A Salute to the Twilight Guy

We are absolutely thrilled today to be working in conjunction with numerous sites in an effort to answer this question…

Can a person of the male gender like these books and subsequently this movie and still keep his man card? 

The answer?  Instead of hearing it from me, I give you the men of the Twilight fandom:


Seth, Stephenie Meyer’s Webmaster and brother, explains…

 When browsing blogs and exploring Twilight series fansites, it is easy for a male fan to think that he is alone in the world of Twi-hards.

But, it just isn’t true. I constantly receive emails at stepheniemeyer.com from male fans who wonder why the fandom is so highly dominated by females. I think that the reason is the powerful love story which is part of almost every page of the books. While there is no reason why a guy can’t enjoy a love story, us "manly men"  (who by definition cannot admit to enjoying love stories) have other reasons to love the Twilight series. Stephenie’s ability to describe action scenes is rivaled only by her amazing descriptions of the setting. And the books are filled with both. Some of my favorite scenes include the battle in Eclipse (and the training) and the Volterra encounter in New Moon. My favorite characters are almost exclusively werewolves. I like Jacob’s style, and Seth Clearwater is a personal favorite.

The bottom line is that these books are true "page-turners." They are nearly impossible to put down, and everybody can enjoy that… no matter if they have two X chromosomes or not.


 Click on the icons below to read about Twilight Guys all over the web!  Comment on their blogs and give them your support.  Too all our Twilight Guys…the Twilight Lexicon loves you!


 You have grown to love him over these last few months.  Hear what our favorite MTV reporter, Larry Carrol, has to say about why he is drawn to the series!



From the man who brought you in depth stories on the entire Twilight phenomenon now Jed brings to light his views on being a Twilight Guy.  And as if that weren’t enough, tMF is proud to present Kaleb Nation’s A Special Tribute to Stephenie Meyer.


 You know we couldn’t leave out the Twilight Guy himself, Kaleb!  If you haven’t been privy to his witty banter and dashing good looks before, you are in for a treat. 



 After reading your wonderful advice and council Cole from Film School Rejects took that advice and dove right in!  Now he fills fans in on how you too can become a Twilight guy!


 Musician Mitch Hansen tells us about his music, his inspiration, and everything that he loves about Twilight!  You can also listen to his amazing Twilight music here.



 Javier from Crepusculo has put together some wonderful tributes on an all male spanish Twilight blog!  See these hysterical comics (Strip 1, Strip 2) and hear from the man himself as well as other male fans across the globe! 



 Brian of Twilight Teez tells us what he loves about the books and his draw to the story! 


 Many of you already know the talented graphic artist, Fry, from our message boards.  Explore his blog for amazing Twilight graphics, including an unfinished animated short he is creating!




Artist Terry Blas has created an amazing gallery of Twilight inspired art to share with the fans.  As an illistration major in college Terry is well on his way to being an accomplished artist.





Join other fans on our message boards as they discuss being male Twilight fans.



And last but certainly not least…the inspiration behind this testosterone love fest.  While in Portland on the set of Twilight the Movie I had the opportunity to meet Scott Murray, the talented producer who brought us the breathtaking Comic Con promo trailer and gave us our first real glimpse into the magic of this film. 

So you see, Twilight isn’t just for teenage girls, stay at home moms, or women of any age who are dreaming of their Edward to come and sweep them away…  Its a book that has mass appeal,  a book that spans stereotypical genre and encompasses those things in life we hold fundemental no matter what our gender.  Love, freedom, pain, jealousy, fear, joy, anger, lust, but most of all…choice.



  1. i smile at silver volvos says:

    twilight guys rock hard !! 😀
    and those twilight songs that mitch hansen guy wrote are kinda cool 😉

  2. EdwardandBella4ever says:

    I am going to be 100 precent honest! Why are guys reading these books? These are girl books.

  3. Marsluvzedward says:

    Okay, one of my best friends is a guy. he would always make fun of me for toting my books everywhere (i honestly have read each book more than 25 times) and re-reading them constantly, AND my freaky obsession with edward cullen. well, i dared him 2 read them and he did, even though it took him, like, 2 months, he finished them and he liked them- i think. he was actually pro-jacob for a while, but then ended up liking edward more. but he still doesnt like edward (i know,its ttly bogus!) and despises jacob, so idk wat his pro is. anyhoo, i told him it was twilight guy day, and hes like o “ok, so?” and im like “that’s u, smart one!” and now hes being a ttl jerk! he doesnt deserve 2 b called a twilight guy (sorry, E! u still rock) even though he kinda liked them. that or he is 2 ashamed 2 say he likes them.

