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The Silverton Appeal has a picture of Rob and Kristen’s doubles,  Helena Barrett and Paul Darnell, doing some stunt work.  The article talks about some recent shooting in a local park. In all probability this is what Kristen was referencing In her MTV interview when she mentioned running in the tree tops. Be warned the picture is a little spoilery, so don’t click if you’d rather be surprised.

Thanks to Twilight Obsessed for the heads-up.


  1. i love it! suddenly strapped to rob (or somebody who looks like him) up in a tree, whether its in the book or not, doesn’t seem that bad…

  2. Edwella says:

    I think that they make good doubles of Robert and Kristin. But, why are there snow on the trees?

  3. BoysfromBooks says:

    hey guys! guess what! didn’t you hear–edward flies!

    take it easy. this looks really cool! as long as they dont leave any major dialog in the movie, i’m fine with any extra/changed scenes.

  4. the outfits don’t match. i thought they were supossed to match?

  5. Claire Ateara says:

    hmmm….. Tree jumping??? Was running too easy or something??? Oh well – it looked really cool!

  6. OMG!! That is so AMAZING!! Aaaaaaah I can’ wait for the movie!! Thanks so much Twilight Lexicon for keeping me in the LOOP!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I’m still a little iffy about the whole flying thing. Not that I’m completely against it, I’m just worried that it won’t be Edward-ish. Like, it’ll just be another Hollywood thing–flying through trees! I like things to be logical, and I just can’t seem to make sense out of that. How would he fly? The Cullens don’t fly. Do they mean like leaping–which with his strength and whatnot, would seem like flying because he’d be going so high and far? Hmm, well, I’m very good at not going crazy over these kinds of changes since I am a very accepting person, and I totally have faith in this movie. So, despite my odd worrying about this little detail, I still think flying through trees sounds kind of cool, so I’m still excited. =]

  8. To Bernice:

    Stunt doubles are usually different people from stand-in doubles

    To Emily:

    Is it really that important for the story that their outfits match? (Personally, I don’t think it’s a critical or even a very good plot device).

    Also, we don’t even know for sure yet if this is them coming back from the meadow. And didn’t Kristen say that the treetops thing happens when Edward first tells Bella he is a vampire (which happens before the meadow in the book, right?)

  9. XtwilightgirlX says:

    I’ll admit that the whole tree tops thing is kind of a let down.
    I was expecting like high-speed running through the forest with awesome views of the forest wooshing by. But oh well, now its going to be in the trees with them jumping or something?
    meh, even with the trees tho, im soooo stoked for the movie! gah! xD

    ps. to get up there, whould he like, run up the tree with her on his back? just a thought.

  10. Sarah (aka imhuntingforwitches) says:

    I was really against the treetop scene since it sounded really lame and “Tarzan”-like, but the movie people have once again showed that they really know what they’re doing! It looks really incredible, and the snow adds a beautiful touch (even though they are diverging from the book there…)

  11. OMFG! SO COOL! The stunt doubles look so much like Kris and Rob that it’s AMAZING! See I would give ANYTHING in the entire world to get on Robert or his double’s backs. Seriously I envy Kristen and Katie!

  12. littleyellowporsche says:

    DUDE! that is great! Im so excited! I dont understand though, why people are protesting the tree tops so much. Yes, the book was AMAZING, and the movie would be wonderful if it was word for word from Twilight…but just the fact that we are getting a movie, we should be thankful. You know that its going to be very close to what the book it, but i am excited to see what twists and turns they put into it!

    Also, I am sending Michael In N Out certificates! the boy will need food when he come home to California!

    Dont hate people!

  13. I found this article earlier when kiki from Tru Fax of an Extra! on Kellmett Happens posted the picture and wanted to know where it came from. Then someone said that the picture wasn’t there before. So maybe they took from somewhere else… Anyone know where? Because there might be more.

    This be my first post.

  14. spoilers spoilers..

  15. Holy crap, calm down people,
    First of all..You have no idea what scene this is going to be. Everyone needs to stop making assumptions, you’re freaking out completely unnecessarily.

    Second of all, if you really think about doesn’t make sense at all for this to be the meadow scene. The fact that it was warm, sunny, and generally a nice day in Forks played a big part in that scene….That is why he took her there! Edward is supposed to have his shirt open.

    I don’t seriously think that the movie people would try to play it off that they had just come back from this nice day in the meadow, yet…there is snow all over the trees and its gloomy looking outside. How would they explain Edward relaxing in the meadow with his shirt open when there is snow everywhere?

    ..just a thought.

  16. WOW THAT LOOKS AWSOME they may make changes but they make it so darn gooooooood! * ๐Ÿ˜€ * ๐Ÿ˜€ * ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. i know its a spoiler but i couldnt help myself

  18. sarazzabeth says:

    Grr. They’re supposed to be running.

    But whatever, this still looks pretty cool! Very cute! And at least he’s not turning into a bat or sprouting wings. >.

  19. Please don’t let them fly or do the gummi bear bounce thing.. I won’t be able to finish the movie.. I’de hate to walk out of the theatre on Twilight.

  20. I don’t really care that they’re doing a scene where they are up IN the trees. I’m sure the movie will just be so awesome in general that it won’t matter at all.

    P.S.: Do they realize they wrote Robert Pattinson was from Order of the Phoenix? Helllooo…it was Goblet of Fire. lol.

  21. I bet the reason Kristin said they were flying on top of trees is that being in the actual tress there will be more branches to where it looks like they’re darting in between more quickly. Not that they are actually running on top of trees.

