Mike Welch Speaks!

Mike Welch, Mike Newton in the Twilight movie, gave the Twilight Lexicon an interview.  Here are some highlights:

"Originally I auditioned for Edward. Ha! As soon as I read the description I knew it wasn’t for me. Although I appreciate my representatives thinking I could pull off, “hauntingly beautiful; the most unbelievably good looking creature the world has ever seen,” honestly, come on."

"I think he’s a cool guy. He’s finding himself, he’s working it out. I think he represents the high school experience for a lot of kids."

"The reception has been overwhelmingly gracious and quite frankly, freaking awesome. I’ve had a lot of fun with the online community."

Thanks to Mike for thanking the time out to give us this interview, and thank you to Cocoa for acting as our interviewer.


  1. Mike is so cute!!!!! I love him and he’s going to be a perfect Mike Newton. I’m so happy it got cast and his interview is so funny! Go Mike 😀 !!!!!

  2. La tua Cantante says:

    IS THE LEXICON GOING TO OFFICIALLY POST THE NEW VIDEO BY G4 or is it shock till you drop AND the Times article????
    The links are above..I think they should be posted soon so people can comment on them and give there opinion!!!
    The Lexicon is known for being the most updated,right???

  3. Vampireloveaholic says:

    yay for articles on the internet! Now I don’t have to go out and buy it muaha

  4. Vampireloveaholic says:

    Well the article did say that the character was called Wanda…maybe that’s Wanderer’s nickname? haha we can’t know that yet!

  5. WandererHealerSeekerComforter says:

    Hmmm. Maybe…I’m only at page 95 so I don’t know yet. They just call her Wanderer

  6. Sunrise Star says:

    hahaha, he’s so awesome! he’s like, that guy you crushed on in tenth grade who later became your best friend. he just seems like such a down-to-earth person. i loved how he talked about his girlfriend – so sweet.

  7. I think he would have made a better Edward cullen then rob.

  8. Mike is absolutely ADORABLE! =] He looks like a high school student. I seriously think he could pass for a really good looking 15-18 year old. I mean, look at those eyes! =] Totally cute, Mike. =] You have the looks for Mike Newton and the attitude!

  9. That article was amazing. Except for the part where they messed up Wanders name. Tisk Tisk. The energy between Edward and Bella is astonishing – it is part of the appeal to Twilight. Not just some trashy novel. Its done it class.

  10. WandererHealerSeekerComforter says:

    It’s Wanderer……..

  11. Thank you!!! Sorry I was typing fast. Wanderer. I can’t wait for “The Host.”

  12. everybody watch this

    new twilight set video its awesomeeee


  13. Insomnia says:

    fudge that girl who said he had a weird nose and face, Mike is hot fiya, lol. I remember when I first saw his pic on the MTV site, I swear my heart skippped a beat (I was in lurve, lol) 😀 Thanks for the interview, Mike is great!

  14. I love the article on stephenie. it was very informative. the picture is cool too.

  15. wow, this guy freaks me out (in only a way that Mike Newton can!)

  16. yeah VampGirl but Robert is cute too

    u gotta admit that

    there is only ONE bad pic of him

  17. firstable. i would litterly scream in horror if HE ever played Edward. he’s a good mike – he isn’t the hottest guy out there, but cute enough.


    MTV VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJUintYKJkM that was on TV lastnight.

    We’re going to have TWILIGHT TUESDAYS till the movie comes out. WOOOOO!

  18. I’m glad tht he is Mike, Robert is a great Edward!

  19. lil_voice1 says:

    FYI, Wanda IS Wanderers nickname…TIME has got it right, you just have to wait to find out the story behind that :D…..also, The Host = OMG, Well done Stephenie!!!!

  20. La tua Cantante says:

    Thanks Malaz and Leah!!
    I didn’t get to catch it on Mtv so thanks for posting this!
    There is another video that came out that Leah(posted above) and I posted it too..it’s very interesting.. people would realize it’s there if they looked at the other comments more often,and the lex hasnt posted it yet for some reason but here it is again if people want to check it out!
    AND this is funny…Does anyone else realize thar you can watch The Haunted Airman(with Robert in it) on you tube also!!!
    Of course it’s in sections but you can see more of Roberts acting abilities! It’s Great!!!here is the link to the fist part ofth movie and then you can click on the others to watch the rest ot the movie if you want!!!

