Twilight Tuesday

Stephenie teams up with Blue October for what can only be called the COOLEST book signing tour in history!  For more details, pop on over to MTV’s blog where Blue October front man Justin Furstenfeld talks about his involvement with the tour and possibly writing Twilight inspired music. 

Tour dates:

August 1st – New York City, Nokia Theater at Times Square

August 5th – Chicago, Harris Theater

August 7th – Los Angeles, Royce Hall

August 12th – Seattle, Benaroya Hall

More information on ticketing to come.  Use the threads above to begin planning your meet ups in these areas.  And before the upheaval begins, yes we know there are only 4 signing dates.  And yes, that will be it for now as there are no other dates planned at this point.  These are HUGE venues.  The Theater seating capacities range from 1,588 on the smallest to 2,500 at the largest. 

This type of signing has never been done before!  This is an unprecedented event – history in the making.  Please remember that Stephenie is one person and that she has already done one big tour this year!  Stephenie reminded us of this on her website.  She even gave a hint that she is trying to find a way so that no one will miss out on the fun.

I’ve toured extensively in the past three years and I need to scale it back for my own mental and physical health. Don’t panic, though — if I’m not coming anywhere close to your town, we’re working on a way to make sure everyone can see the fun of the Breaking Dawn events!                             ~Stephenie


Explanation of the New York signing bookplate:

The New York signing will indeed take place before the release of Breaking Dawn.  Little Brown is making allowances for this by supplying Bookplates to those in attendance.  A book plate is a sticker, like the author signed one in this picture,  that can be placed in your copy of Breaking Dawn once you have purchased it later that weekend. 


  1. first!!!! es awesome BOctober

  2. youtube anyone?

  3. im at work and cant see it…anyone want to put it on youtube or at least describe whats going on? Pretty please??

  4. CastMeNotAway says

    That IS really cool and everything… but she’s only doing FOUR stops on the tour? I knew she said this tour would be smaller, but I didn’t think she meant it like THAT!

    Maybe she will do a few regular-style appearances later? I sure hope so, because I was really looking forward to meeting her again!

    (And yes, I realize she’s very tired from her last show/has a family to take care of, ect… but I’m still kind of disappointed and hoping that she’ll be making a few more appearances for BD!)

  5. *sigh* i just wish she was coming to DC.

  6. Clairbear says

    i hope she comes to the UK again. I couldnt make the one other time she came here, i’d defo make another event!

  7. I was hoping for DC, too (since I will be on vacation there), but I’m going to try for the NYC date. πŸ™‚

  8. IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy she is coming NEW York! I was screaming and called like all my friends, but anyway:
    I’m going to be in Italy when the tickets go on sale, I was just wonderin if I can buy them over there.

  9. What is the video of on the article? I live in the UK so I can’t watch it!
    Anyway, Blue October? Love Blue October! lol

  10. amylicious says

    who are blue october???
    anyways, the best music in the film will be what ROBERT PATTINSON composes and performs, of course.
    love him!

  11. I was surprised to see one on 8/1. I would have thought Stephenie might do a midnight release thing unless maybe that is it.

  12. xingaling says

    the first three threads lead to the same place

  13. If the show starts at 7 or 8 on 8/1 then fans might have a tough decision on where to go. Stephenie signing or a midnight release party. If she’s signing autographs it is unlikely that she would be done in just a few hours.

  14. well…i suppose Chicago would be the closest area to me if i live in MI-YAY!!!

  15. THE twilighter. says

    soo happy about this whole blue october thing.
    i think their music is so perfect for twilight/ new moon/ eclipse/ breaking dawn.
    though i would have prefered muse πŸ˜€

    i feel like crying cause she’ll only do 4 stops.
    well, i live in germany. i know she wouldn’t come here again [she’s been here in february i believe, but i missed her visit and i would have loved to see her] but anyway. it’s very disappointing. don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful.. but.. argh. it’s kinda confusing.

  16. WhoAreTheBrave says

    Seattle here I come!

  17. This is the big exciting news? I was kinda hoping for the trailer, haha. Don’t hate me but I am underwhelmed about this Twilight Tuesday. But I am happy for all you guys who are excited;)

  18. HECK YES CHICAGO!!! πŸ˜€

  19. is she ever going to make her way down south in ANY tour???

  20. Whats funny is that I remember only a few short months ago when even the slightest of Movie news was “squee able”. This is a wonderful Twilight Tuesday offering, and unprecedented event that will be making history!

  21. i must say I am alittle disspointed. I will admit i saw it coming. I new there would be 4 stops, and i guessed it would be those four. But what gets me the most is that she said if i came near your city during the host tour then I am not coming there again. Hello um LA is really close to San diego and also they get that convention in July.
    i completely understand that she is busy and tired, i would be too. Ilove stephenie, and think she is a great writer and all that. But this is sad.
    I know some of these places are huge but it is still going to be a blood bath to get tickets. Especially since you are going to try and squeeze the entire ignored east coast and i assume a chunk on Canada into a 2,100 seat theater.

  22. WhoAreTheBrave says

    Can we buy tickets for the events yet?
    Are they even going to be ticketed at all?

  23. This is great. New York is not far from Philly so I am definitely in for the New York venue. As much as I am looking forward to the midnight party for Breaking Dawn how many times do you get to meet Stephenie Meyers.

  24. Sweet. It rocks to live 30 min out of seattle.

  25. i dont see why they made sucha big deal about tis weeks twilight tuesday. i dont really like blue october…but i thought the news would be more amazing like her coming to england! i know that aint possible but still wpuld have been amazing!

  26. Danny Chipman says

    I’m curious as to why her first stop for a Breaking Dawn book signing/promo is on the 1st, when the book doesn’t come out till the next day. Is this a midnight party or something?

