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A great new podcast has come to us from Three Chicks and a Mic.  These woman talk Twilight Series to the world and make you laugh.  *There is a content advisory on the podcast.


Remember that awesome clip brought to you by MTV at the Movie awards last Sunday?  It is now available in HD!  Click the blue button marked HD beside the video box.



For our Mac users and ITunes lovers out there, the Twilight Teaser Trailer is now available on Apple Trailers.  And the Twilight fan reactions to the Excluisve MTV clip is also available and free to download from MTV’s Flicked on Itunes!



  1. it worked really slow for me at first and all i got was a white sceen for me to but i still tried and after like the 20th time it worked

  2. THOUGHT: hey did you guys ever realize that in the last clip in the trailer, when they’re in I THINK edward’s room, or the study…. that rob and kristen…or should i say edward and bella, are must be holding hands? sort of up in the air though?
    because I did about a 20 minute millisecond play by play of the trailer and it looks like that to me..

    also, i swear to god if they dare have the first kiss before the meadow, or any time that is not very closer afterwards in the woods, I will throw something at the screen.

  3. The MTV Thing is not working. 🙁

    Can someone PLEASE post on


  4. Can someone at least post the Hd version on YouTube. PLEASE???????????

  5. This sucks!!! I can’t watch the clip in HD. When i click on the thingy that says HD a different screen pops up but it doesn’t play the clip and I do have QuickTime 🙁

  6. Dazzled says:

    That podcast was….um….interesting.

  7. Andrea: I understand, I have the same problem. UGH!!!!!!:(

  8. Hey, have you guys checked there tons of twilight videos there

  9. Hey it’s Adele from Three Chicks and a Mic. Thanks for those of you who checked out our podcast. We love the book enormously and are so grateful for the support.

    In relation to Cassandra and Abby, sorry if it came across as belittling the teen readers. It’s just all three of us are old (in our 20’s lol). Hopefully you enjoyed the discussion aside from that slip up and maybe continue to listen. Please email us with your concerns, we appreciate feedback of any kind. We have some great topics coming up and some Lexicon-ers have emailed in with their Twilight opinions.


  10. Bite-Me says:

    I’m gutted I can’t see Edward’s amazing expression in HD.
    This stupid laptop. GRRRRR
    I miss my PC.

    The same goes for my iTunes. I had to record the MTV scene and the trailer using my mobile.
    I feel like a good cry.

  11. Kathrin says:

    same with me, Bite-Me!! i’ve tried it now like a thousand times over the last 20 hours… i’m fed up. :””'(
    think we’ll have to wait until someone comes up with a working hd version

  12. If the podcast is anything like the ones you had ill love it!

  13. We received some great emails from Twilight readers and will address them in our next episode due out next week. If there is something you feel we left out of the Twlight discussion or that we interpreted wrongly please drop us a line.
    You can download (and subscribe) through iTunes by typing in ‘Three Chicks and a Mic’ into the search. Thanks again for the all the Twilighter support, we love this site and our fellow readers.



  1. […] June 9, 2008 at 6:45 am (Uncategorized) The kind folks at Twilight Lexicon mentioned our podcast in their June 8th ‘In the News’ section and we were beside ourselves with glee.  I was actually on Skype with Jen at the time and squealing began immediately.  Jen promptly called Crystal and there was more celebration.  We love and adore this site completely and it has directed a lot of traffic (hopefully with other episodes too) our way.  We have received some emails and we are loving every second, Twilighters – teen or adult – are amazing supporters of websites and podcasts alike. […]

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