Total Movie Fanatic Launchs more soon!

Our friend Jed at tMF is back to good health and ready to continue his in depth reporting of Twilight!  Look for, not only, the fourth installment of his series to be out soon but also exciting fun articles that spotlight The Twilight Guy as well as the supporting characters from the series!  We are glad you are back in good health Jed!

Visit the Twilight Guy to read his hilarious chapter by chapter commertary from a guys perspective.

From Jed at tMF:

Hi everyone! Special thanks to the Lexicon admins for the support.

Yes, finally ready to finish our first Twilight Saga series. I really enjoyed the books, and why, I’m having my 2nd reading of Twilight, would you believe it?

The Twilight Guy and myself have been talking about his guest blogging at tMF, and it seems he’s getting ready for the ‘confession’, as we called it.

We also want to make tMF a site where fans can really have a voice, as everyone here @the Lexicon enjoys regularly, and with gusto!

December maybe months away, but so you know, the fandom has many ways to kill time and enjoy the waiting still.



  1. Andrea Leigh says:

    if you go to youtube and type in the search bar
    “Twilight Set Visit- Vampire Movie” you’ll see the video, the front picture is taylor and kristen. its a great video, sam is awesome and taylor is so cute!

    sorry about the mishap..=)

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