MTv Posts a New Article

MTV has posted a new article which includes footage of Catherine Hardwick and Nikki and Kellan discussing various aspects of filming including Stephenie’s cameo.  If you make a comment on MTV, let them know you saw it here first! 


  1. CaseyCullen says:

    2 the earlier cuullen/hale commenters: Her name IS Rosalie Cullen. Her and Jasper really only use hale to make their stories easier to NOT get excited about.although she likes her human last name she IS a Cullen

  2. 1luvedward says:

    plzz post on youtube plz plz plzzzzz!!!!!

  3. RosalieHalliwell says:

    I AM DYING HERE!!!!!!

  4. GUYS!! I AM TOTALLY FEELING THE UNTITY HERE!!! the whole quote about all of us screaming, and the other peopl scratching there heads, cause they won’t know why we’re all freaking out!!! TWILIGHTERS UNITE!! haha

  5. Madison says:

    Some PLEASE post these on youtube. I’m dying ๐Ÿ™

  6. iloveedwardcullen says:

    Can someone please please please upload it on youtube?

  7. Remember those previous extra accounts that stated Rob was always off by himself between takes reading a “book” and really “into it”? Do you think..since we now are aware he has been given the unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun…that that’s the book he’s been reading onset? If so… ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Teresa Cullen says:

    Kellan and Nikki (Emmett and Rosalie!) are sooo cute together! they are just perfect and i love them! YAY

  9. Watershock says:

    hpwiz89 has the nikki/kellan video, and the catherine video up on youtube!!! I would post the link, but I don’t know if I’m allowed..

  10. omg i’ll be one of those screaming.

  11. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Ditto, Nicole. Ditto! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Christie says:

    Aiyaa ! youtube post please if you can .thank you so much for the last one by the way

  13. Watershock says:

    uhh I don’t know if I’m allowed to post the link to the youtube videos.. but here it is..
    *crosses fingers that the link is allowed*


    -my apologies if these are not allowed!

  14. Watershock says:

    you can try going to the lion and lamb LJ which has the youtube versions posted.

  15. Watershock says:

    .. as well as hisgoldeneyes

    hope that helps those in canada, for I am also a canadian, and therefore in the same situation.

    (mods–sorry about the link post.)

  16. lala-swan says:

    My voice is gonna be SO gone after watching the movie…not that I haven’t already screamed in joy:D!!Kellan and Nikki look sooo good!!! They really look like a couple! And I loved the “private” joke about Stephenie’s cameo…That movie is going to roooooock!:D
    P.S. Hey guys, I’ve been reading the comments and there are some of you who say Robert’s read the manuscript of Midnight Sun, so I was wondering how do you know that, did I miss something???

  17. twiholic says:

    did you read the article where these videos are at, because it said it on there

  18. lala-swan says:

    twiholic- thanks so much!! I’m such a dummy, can’t believe I didn’t catch it!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. twiholic says:

    haha, there’s more to life than just the videos, I know it’s hard to believe XD

  20. acting23doll says:

    Okay… I was unsure before, but Kellan and Nikki are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I love nikki! I just saw the movie thirteen that she is in. She is so pretty and probably will be even pretter in the movie.

  22. So I’m officially in love with Kellan and Nikki!!!! Kellan is like perfect his playfullness and happiness are evident just in that little clip which is amazing, perfect for Emmett!! And Nikki I’ve only seen her in Thirteen which feels like it’s been so long ago, but I think she’ll be able to do it and her and Kellan look great together. His arm was kind of around her…CUTE!!

  23. I’m in the Philippines and the video worked for me…

  24. 1luvedward says:



  25. RosalieHalliwell says:

    hpwiz89 has it on Youtube


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