  4. Marsluvzedward says:

    p.s. i really like this dude, and my friend and i were having a debate about luved edward more. anyway, he looked up and goes “wat are u talking about” and we told him about twilight, and he goes “Omg! i read those books! i

  5. haha – My best friend is male, and I got him into reading the books, I named him a werewolf because his skin is always hot. We drool over Edward and all the Twilight boys together.
    – Don’t get me wrong, he is straight. He is dating my best friend, but come one, who couldn’t drool over Edward?
    We had fits at the trailers and all the Twilight news and pictures, it’s great.:D

  6. La tua Cantante says:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Thats like saying that only younger people should enjoy stuff like, Chronicles of Narnia,Stardust,The Golden Compass,The Wizard Of Oz,or any other fantasy type book or movie and I could go ON AND ON.
    Sorry but I have to say that that is one of the most narrow minded things I have Heard
    WHO ELSE AGREES WITH ME? sorry that statement you put out just ticks me off. It’s kind of close minded.

  7. I’m proud of these guys and support them 110% we want all the TWILIGHT support and love we can get so lets spread the wealth. I am currently very proud of our TWILIGHT MEN!!!! You go guys!!! 😀

  8. i think more guys should read these books…give them a lot of help in the dateing field 🙂

  9. my mestfreind Blake is a GUY and he loves twilight!
    he cant wait for the movie and everytime we talk we never once go without mentioning Twilight its great haha

  10. ChrissyNandez says:

    Actually Twilight was recommended to me by my guy friend. And then I had this super popular, super athletic guy in my english come up to me and talk about Twilight. I was so surprised. I voiced that shock when I said, “But its a romance.” His response was, “I know. Weird huh?”
    And then my 50 something year old uncle is just as obsessed with it as I am! Haha. It can definitly be a guy book. I just think the girls tend to congregate online more.

  11. awesome article!!! my dh got tired of hearing me rant about Edward and Bella so he decided to see what all the fuzz was about now he can’t put the book down, he is always with his nose stuck on one of these books, also my brother who is the marines station in Japan asked me to send him a copy of the books, he said that several of the guys at base are reading them!!

  12. icky vicky says:

    I am soooooooooooooo glad the worlod knows that Twilight can appeal to all. I only know one guy who read TWILIGHT and didn’t like it ( Idiot).

  13. WOO-HOO!!!!!

    I’m not alone!!!!!


  14. jummmmi says:

    For some strange reason I can’t watch the video…

  15. a bit off-topic but heres a funny story:

    I was shopping to day at the Angus and Robertson bookstore in my neck of the woods in Austrlaia. I was looking for the host, or something to spend my book voucher on, when, as i walked past the counter, i heard the words “new moon” Being a massive twilight nerd my ears pricked up, so i turned and noticed that there were these two MALE shop assitants debating about twilight and whether new moon was better. I had to keep walking cause i couldnt control my giggles as they debated pretty loudly and heatedly cosidering it was a book store…………. its gonna make me smile for the rest of the day 😀

  16. TwilightT says:

    Guess what! Last night, my 46 year old husband confessed to me that he had been secretly reading Twilight and was on chapter 6. Weeeeeeeee! Your Twilight Guy feature and link to Larry’s blog on MTV finally pushed him into Twilight land. Thank you Twilight Lexicon! Love your coverage of the books and the movie!

  17. Hey, I’m a 29 year old guy and writer of teen fiction and the Twilight series was fantastic and drew me in from the start. Sure, it’s about feelings and drama and romance but underneath it all, so are guys, right?


    Can’t wait for the movie.

  18. I am proud to say that I myself am a Twi-Hard Guy!

    I love the series and…funny enough I HATE werewolves and LOVE vampires.

    Edward is my favorite character and I want to kill Jacob.

    I even have my own myspace fansite where I talk about Twilight and Moonlight. myspace.com/moonlightersrule.

    I hate it when everyone at school looks at me and calls me gay because I read the books. It is stupid. It doesn’t say on there: GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!

    I have spoken my opinion.

  19. I wish My Dad were cool enough to read these books.

  20. Rhythem02 says:

    I just got intriuge on the story of twilight at first. I had no idea what it’s about. when my office mate mentioned about the novel twilight and then later that day I received an e-mail from one of my female friends who enjoys reading books ans she mentioned twilight. At first I looked for book reviews an d synopsis then later on i decided to buy the book. I’m not much of a love story novel reader the truth is I just ignore them I’m more on fictional and adventure kind. After reading the four books I think it’s a nice escape, actually a sweet escape. Could’nt wait for the “Midnight Sun” to be published definitely guys will buy the book since it’s from edwards point of view.

  21. download “Vampires” by Jerry Cherry !


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    I made on photoshop animated myspace pics.
    take a look at them:
    Thanks for your site 😉 xxoxo


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  2. […] So far you have heard from behind the scenes producer Scott Murray whose favorite book in the series is Eclipse for it’s action and character plot.  And then came producer Wyck Godfrey understanding of the need for reality in the film as well as his admittled love of Werewolves got us all very excited for the final product.  Now we will hear from the man who caught the vision first, Twilight producer Greg Mooradian.  Greg first fell in love with the book Twilight long before we ever saw the book on the store shelves.  With an advance copy in hand Greg soon began to pursue the project.  Greg admited later that day which book in the series was his favorite; for the wonderful producer Twilight reigns supreme for its emotionally charged love story.  It was a thrill to spend time with him on set and as you are about to see, the film is in very good hands. […]

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