AShley Greene Talks Alice

MTV has an interview with Ashley Greene talking about Alice’s height and hair length.  Check out the interview where Ashley answers some great questions.  There is also new info in their blog.  

**EDIT- The blog is fixed!!!!


  1. Sirena R says:

    Oh…and when i said that i believe people should do all they can for the role..I wasn’t talking about ANYONE specific in the Twilight cast. I was just trying to explain that it helps lots of actors to further there careers cause it really shows there dedication…Thats all.

  2. i agree, i think ashley is gorgeous and could pull off any haircut. (mullet, shaved, whatever. haha!) but if she’s going to wear a wig, why couldn’t it be as described in the book? i don’t like the wig they chose for her, BUT the pics i’ve seen are not that great so who knows, in the movie it could actually look really good. can’t wait!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. iwantanedward says:


    That was kind of a discouraging interview for me. Ashley DOES seem nice, which is great, but notice how she kept stressing that the script wasn’t quite like the book. I want to see Twilight on the big screen, not a variation (hehe) so that’s bad news in my opinion. Also, what’s that about having the haircut look good on her? She’s totally gorgeous. When I first saw pictures of her when she was cast, I was thrilled because I thought she could actually pull the pixie cut off ๐Ÿ™ The height thing I understand, but PLEASE, take some scissors to that hair! Oh, and make it black, if it isn’t yet.

  4. Why is MTV so intent on focusing on the “haters”. What they should focus on is the positive. But whatever, I think the whole “happiness doesn’t sell” thing is what they live by. I think Ashley is perfect for Alice, so what if she’s 5’5″ and her hair isn’t short “enough”? I totally understood what she meant by having the hair short but still have it look good. I mean, yeah- having it shorter would have been nice, but the fans have to think- certain hair fits certain people- and a pixie cut wasn’t what fit Ashley. From the recent pictures of her in Oregon shooting the car crash scene- I think they did a pretty good freakin’ job with her hair, and honestly- if she still had the long hair, I wouldn’t care- it’s her acting that counts- the looks are a plus, and not what completely makes up Alice Cullen. GO ASHLEY.

  5. Sirena R.

    I would like to offer my apologies, I did not mean to sound mad or upset with you in anyway. I understand where you come from.

    Alright now that that’s all cleared up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sirena R says:

    Thanx…now we are all on the same page!!!
    Lets just enjoy being Obssesed Twilight Fans!!!!!!!

  7. twilight_obsessed says:

    at first i really really wanted rachel leigh cook to be alice, but i am absolutely all for ashley greene! i agree with her comment about how rachel should be playing a woman. ashley fits the part perfectly! i can’t wait until until the movie comes out!!!

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