  21. Twilighter Fanpire says:

    That article was awesome and soo true. I think what attracted me to Twilight so much was the fact that Edward wanted to be really close to Bella but he couldn’t bcause he thought he would kill her but the meadow scene was like how they said it that that one time they touched it was so erotic (not in a perverted way haha) but yeah.. awesome article!!!

    Mike is the perfect Mike and i’d (no offense) prefer it if he stayed like that haha

  22. WandererHealerSeekerComforter says:

    Hmmm. I think I have to finish The Host immediately…. I’m only at page 95 because I’m always online…….

  23. La tua Cantante says:

    Thanks Malaz and Leah!
    i didnt get to catch that on mtv so thanks,and I also posted a link to that new video above with catherine and the guys in charge ofthe stunts for twilight talking bout the movie..and Of course it shows some of ROB talking about the movie too!!!
    BUT for some reason people dont seem to be reading very many other comments or they would realize they were there!
    OH and did you guys know you can watch that movie with Robert in it on you tube,called The Haunted Airman!!!Of course sectioned into pats but you get to see more of his acting abilities!!! It’s Great!

  24. He’s a great Mike Newton!!! Not so much an Edward…… But I can’t wait for the host and TIME magazine. Is that the real article, because I was just wondering that the magazine’s might be a little different.


    i love him!
    I cant beleive he doesnt think he’s cute….
    I think he is adorable!

  26. Claire Ateara says:

    I love this guy, really! He’s GREAT!!!

    *addresses Mike if he’s reading this* YOU’RE AWESOME!!!


    [but not Edward…]

  28. Allie Cullen says:

    Wow He’s really beautiful!!! I can’t wait till it comes out!!!

  29. Vampireloveaholic says:

    The fact that mtv is going to have new stuff EVERY tuesday…makes me so happy I could scream! I love them!

  30. HE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! a little make-up and he will be a great edward…

  31. HE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! a little make-up and he would be a great edward…

  32. sry bout that


  33. he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT

  34. i think he could of been an Emmett or Jasper…

  35. http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/topnews.php?id=5798

    Shock Till You Drop has some semi-cool videos and the new G4 video. I would e-mail it in but my e-mail isn’t working right now. It’s a really cool video though that interviews Catherine Hardwicke and shows a teensy bit of new footage.

  36. Oh, and a tiny bit of an interview with the gorgeous Robert Pattinson is in the video too.

  37. maybe the lex hasn’t posted all those articles because only pel is left to run this place… since everyone else left for Portland without her.

  38. twilightfreak says:

    cool!!! i luv this guy!!

  39. rebelangel says:

    and the time megazine thingy has already been posted…it has a nice pic and an interview with stephenie miller (lol jk)…MEYER…lol

  40. lol he loves the publicity this movie is getting him! i mean lol seriously who the hell knew MIke Welch before twilight?

  41. Oh, i just love mike. Too bad he’s taken. It’s not fair! I wasn’t in high school when he was!

  42. WOW he is cute but i imagened edward even more beautiful then robert
    no offens hot stuff(robert) but anyways i think mike will make a great mike

  43. Emilly (em's_twilight) says:

    ha ha sucka! I love the Lakers!!!!!!!!

  44. eliana:
    lol. me too, I did imagine edward better looking then rob. He’s amazingly gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but……… let’s face it, he and no one else will be able to pull off the role of edward perfectly =)

  45. smartkid says:

    AH-HA! i was waiting for some more interviews! awsomness! thanks for the interview, and i am jealous that yall got to go up there…

  46. Pinkfurball says:

    Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it when he tacked in there “you don’t need to send me a coat or anything.” I wonder why he did that!!!!

  47. Awwww, the only reason why he’s not Edward is ’cause his good looks are in a different category than Robert’s. Mike’s still cute!!!

  48. icky vicky says:

    I was in love with mike when I first read TWILIGHT, then can Edward..now THAT’S love…

  49. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Mike’s interviews and blog posts always leave me smiling like a loon. 😀

  50. Bloodsucker97 says:

    Mike was never one of my favorite characters, but I think that Mike Welch will make him one.

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