  22. ok people chill out cuz the movie is based on the book but that doesnt mean it has to do every detail that the book says to do like the brown shirts does it really matter it will still be an awesome movie i mean they arent retarded they know how to make a movie and also their not flying it says they are just hanging by the wire stuff right there

  23. acting23doll says:


  24. lol. ok that picture is like the weirdest thing i have ever seen…. partly because i couldnt figure out wut they were hanging from and that kind of creeped me out….haha took me a sec then i saw the harness rope thing or wutever.

  25. sparklyvamps says:

    Calm down, guys….they aren’t flying (sorry if someone else wrote this)…Edward is JUMPING. In the script sides, for Esme and Carlisle, I think, the two of them are talking while they watch Edward in the backyard with Bella, jumping from treetop to treetop ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’ll be cool, even though it’s not in the book. I mean, yes. It is BASED on the book. It isn’t actually the book. Just wait and see what it’ll be.

  26. Those are beautiful trees.

  27. Sveeet pic- looks just like Rob and Kris. Can’t wait to see the scene on the big screen!

    This is off topic, but are they going to make Taylor (the guy playing Jacob) have long hair? I know Jacob is supposed to have longish hair, but I just can’t picture Taylor with it. I think he would look hells of funky. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.

  28. mmmmarren says:

    someone should tell the journalist that Robert Pattinson was in the “Goblet of Fire” and not “Order of the Phoenix”.

  29. DaRkPoEt says:

    wicked pictures! can’t wait to see more. CONGRATULATIONS TWILIGHT LEXICON!! For BECOMING THE #1 TOP TWILIGHT WEBSITE.!!! HUZZAH!!!

  30. wow how weird would that be if Edward can fly! haha

  31. Stunt doubles or not…i just fell off my chair and hit my head…OH MY GOD…bring it on, bring on Edward and Bella…OMG to think, i never in my wildest dreams would have believed when i first read the book that i would ever see it played out on the big screen, so, to find that i would see it with none other than Robert Pattinson playing Edward was unreal (yes im a pattie fan and old enough to know better) but to see all these amazing pictures is just a shock…a BRILLIANT shock at that ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. twiholic says:

    that isn’t photoshopped, don’t you see the pulley in the tree behind them

  33. Stefffi says:

    OMG, that pic is GREAT!!! I really like it.
    But I hope it is as a girl said when they are in the backyard just jumping, and not when they are running. But if it turns out, that jumping in trees is how he runs, Iam sure they will make it look really cool!

  34. k wow didnt even finish my comment there…

    so what do you think theyre doing up there? surely there’s not gonna be flying in this movie right? i can’t wait to see the finished product!

  35. Bernice says:

    Oh RIGHT! Of course, that makes sense ๐Ÿ˜›
    Thanks a bunch, Abegail!

  36. The whole concept of them flying through the treetops really..annoys and confuses me. Honestly, where did they get the idea? Ah well, it is no doubt sure to be interesting.

  37. The whole “Order of the Phoenix” bit that everyone’s freaking out about… technically he was in it because he was in Harry’s dream sequence when Harry is tortured by seeing the death of his innocent classmate. Even though Rob’s character Cedric was “only alive” in the Goblet of Fire, his death scene was replayed in OOTP and thus he was “in” the movie. Rob’s face was in it, so it can be part of his film credits. Chill out.

    And I’m still slightly hesitant about the treetops thing (I am known for being a book purist with any book-turned movie) but I adore’s Hardwicke’s Thirteen, so I know the movie is in great hands.

  38. Awesome picture. I don’t really care if it is Rob and Kristen’s doubles. It looks cool anyway! I NEED to see that movie! RIGHT NOW!!

  39. TeamRobert! says:

    This is AWESOME!
    I agree, the Cullen’s don’t fly. But if Edward felt like showing off a little for Bella, don’t you think he could leap through the tree tops? With super speed and strengh, I don’t think it would be a problem.
    I think this scene will be REALLY exciting! ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. i still cant belive that they are flying….but i am always happy when we can see pictures from set…

  41. dexy_dexa says:

    Hmmm when i first heard about the flying through the treetops bit i was a bit sceptical but, with thought and consideration it started making more and more sense. I am so happy about this movie. Can’t wait!!!

  42. Wow! That really looked like Kristen and Rob in the photo. I scanned to the bottom thinking there had to be another photo of the doubles.

    I can’t wait!

  43. some ppl are not going to like this..only because edward doesnt fly on top of trees! and “not like the book”..but i think that it’ll turn out better. these actors know how many people are expecting this movie to turn out great and theres high expectations. the crew is taking it serious.

    i cant wait til the trailer comes out!

  44. It’s okay people.
    breath in, breath out.
    Its not like he is lying down, flying through the air like superman, and kristen is riding on his back like he is falcore.
    Now THAT would be something to worry about.

    He is a (very sexy) vampire, who can run super fast and jump super high. This scene is going to be amazing.

    So calm down…this movie is in good hands.

  45. In his new blog post Peter he was asked

    “1. I read somewhere that Bella and Edward fly ABOVE the trees for the meadow scene. Is that true?”

    “No. Edward does not turn into superman. Lol”

    So vampires have not been given the ability to fly!

  46. God I’m so excited for this movie! If it weren’t for my cat laying on my back I would have fallen off my bed after seeing the picture! This movie is gonna be awsome!
    Oh and,
    Go Team Robert!!
    Go Team Edward!!

  47. *Screaming*
    It is so cool! Can’t wait until the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  48. does anyone know when the trailor will come out?

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