hall! The page was loading really slow (as I expected) so I made myself be patient. Patience is a virtue =)

  10. christian says:

    did anyone get Chicago tickets??!?!
    everyone on IMDb is freaking out including me..

  11. Allison says:

    are you even getting the busy signal for Harris? I’ll call and hear nothing. Not even the busy signal!

  12. Cassandra says:

    at least it loaded 4 u the harris page isnt working. and its impossible 2 get thru on the phone. ive been trying 4 30minutes. 🙁

  13. cullengirl says:

    I still can’t get thru. I’ve been trying since 11:59 AM CST! I hope they don’t sell out!

  14. christian says:

    the thing is… wouldn’t they have some idea that this would happen???!!

  15. I haven’t been able to get through to harris on the phone or website. If NYC really sold out in 30 min then I imagine Chicago will be the same.

  16. i got links on the calendar but no tickets

  17. same i have been doing this since 11:59. absolutely nothing. grrrr.
    “All circuits are busy please try or call again later.” i despise phones and computers right now!

  18. cullengirl says:

    I got the Harris’ page but I can’t log in! And that lady on the phone is REALLY getting on my nerves.

  19. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    when are they going to fix their website! iwant a ticket soooooooo bad this is extremly frustrating!

    twilighters unite!

  21. I think the website is too busy and that’s what the problem is. I don’t think they are having technical problems…just too many people trying to buy tickets.

  22. cullengirl says:

    People under-estimate the power of Stephenie Meyer! They don’t understand how awesome she is and how loyal her fan base is. Grr..It’s going to be an hour soon and still no luck with tickets. I’m going to keep trying.

  23. CoolsocksSam says:

    i dont think the chicago tickets will sell out as fast because the ny tickets were only online and the site actually worked. the chicago ones, no one can get on the site and few can get on the phone, so less tickets are being sold thus far.

  24. Got my tickets for Seattle, I’m on the first level, Row CC!!! I’m so excited!!!

  25. so i am so mad at myself….
    i started ordering my tickets right at 10:00
    but before they search for tickets you have type in the code thingy…AND I COULDN’T READ IT!!!! and i kept on trying to get codes(i had 3 diffent pages open for the same thing) so i gave up on the and started that audio code…couldn’t figue out how that worked so i went beckto the regualr code..i finally got it at 10:02 and i was looking for 3 tickets…and then i got orestra seats! (row y though) but then when i tried to orderthem i got like error on pge…so then i had to try again and go through the whole code process again.. i did get tickets though BRCOR/ B 152-156 , its like day and night compared to the tickets i had gotten previously….. i’m just so happy i am fortunate enough to be going!!! =D

  26. Tatiana says:

    This sucks ive been trying for half an hour to get tickets to LA and it wouldn’t let me get tickets together and now its sold out?
    Un fricken believable

  27. i got the tickets at 10:07

    look what five mins later can do….

    you go from orchestra seating to all the way in the top in a corner

    I think my vision was all screwed up because i was so excitied

    my hands were shaking when i was typing, that could have contributed to the whole code mess too…


    YAY!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

    =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

  28. Raeanne says:

    The Chicago Harris website is also UBER backed up!! I NEED these tickets!!!!!!!

  29. I am literally crying because I can’t get through to Harris. I’ve been dialing every 3 seconds since noon.

    I’ve found them online through a scalper for $490 each! It’s not fair that scalpers got to them before us!

  30. Yay I got my tickets for LA!!!!!

  31. yup yup…i’m going to the one in La too.

    sorry to hear that…

    wow almost 2000 tickets all of them sold out with in the nest 45 min.

  32. wow
    i hate scalpers

  33. CoolsocksSam says:

    u kno wat i really hate? b4 some of the recorded busy messages, there’s background noise of people talking, so it SOUNDS like u got through, but then u hear the beepbeepbeep. i hate that beep.

  34. thats not gfair….and that is way too much for those tickes

    those scalpers are awful

    wow $20 to $490…

    thats unbelievable

  35. Alunamai says:

    Harris theaters website isn’t working… as in… everytime i try to get onto the site… it goes to aol search… or forbidden…

  36. Raeanne says:

    I have three phone lines going here!

  37. xingaling says:

    i got to the calender
    but i can’t but the tickets?

  38. cullengirl says:

    I got an error that said “Internal Server Error” on the website. I still can’t get anywhere and the phone line is still busy!

    That doesn’t surprise me with the scalper. They have an insider to get the tickets ahead of time.

  39. I wish someone could figure out if harris is sold out.

  40. oh i wish i could help…

  41. Special K says:

    I’ve been called Harris for the past hour and a half on multiple phones. This is ridiculous, they better not sell out.

    I’ve lashed out on the recording more than once already.

  42. Cassandra says:

    hour and 15minutes and i havent been able to get thru.! ugh!!

  43. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    people! Use your landlines! I think those work better than cellphones, i just got 3 tickets for chicago! Road trip from Texas here I go!

  44. arghh why does the harris website have to crash? ive been refreshing for over an hour and calling nonstop.

  45. Ticketliquidator is selling the Chicago tickets for $282 for balcony seating, and $369 for orchestra seating… in case anyone is interested… (and the page loads!)

  46. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been trying Harris for an hour now! I’m working 2 phones and I’m still getting “circuits are busy, please try again later” >

  47. ummm…

    i’ll try to see if there is ANY other way of getting those tickets

    I feel just awful for you guys

  48. cullengirl says:

    Ditto, Cassandra. I can get the SM and Justin description of the event but I still can’t get tickets! This so is frustrating!!

  49. $369 for tickets? thats crazy!! i hope chicago isnt sold out yet ;(

  50. Stephanie says:

    I wanna thank the Lexicon for the updates too ^-^

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