Packing out at kalama

The excitement is winding down at Kalama High School. The crews are busy teching out. You know a movie shoot is over when people start picking up their stunt shrubbery and loading it onto trucks.  Filming is now moving to new locations. We are fortunate enough to have an extra who will share her experience (to the degree allowed by her Summit contract) without spoiling the experience that is all heading to us on December 12th.

So in one last homage to the amazing Kalama shoot, we thought we’d post one last Lexiconer encounter. Thanks to Mae for sharing.

So today was the last day of filming at Kalama … and my sister and I were not about to let that go to waste. Ironically enough, we were in the area (Seattle) and my older sister was willing enough to drive us, despite the fact she’s never read the books (that will soon change!). Ain’t she great?

So we left around 10 am and arrived around 12 pm. The whole way there I had major butterflies in my stomach. When I saw that "Kalama" sign, I knew THIS WAS IT.

Kalama. What a tiny, tiny, tiny town! It’s literally two blocks long and everyone knows everyone. The high school is an elementary and middle school as well. Yes, it’s true. All the kids in the town go to the same school! Coming from a large city (Vancouver, Canada) I found that surprising and different. So we arrived there and got awesome parking! We saw that there were some Twilight fans there too and we all came together immediately. Apparently we JUST missed Robert and that REALLY bummed my sister and I out. But we didn’t loose hope. We talked to Peter, an extra on the movie. He tried out for Sam, but didn’t get it.  Then we met Jeff who worked on DVD features.

We watched the crew film some shots that included some extras. That was really cool. Me and my sister were all paranoid that the security guards would be all anal, but seriously … I’ve never met so many chill professionals ever! They were there, talking to us and what not. It was a good surprise.

So we were all sitting by a log, just hanging and talking when I noticed a pale, glowing thing in the corner of my eye. I turned and there he was. Robert Pattinson. My heart literally stop and I went all bug eyed. Then finally, when my brain finally connected with the rest of my body, I grabbed my sister and just blurbed "Rob! Robert! Edward. He’s right here. Robert. Edward is there. That’s Rob!" and she was like "Whaaat!?". Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy, because everyone’s angle had the trailers covering him. Then when he was heading inside everyone was like "Oh!! It is him!". I knew I wasn’t crazy.

So, the waiting was fun. It was unusually sunny and warm. I wasn’t complaining though. We didn’t eat breakfast so we decided to go get some lunch with the other Twi-Hards there. Me and my sister were certain we weren’t hungry, but once we took one bite of our Subway sub … we realized how hungry we were! Then we headed back to the set.

Now this is when the magic happened.

We waited for quite awhile when Robert graced us with his presence. My other sister was the one who noticed him … and she knows NOTHING about this! So again, my heart acted in a way I’m pretty sure isn’t normal. So after taking about 10 pictures of him, it was time to wait once again. Then … he came out again. This time he was walking this way.

He looked at me and I waved. He the smiled and I asked "Hi! Can we take a picture with you?" And he was like "Sure" in his lovely British accent. Ladies, he looked AMAZING with his pale skin, auburn hair, liquid topaz eyes and plumped red lips. I always knew he’d make an amazing Edward, so this encounter just sealed the deal. For all those who doubted or are doubting him … cast your worries aside. You have a young man, whose gorgeous, has a very sweet, subtle personality and not to mention … he has class. Edward’s portrayal is in good hands.

Oh! And might I add … when my sister and I took a picture with him, he did the Edward smirk and he NAILED in. I know he did that on purpose 😉 How am I still breathing? I have no idea.


  1. Moonpetal Lily says:

    You are so lucky! Ah, what I would give to meet him…and have proof of it. (though I’d probably make a fool of myself by screaming) And that /is/ totally the Edward smile!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth & every one else 🙂

    I know Robert looks SO amazing and there I am looking completely dumb-founded in all ways possible. Honestly, how Bella compares him and her is SO true. You can’t help but feel so “in awe” at how someone can be so amazingly beautiful.

