last chance for Robert questions

Just a reminder we are taking fan questions until Friday 11pm EST.  Make sure to get yours in!!! 

We have recieved tons of questions.  Here is an idea of some of the questions that have come our way:

Do you and Kristen have on screen chemistry?

What’s it like to play Edward Cullen? Can you relate to him?

Vampires or Werewolves?

Have you read the books?

and the ever popular "Will you Marry Me?"

So think of some great original questions and send them our way by tomorrow night!!!  Thanks to everyone that has participted so far.

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  1. I was wondering (1) what Robert thought were the most important attributes he had to apply to be able to achieve Edward’s character and (2) what the most difficult part of Edward’s character is to portray.

    And I am a big fan of the ever popular ‘Will you marry me?’.
    It doesn’t seem TOO irrational… 😉

  2. When are you getting an official Myspace?

    Who do you look more like your mother or your father or a combination of both?

    When you looked into getting this role did you have any idea how big it was going to be in terms of fans literally watching the movie being made?

    If you surf the web, which sites do you go to most for researching your role?

    Is it tough to maintain an american accent all day?

    Do you try to focus and stay in character most of the work day? How often do you study your part while waiting to film scenes during the day?

    Do you like the pacific northwest? Is it much like the UK in terms of weather?

    Do you think your personality fits a Taurus?

  3. La tua Cantante says:

    I like your questions!!!

    and also I like the “Will you marry me?”
    but I think I would be more like…
    …if I wasn’t already..ha ha…dangit!

  4. I want to ask him is Kristen and he have the chemisty out of the view of the cameras? Are we looking at a real couple? Best friends?

  5. iloveedwardcullen says:

    lol umm… Robert will you marry me?

  6. Lissete [Frerard Addict] says:

    I sent in my questions! Yay!
    I had like over 40 questions sent in.
    Both basic questions and interesting ones.
    I hope the interview will be great!
    Good luck, TL. =]

  7. isabelle says:

    Robert, (I was going to say Edward….but that’s what happens nowadays with some of us)

    Have you read some other novels involved in vampires/werewolves? If so, what were they?

    I know that in Twilight, Edward doesn’t encounter much with other humans in the school…but otherwise, did you get to have the time, getting to know the actors such as Michael Welch, Justin Chon and Taylor Lautner on the set?

    I’m sure some of the fans that were with you (as well as the ones who can’t get there to see you) had a great support for you for playing Edward. How did you react to that, putting aside from the negativity of those who weren’t supporting you?

  8. OKAY…
    Have you read the book?

    Whats your favorite scene? (IF SO)


  9. can someone help me? after ive typed my message..what do i click to send it? am i just really retarded?

  10. nevermind..forget i even asked that..i really AM retarded hahaha

  11. we hate robert says:

    we have two questions for you.

    are you you worried about fans killing you at the premier?

    why on earth would you think you could play Edward?

  12. kristen is not too young for robert..heheh….

  13. this is for the “we hate robert” person.

    you are being absolutely ridiculous. he is an actor. he does
    not believe that he is actually edward, it is just a part
    that he is playing in a movie. it is really…well, dumb to say
    that you hate a person (as well as asking him if he is afraid
    of being killed by fans, which could be taken as a threat, by
    the way) when you do not know him. All you know is that
    he is not who you wanted to play Edward, but for all you
    know, he will do a great job, and he is probably a very nice
    person. There is no need to be rude and disrespectful just
    because you disgaree with the casting. take it out on the
    casting director. Leave Robert alone.

    *Team Robert.

  14. Here’s my questions.

    1) If you’re going to be Edward in New Moon’s movie, assuming you are and there will be one, what do you think about the long absense of your character?

    2) Compared to the roles that you’ve acted before, what makes Edward stand out the most?

    3) Are you going to steal clothes from Edward’s wardrobe off of the set? 😛

    4) What do you think about the gold contacts and the silver volvo? Hmmm?

  15. La tua Cantante says:

    Kristen isn’t to young fo Robert?
    hmmm,maybe not as friends of course..but where i come from and most places,it is against the’s called being underage.she isn’t 18 yet. Acting in a movie and the real thing are two diffrent

  16. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    How did you feel when you met Stephine and what questions did you ask her and her to you?

  17. LOL will you marry me.. omg hahaha

  18. hahah that’s not too much to ask for is it? your hand in marriage, robert??

  19. Questions for Robert.

    Number One:
    Do you feel pressure of portraying the Edward that everyone wants to see on screen?

    Number Two:
    If you could be any member of the Cullen Family, who would it be and why?

    Number Three:
    Who is your favorite Twilight character?

    Number Four:
    If you weren’t cast as Edward, but as someone else, who would it be and why?

    Number Five:
    (If you have read the books)Did you fall in love with the Bella in the book, like many people have fallen in love with Edward?

    Number Six:
    What was your reaction when you found out that you were going to play Edward in the movie?

    Number Seven:
    What is your favorite thing about being in the movie?

  20. cant wait for the interview the come out!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to hear from rob!!! i love him!

  21. When is this interview going to come out!? haha. I’m way too excited for this. It isn’t normal. Probably detrimental to my mental health.

  22. La Tua Cantante..
    Well, it is kind of uncomfortable..
    But I MUST SAY, “The heart wants, what the heart wants”
    Hahahah.. LOL

    OK.. here’s another question..
    I know you think you’ve wasted time with not being able to achieve great things in school, but do you think you’ve done the opposite with Hollywood??


    Here’s another..
    hahahah.. here it goes..
    Who’s your most romantic pair-up in Hollywood? You know, the one you’ve had the greatest chemistry with? Cho Chang of HP?? =P

    And the Last one..
    Will you go out with me?? =P
    [Since I’m only 17 and too young to marry.. ^^]

  23. When will we now

  24. i smile at silver volvos says:

    does anyone know when the lexicon is going to do the interview?

  25. kelsieeee says:

    Sampire, great answer!

    And i didn’t know the age to marry in the US was 18… It’s only 16 in the UK…

  26. When are you guys doing the interview?????????????
    I AM DYING TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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