    Sounds like loads of fun, but I’ll just squirrel myself away here and celebrate Breaking Dawn on my lonesome, the way I like to. I’m too old (22 feels old when you have a baby) to do all the hard-core fangirl stuff, like book signings and midnight release parties, anymore.

  27. Twilight tuesday was cool, but that doesn’t mean much to us non-americans.

  28. googlyeyes says

    Wow im excited. Even though im not goignt to be able to go to any of these events im still pretty excited about this. I mean look. This is the first time anyone has ever done something like this!! She’s making HISTORY!!!!
    So im really looking forward to it!!

  29. Stephanie says

    Awww…I was hoping that Pittsburgh might get some Twilight love :[

    But anyways…awesome news! It should be a cool tour.

  30. ewwww….

    blue october???


  31. Whats the deal with skipping New Orleans? Is she afraid of the vampires that roam the city (LOL, ya know Lestat)
    Even if she went to Houston, I coulda conned dh on a *vacation*

  32. Wow, great news for all of you who can go! Have fun!

    Living in USA must be really awesome in times like this one.

    *le sigh*

  33. i think thats REALLY cool, for stephanie and all the people who will attend, im also glad that no other book series has ever do this on their tour and that were the first ones to start πŸ˜€
    It sucks though if your not in america or anywere near were shes going to do the book signings :/ lol like me πŸ˜›

  34. why do i have to live in germany πŸ™
    it’s to far to go to the U.S….

  35. youknow as much as i love to see steohenie im a bit mad about the tour date for the only event i can go to. It’s the NY one and it’s August 1st??? Umm i kinda want to see her the day AFTER that so that way i can get Breaking Dawn signed. I mean everyone else after that can get their BD signed, but it doesn’tcome out until the next day. It doesn’t really feel that fair to me….

    I dont know.Ill be there anyway becuase i love twilight and wouldnt miss the oppertunity, but still…

  36. People in new york get a bd book plate and part of me wonders if that’s code for the book. πŸ™‚ So maybe there is hope for you.

  37. at least you CAN go πŸ˜€

  38. !!!! I’m sooo excited. !!!
    Didn’t she say that she wasn’t doing a tour for BD though, and only for The Host?
    Haha, but whatever, the more the better! πŸ™‚

  39. If it really was a bookmark why wouldn’t they be giving one out at all of the events? I could see them giving the book out in NY since the people who go would almost surely miss getting the book at midnight and then they would also be able to get it signed.

    See edit in post above for Bookplate explaination.  ~Cocoa


    I’m definitely going to the show in NYC. Definitely. It’ll be like an early birthday present–my birthday’s on the eighth. =D

  41. πŸ™ *yawns* back to bed..

  42. sarafromDC says

    *Sctarching her head* So i am confused. I want to go to the one in NY but the details are a little confusing. It says that all the fans who goto the NY event will get an autographed bookplate (which for those of you who dont know is just something that you like slide into the book, it is not the book itself). So does this mean that the fans will not even get to meet stephenie. Isn’t the point of a book signing tour to have to opportunity to wait in line to have your book personally signed? i dont want to travel all that way for an event just to sit in a crowd and listen to her talk (even though that would still be an honor). I want to meet her (again πŸ™‚ ).

    Unfortunately the article is down at the moment, but it does say that you will have the oppurtunity to bring a Stephenie book of your choice to be signed.  There will be more details to come in the next few days, but rest assured, it will be a normal meet the Author type signing.  ~Cocoa

  43. Im going to go to the signing in NY and hopefuly make it to a Barnes and Noble before midnight…..ahh, a twilight filled day.
    Blue October? I hope its not a long concert, i just want to see Stephenie

  44. Saiyachick says

    I’ll probably go to the Seattle or LA showing.

    Blue October isn’t that great live. They are very disorganized.

  45. I thought the book plates would be for her to sign. I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t be autographing. The problem with the 8/1 is that if it starts at 7 or 8 and they do a performance, q&a and autographs I don’t see how people would make it to a bookstore by midnight. Signing autographs for 2000 people will take hours.

  46. I’m speechless. I already called my husband and had a gush-fest (good thing he loves me, lol)! I’m so excited I can’t even sit still (too bad I’m at work!). I love, love, love Blue October. My FAVORITE band! I even have a Blue October inspired tattoo that I got last December.

    Fingers totally crossed that I can make it to the Chicago show on Aug 5th. But, my 4th baby is due Aug 13th and I’m always early. It might not be wise to risk it.

    Wow! Still just…..yeah, wow!!!!

    Hey doubters, don’t worry! I promise you’ll love this!!! I’m completely obsessed with this band (yeah, totally on a Twilight level) and Justin will not disappoint!!!

    Okay, I’m done. I still can’t believe it. I HATE that I’m stuck at work right now and can’t call everyone I know and go on and on and on and on……

  47. sarafromDC says

    yes i must agree. I love Blue october so much. I have seen them in concert twice before and they were awesome. Seeing that they were going to be there was kind of the icing on the cake for me

  48. PsychoPyro813 says

    I have to ask: what time do the events start? Because that’s during band camp for me (August 5), and that week it goes from 6-9 and can’t miss it. So I’m hoping the concert/signing is before that time. It kills me that I live close enough Chicago to go to the event, and I might not be able to.

  49. La tua Cantante says

    LAME,Why cant she be in San Fransisco on Aug.1st??? I wll be visiting a friend there then.
    I havnt been able to go to ANY of her tours,I’m so sad.
    I am going to try my Harfest to make it to a the Midnight Sun one if there wil be one.

  50. Yeah…it really WILL be a bloodbath to get tickets to the NYC event. Any bets on how long before it’s sold out? lol

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