    And really ladies, he’s SUCH an amazing person. His shyness, charm and masculinity just captivates you. Then he does amazing things, like smiles crookedly and you just go insane.

  3. Anne-Joell says:

    Haha that’s so sweet of him, testing out his smile on us adoring fangirls Lol
    I love him, he seems like such a gentleman 😀

  4. Oohhh my gah!!! Robert is just such a sweetie. Ugh, that smirk. It’s killin me. They’re so lucky!

  5. HOW EXCITING IS THIS????????!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. AH!! thats so amazing!! i stared at that close-up picture of his beautiful smirk for awhile… EEEEEEE(squeels some more) im a typical squeeling girl fan lol oh it’s just so perfect…HE’s so perfect!
    bravo, bravo, bravo
    EEEE(had to add it):)

  7. I swear if I read one more story of some insanely lucky girl (who isn’t me) meeting Robert, my heart will be shattered.

    Not really. I’ll just be ridiculously sad, and a tad heartbroken. Distances sucks. So does Canada. I would give my last Audrey poster to be in OR right now.

    But I’ll grudgingly say, that it’s super cool that you got to have a picture with him, and I’ll forever be jealous =)

  8. OMFG. I M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COMPLETLY JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like seriously. u. dont. even. know. ;'(

  9. A video of her getting her picture taken with Robert has popped up on youtube:

  10. OMFG!!! Thank you Cocoa for that video!!!
    Everytime I see a new video or pic of Robert, I start hyperventilating!!!
    I almost screamed when I saw how beautiful he looked!!

  11. awe, bye kalama HS!

    & OMG the pic of rob & her is AMAZING! xD

  12. GASP OMG If I could do that, there are so many things I would give. A day of school, for one. Gosh, I’m sure my Geometry class doesn’t need me XD Robert Pattinson definitely needs me more.

    And OMG that smirk. He’s SO Edward it’s not even funny. That’s amazing though. Really, congratulations on getting to go and meet him and… touch him. And now that I’ve successfully started to sound creepy and stalkerish, I’ll just submit this comment….

  13. Oh, two more things. I agree with QUEENCROWN up there. I, too, would have died. Or scared him away….

    The second thing, also, thanks for sharing those pictures with us, Mae! That was incredible of you.

  14. iloveedwardcullen says:

    I’m SO jealous right now. The smirk was like… OMG. I don’t even know how to explain it. Thank you so so so so much. You must made my day. 🙂

  15. xoxgoodbye says:

    GASP! You’re from Canada!!??! Arghh, I love all the way near Toronto and why oh why didn’t my relatives move to BC than Ontario!??! That could’ve been me!! Such a lucky experience, I envy all people like you… meeting the cast is one great experience (especially on set!) I’d love to do someday!

    BTW, are you Filipino? I am too, you look like one!

  16. OMC! I saw the smirk! OMCOMC!!!!! *screams* *screams louder* *father comes in room and asks if i’m dying* My day just got A WHOLE LOT BETTER!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Lucky girl how I wished i taken a picture with the angle!! He make that smile so Edward!!!! 🙂

  18. edwardssinger says:

    that smile! i was drooling! i love him soooooo much! he is perfect!

  19. Bellacullen1901 says:

    Thank you so much for those pics!!! they were wonderful, but I have to ask, does anyone else have a problem with Edward’s Volvo? Now I know that it is just a car, but really it looks nothing like what it is supposed to??? Oh well, I will get over it, just checking to see if anyone else noticed.

    thank again!

  20. OMG. I’m so happy for you. I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement! Knowing me, I’d prolly pee my pants. GAH. HE’S SO HOT. =D=D=D=D

  21. Bellacullen1901, I don’t know the first thing about cars, but people are saying that since the Cullens are supposed to have the newest and shiniest cars, that’s what they’re doing for the actual actors. Giving them the newest, shiniest cars. Apparently, they’re the newest models. That’s what I’ve heard. But I don’t know a thing about cars. Hope that eases your pain, ha.

