Gil Birmingham interview

We had the honor to interview Gil Birmingham cast as Billy Black in the up coming film Twilight.

Some Highlights include:

"It’s really about the look AND the chemistry.  It’s nice when you audition and capture moments of magic."

"That’s funny. Who’s the real Chief here? Or the real Billy? Billy Burke is such an open personality that playing best friends just came naturally. And Taylor is the kind of young man that any father would be proud to have as a son."

We are grateful Gil was able to take a moment out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.  Read more of what this wonderful actor had to say here


  1. vampyreheart says:

    This movie is going to R.O.C.K.!!!!!!

  2. Man, I love Gil. Can I have him as my uncle or something?

  3. great interview.can’t wait for the movie and see Taylor and Gil together=)

  4. But where is taylor interview?there is an interview with matt bushell who plays phil!I want to hear taylor=)!

  5. Gil was the first man I ever had sex with. As a man this was a great intro to gay sex.

  6. Mrs Jacob Black says:

    The PERFECT i repeat PERFECT Billy Black. Exactly like I imagined. 🙂

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