Christian Serratos and Justin Chon

While on set of the movie Twilight in Portland, Oregon we ran into Justin Chon and Christian Serratos warming up by the fire after shooting a scene for the film.  The clip below will give you a glimpse into the fun and playfullness that happens behind the camera even in the worst shooting conditions. 



  1. Sabrina says:

    Christian, Justin and Taylor look COLD. They are adorable. Christian has the cutest giggle.

  2. tusmørke says:

    argh, taylor looks so damn cute 😀

  3. Out-Of-The-Shadows says:

    Aw man! I can’t see it and I see from the comments that its so good…:( I wanted to see Jake…:(

    Can anyone give -us who can’t see it- a link?

  4. BAHAHA Taylor seemed pretty surprised when the camera turned on him. JUstin and Christian are soo funny! They’re adorable!

  5. CULLENizedxx says:

    i’m happy they have such great chemistry..
    and taylorr..haha. i love how the camera turned to him and he was just like …UHHHH…

    although i do feel bad for them, it must of been (and probably still is) pretty cold up there ..

  6. Awww, they’re so cute.
    And Eric and Ben’s characters got combined, right? So Angela and Eric-who’s-actually-Ben-too are really lovers. Yay. Wait.
    Was that what he meant?

    I’m so happy. Taylor makes me smile.

  7. You have it exactly right Dusk.

  8. awwwe, i love the lex videos. (:
    they did a fabulous job with the cast, in my opinion.

    and taylor is absolutely adorable !
    i love him. 😀

  9. I have to agree with Carla, my heart did a small leap when the camera switched over to him. He’s just so adorable and great. As for Justin and Christian, they’re so cute together. It’s cool they get to be a couple on Twilight. They seemed a little shy but they know how to have fun. Justin is funny and Christian is awesome. =] Thanks for the vid!

  10. haha they are funny, it looked like they were having a great time!! lol

  11. Christian is so sweet. Justins funny! They sure did have a fun time filming. Thanks for putting this up. I really like seeing all the cast vids.

  12. that was really cute…”were lovers” that’s funny. i loved how justin puts taylor on the spot. that was funny. im glad they’re having fun. just wished they weren’t perishing from the cold there. 🙂

  13. Aw, that is so cute!

    The first time I read the Twilight series that song kept popping up in my head. And there is even a part in the books where Bella says something like “Here in his arms”. It was trippy.

  14. anna_crazy_overa_twilight says:

    omg…i love it…and like everyone says chrisitan and justin have wonderful chemistry along with all the couples on twilight..thats good for the movie…and ofcouse when the put it on taylor..i smiled hes so damn cute

  15. Breexiah says:

    Taylor has 4 seconds in the vid and has more taylor success than the rest of the interview hahaha
    He is so adorable, I completely smiled when I saw him, he is the perfect Jacob!!

  16. omg……. i agree when i saw taylori smiled so big…… he soooo stole the vid, i also had the most AMAZING dream ever….it was like me and taylor knew eachother and he kert hugging me and kissing me on the forhead or cheek…….. IT WAS AMAZING!!! y did i have to wake up? lol

  17. icky vicky says:


    I think that both of them are going to be perfect! They both seem so great, so I hope that they’re not in like one sec of the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  18. ForEternity says:

    Seeing the cast together really makes the whole movie all the more special.

    A big ‘thankyou’ to the Twilight Lexicon for putting these little vids together for us fans.

  19. rhiannon says:

    OMG tha was soooo cute

    they will both play briliant Angela/eric.

    loved tylor he is bril for jacob

  20. rhiannon says:

    plz comment after watching 🙁

    It is good bella/edward pics cartoon and not!

  21. Werewolf vs. Vampire says:


    I am on the fence between werewolf and vampire and Taylor is pushing me over!


    He is soooo perfect

  22. Jinja Gore says:


  23. IluvTWILIGHT! says:

    OMG! i loved it! Taylor was so cute! It made me smile so big when I saw him! I’m really glad that he was casted as Jacob! and I loved how Cristian and Justin seemed so comfortable with each other! They are a perfect Angela/Erick!!!! I love it!!!!!! :p

  24. Erin Cullen says:

    That was so cute! They are perfect! It was so funny seein Taylor; he looks so adorable! I’m like, downsizing them to small children by saying all of this, haha.

  25. OMG that was so wierd i was actually listening to that song before i watched the video yes i love justin and taylor and chrisitan is perfect as angela and justin is perfect as eric lol do you guys know that justin is in that just jordan show on nickeldeon anyways when the camera flashed to taylor i nearly fainted he is soooooooo gorgeous!!!!!! what i would do to be in the middle of all that!

  26. I like this video. They are so cute and I LOVE Taylor as Jacob. I think he fits Jacob perfectly.

  27. Saturday Blogger says:

    its okay i think he tried hard. if you want to learn more about twilight go to

  28. OMG. I luv luv luv Taylor. He is to perfect for jacob, and that smile…*sigh* Anyway, Justin and Cristian look great together but doesn’t Angela go out with Ben. Is Ben even going to be in the movie?! I Hope he is because Steph makes it a big deel in MS.
    “Thanks Lex”

  29. Btw, When I say MS I hope u know I mean Midnight Sun(partial draft of cors)

  30. How hot can that boy get(Taylor)Hav u seen the new photos of him yet! OMG!!!!!!!! Justin reminds me of that kid in(now, dont laugh)A Disny movie. the one w/ brenda song in it and the stone worriers. I think hes the bro to Brenda in that movie.As for Cristian, I recognize her but from where, I don’t know.

  31. Thanks Lex, luv ur stuf. cant wait 2 see the movie, and luv the chemistry w/ all the couples.

  32. I just read Taylor did a voise over in Charlie Brown! How cool is that! Plus, Wat time zone is this in cuz its only 10 here yet it says 12?

  33. 12:10 /\ ha! did I get it right!

  34. 12:14!!!!!!!! OMG this is fun and weird!

  35. justin love

  36. justin love yat


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