  22. I love that the video clip shows Robert walking over to Mae and then taking the pictures with her and her friend! How cool is that!!

  23. wait a sec…In one of those pics, was Robert SMOKING??
    Please, please, I better be wrong…

  24. OMG! I was seriously squealing when I looked at those pictures. You are my idol. I would kill to be in your place at that moment. I was so happy they chose him for edward because he really is “god-like”. *swoon* My friends seriously have no clue how hot he is! I LOVE the pictures! God now I really have to clean of my walls for more pictures of him! Thanks!

  25. enfennemore says:

    Holy hotness, batman! I think I’m in love.

  26. Robert couldn’t have been smoking because it really seemed like the pictures were taken one right after the other, and the mysterious white object appeared in his mouth for one picture only and then it went missing. Whatever it was.

    Maybe it was his tongue? I thought it might have, and the lighting could have been weird. Is that stretching it?

  27. OR A LOLLIPOP. Everyone loves lollipops! But wait, that doesn’t go with the one-photo-only thing. Agh. Maybe they should ask him that in that interview thing they’re doing.

  28. o wow i adore the smirk he looks so handsome, and sexy, and gorgous, and hot, o i could go on forever

  29. Sadly, yes. Robert smokes!

    & yes xoxgoodbye, I’m filipino 🙂

  30. Nooooo!!! I thought he was perfect!! An angel…well not really..
    Well, now I know that he isnt flawless…
    My love for robert dropped 1%..

  31. JEALOUSY! wow that must have been amazing!
    im sure hes great. and yes, i will admit, at first i was worried about Robert pulling it off…but seeng him in costume and watching the development of the movie…i have no doubt in my mind he will absolutely amazing!

  32. omagosh, my eyes are watering. im sooooooooo happy right now! he’s perfect! i soooo wish i was there!

  33. Twimoonilipse12 says:

    These past couple weeks have be INSANE! Checking the Lex is the highlight of my day!

    I love watching our beloved book unfolded out before us!



  34. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    In addition to the smoking, I heard he’s quite the potty mouth. I’ll forgive him, though, since he’s bringing our hero, Edward, to life. 🙂

  35. OMG!! I just stopped hyperventilating!! HE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just squealed, and my mom came down to be sure I wasn’t dying. Does anyone know where they are filming now? *faint*

  36. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    Unfortunately not in Georgia. 🙁

  37. Oh my god, I am just so jealous of you!

  38. Hellish Red Devil says:

    That is one seriously sexy smile. Phwoar!

  39. Haha love this, that was great 🙂

  40. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………im not a very speechless person but…….you have just succeeded in making me one

  41. I be obsessed!!!! (in a good way. so no worries…)

  42. anyone know if/when the filming will be moved to phoenix? i live in tucson [an hour away] and would be wayyy more than willing to go up and take pics with my digital SLR camera… and see edward of course, haha (;

  43. jacobrocks says:

    sorry all the robert fans but i still son’t think of him as Edward… I don’t doubt that his acting will be amazing and he will make the movie worthwhile but i still don’t picture him as Edward… but that’s just me… I think i like Taylor Lautner more… haha sorry Rob fans

  44. having a jealous moment right now

    or does obsessed moment (for Rob/Edward) fit more?

  45. Man, i wish i lived in america. *sigh*

  46. Awe thank you all for the comments (=

    Yes, I still have major problems trying to accept the fact that this REALLY happened! It’s amazing.

    I’m planning for a trip to Portland in 2 weeks! Dunno if it’s final, but I think it’s a possibility! Eeeep!

  47. Mae, great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us and your experience at the movie set. Lucky you and to get your picture with Robert I’m so jealous.

  48. i have been a HUGE twilight fan since the book came out and to see that there’s finally gonna be a movie is just sooooo thrilling. They picked the perfect guy for it too and i just can’t wait until the movie comes out.


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